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Have the thought about job change started to visit your head more and more often? That is okay. But when was the last time you checked your resume? Is it fixed, updated and formatted according to the demands of the modern job market? Are you sure it is so? If no, you will definitely need the best professional resume writing services provided by our site. We offer not only high quality but various bonuses, discounts and freebies, in addition. Even if you are sure that your resume is well-written, it will never be excessive to ask the experts to check it and fix the flaws that it probably contains. Now you have some food for thought. While we are waiting for your decision, you can check out our new post.

A new job seems too hard: to continue or to quit?

What is success and how to achieve it? Although there is much written and said, everyone passes its own way to the goals. It is not always easy and not all choices are obvious. We want to help you find yourself (in the professional field or a new occupation) and give the maximally useful advice on how to achieve something desired. Also, together we can overcome the fears and obstacles, find the potential hidden inside you and develop the confidence in your strengths. For this purpose, we have conducted research and present you the results of our work.

We have decided to dedicate this post to the issue of the job change that interests many workers and job seekers. When we choose our future profession, with which we connect our life, we expect that we will continue developing in this field. What if our speciality is “outdated” and does not bring the desired income? In this case, we can take our chance and choose a completely new direction for us. This choice will also bring different doubts: “Will I manage to cope with it? Are the efforts made worth the results? Does this direction suit me, in general? If I do not feel interested in it, what can it mean?”. Together with our experts, we will try to figure out how to act, in such a situation.

Should the changes happen?

Imagine that there is an employee, who is engaged in sales but wants to start working in IT sphere. It is very hard to retrain: the information is not kept in the head, there is the constant tension because even the most elementary things do not work. In such conditions, the employee starts thinking: “Maybe, this is just not my thing and it would be better to leave everything as it is not to waste my time…”. We can save your time, writing and proofreading your resume for you.

The question is what you really want. If this is the calmness and comfort, then, naturally, it is better not to start any changes. If you cannot and do not want to stay where you are now, you realize that there are no perspectives, or a new field and unexplored horizons attract you, then, you choose another way. This is the way of extra loads, the probabilities of disappointment, rejection the pleasant weaknesses (social networks and going out with friends) and the necessity to do the restart. If you choose the second option, i.e. a new profession, we can advise the following: do not rush with the conclusions and stick to the algorithm presented below.

1. Set a “probationary period” for yourself. We seldom feel pleasure when, having started to learn something new, we face the first difficulties. The first steps are connected with the gaining of knowledge, developing new unusual skills for us, changing approaches and maybe even breaking the previous patterns of behavior. For example, you want to learn to play the piano. You begin learning the notes, practice scales, learn the musical works line by line. It is exhausting, sometimes boring, not very clear what relation these actions have to the dream to play freely and with inspiration. You want to quit because it all is too hard. “Why should I torture myself? – We ask ourselves. – Maybe, it would be better to return to what I have been doing before, where everything is clear and usual?”. By the way, here is a useful post about where to get the courage to leave a dull job:

In order to realize whether this is your occupation or not, give yourself some time. This can be three months, for instance. Sometimes, even six months or a year. You can come to a decision only when the probation period ends. Also, consider other points, about which we will tell further.

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2. Realize how much strong the desire to be in a new sphere is. And what is more important, why you need this. The reason can be money and the desired style of life, stability, status, professional growth, others’ recognition, the realization of talents and / or ambitions and so on. Give the honest answer what leads you. This is money, for instance. You need it to ensure your family. In this case, do not expect too much that this is going to be your dream job. Treat it as the way to earn money. We can suppose that you will reach some level of knowledge but you will hardly achieve great success. Most likely, you will become an average worker, who carries out his (hers) job pretty well. By the way, we know the ways to answer any sexist interview question, if needed.

If you look for money and possibility to realize your abilities, in a new field, the situation is much more perspective. In this case, except the financial aspect, you have the desire to develop, do your job better and more effectively. Such people achieve the results, they have more chances to become really valuable workers for their company. In addition, you will go to work with more pleasure, having such a motivation.

3. Assess the level of your interest. This is one of the key indicators that the occupation you have started to do is yours. For instance, you begin reading many books that allow understanding a new profession better. You enjoy visiting the professional meetings. You “catch” the thematic articles on the Internet. You are ready to share what new you have learned with your close ones and friends, without being tired. We have also prepared the list of boring jobs, which are better to avoid:

4. Analyze whether there is the progress, whether the results increase with time. This criterion will show what your chances to succeed in a new field are. For this purpose, it is useful to look back and notice how your knowledge and skills have changed. What can you do better now, in comparison with the previous month or two? What have you developed more? What changes do your mentor or close ones notice? However, be careful. A strict critic often lives inside us and tries to devalue our achievements, especially when they are not very great.

So, in the very beginning, when there are no results yet or they are quite insignificant, your motivation can disappear. If in the process of new material mastering you notice both, progress and motivation increase, then, everything goes right. If both are absent or the “success line” goes down, then, this is the serious reason to think whether you move in the right direction. Our resume editing website is always ready to support and direct you.

5. Sum up. If there are the desire, interest and results, continue moving in the direction chosen. But what if after the “probation period” you do not burn with desire yet? Does it mean that you have wasted six months, in vain? This is a very interesting and controversial moment. It looks like wasting. Refusing the initial plan, it seems that you return to the starting point. However, you are different now. You have learned many new things during this time. You got the knowledge of a new previously unknown field. Who knows what these lessons can bring you? Your experience and horizons are already wider, what allows you to make decisions at a higher level. And you made an attempt! Your desire passed the test. In most cases, we are afraid of not the actions but inaction. Now, instead of the ineffectual exhausting doubts “Maybe I should have been done that…”, you can confidently say that you have done it. And you are ready to move on, at the moment. Our website with its competitive resumes writing services will help not get lost on your way.

If you have some questions, you can contact our support team anytime, especially if you require the resume improvement services.

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