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Every modern person knows that a resume is the key factor, in the process of job search. A resume can bring the desired position, if built professionally, or ruin the image of a good worker, if created negligently. Naturally, it depends on you what your resume will look like. If your choice is a professional resume paper, then, our qualified resume writers are at your service. We will create a perfect paper at a low cost as quickly as required and deliver it to your home. Additionally, our customers get the discounts and freebies. Online support is available 24/7, so you have time to think. For now, we recommend reading this post about uncomfortable and awkward situations, which you can turn in your favor.

Uncomfortable situations that will help become more successful

When it goes about career and success, we have used to think, using the global categories. We think that we dramatically lack some super skills, the correct position of the stars in the sky and luck, of course. In the meantime, very often, in order to become at least a little bit more successful, we need to do so little: to undertake several actions, stop desperately resisting the new and behave adequately, in some uncomfortable situations. Such situations happen almost every day, and the harder you try to avoid them, the faster you lose the chances for success, in the modern world. So, hide your childish ego, remember that you are a grown-up and listen to our recommendations. Also, you need to be aware of the things to avoid in a good resume.

Accept compliments

You have worked well, developed your professional skills, the result of your work amazes even you, and you are fairly proud of yourself. In mind, you are waiting that your huge labor will be appreciated by your boss or colleagues, at least. You are waiting for the moment it really happens. As soon as it happens, when someone admires your work, making you a compliment, you lose the gift of speech, feel awkward and do not know what to reply not to seem rude. Eventually, you mumble something inarticulate, say something like “oh, it is nothing, and in fact, I have made several mistakes, and could do it better, in general”, or you just keep silence. Does it look familiar to you? If yes, then, you need to quit it.

Here is what the reaction to a compliment should be, not to look too shy and unconfident or, vice versa, arrogant and cocky.

Having realized that someone praises you for a job well-done, first of all:

  • let this person finish what he (she) wants to say,
  • inhale and exhale,
  • smile and reply “Thank you, it is very pleasant to hear this from you” or just “Thank you”,
  • return calmly to the subject of your conversation.

Do not begin explaining that this is just your job and you have been trying hard, there have been many difficulties, and everything could be much better. All this is absolutely excess and a potentially uncomfortable situation turns into a really uncomfortable one. And not only you feel awkward but your companion as well. Read how to avoid stress, in general, and how to avoid stress interview, in particular.

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Why is it so much hard for many people?

Based on the results of one scientific study, about 70% of people, getting public acclaim, feel shy and uncomfortable. Probably, it happens so because inside we doubt our achievements when someone else notices them, experiencing certain confusion. However, it does not explain at all why people, who are really proud of their success, do not react adequately to praise from other people. Maybe, the point is that we want some particular kind of praise, meanwhile, the compliments usually have the same standard wording.

In general, the difficult processes are hidden behind the inability to accept praise. By and large, it is not so much important what the reason for such a reaction is. It matters more how to fix the reaction, without applying for the costly assistance of a psychotherapist. One of the ways to fight discomfort is the realization of the fact that the recognition of your achievement has some value for a person that does it. When someone makes you a compliment, it means that this person just shares information with you about how the job you perform influences him (her). At the same time, no one asks whether you agree with this or not. So, be more modest and do not spoil the moment. Do you know that an introvert at work has fewer chances to spoil the moment due to the features of temper?

Speak publicly

The fear of public speaking is a so much widespread problem that people, who do not experience discomfort when they need to speak publicly, are much fewer than those, who try to avoid it. By the way, scientifically this fear is called “glossophobia”, and there is no need to “dig deeply” in the causes of it because they are pretty obvious. When the dozens of eyes stare at you and the dozens of ears listen to what you say, the fear to be mistaken or look silly increases many times.

On the other hand, the good speakers are often very convincing and achieve a lot only due to their ability to “get round the public”. This is the fact that should encourage you to overcome the glossophobia and learn to speak publicly because it is really essential for your career. It is also essential for career not to procrastinate. Thus, our advice on how to overcome procrastination at work is very opportune.

What to do?

- Define the key moments. Do not try to learn by heart everything you are going to say. Even if you manage, your performance can start developing unexpectedly for you and the “mechanical approach” will only worsen the situation. Instead of learning, highlight the key points and stick to them. Calmly move from one key point to another one. Such a tactic will help your public not to “get lost” and will set and fix the frames of comfort zone personally for you.

- Realize that they wish you success. In most cases, public speaking is not the defense of a thesis and no one is going to make you fail. As a rule, there are adequate people, in front of you, and most of them, by the way, suffer from glossophobia, just like you.

- Pretend. Research proves that purely mechanical skills affect the way of thinking and self-esteem of a speaker. If a speaker controls his (hers) posture, knows how to take strong postures, uses the space correctly, all this makes our brain reduce the level of the stress hormone called “cortisol” and causes the increase of testosterone level (https://resume-writer.net/blog/stress-and-the-city-or-how-to-manage-stress-at-work). Thus, some simple movements of your body help calm down and make you more assertive, simultaneously.

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Work with digits

The fact that you have studied in a humanitarian class, and then, have spent five years at the faculty of humanities and that you hate numbers and graphics is your personal problem. You either learn the basic skills of how to work with digital data, or will find yourself at the dump of history, regardless of what your sphere of activity is. Naturally, when someone has difficulties with math, in the beginning, the digits can scare and cause a strong rejection. This is okay because, according to research, the brain of a humanities scholar perceives the "digital" information as a psychotrauma. Maybe, this list of extraordinary jobs will help avoid digitals in the process of work.

What to do?

The trick is that any digital data is easier to perceive in the context of its application.

- First, find out the key metrics of your field, study them, spend some time to understand the principle of their work or, at least, how the data of these systems can and should be interpreted. Of course, it requires time and effort, but if you do it, the way from “a blind kitten” to a specialist will get much shorter. An additional bonus: if you know to read the digits / numbers, it is more difficult to deceive you.

- Learn to recognize various trends. This will bring you even more benefit. And remember: the more time you spend on learning the digital data, the more comfortable and confident you will feel, in the modern world. By the way, the extroverts adapt to something new better and easier. If this is your type of character, we have prepared exceptional career advice for extroverts.

Take criticism

This is not easy but extremely important. The ability to listen to criticism, without starting criticizing, in return, is one of the biggest challenges and the greatest career achievements. First of all, we talk about constructive criticism. It usually “hurts” the most. When criticism is reasonable and you feel that it is fair, it is not so easy to call an opponent “a dumb and envious idiot”. On the other hand, such criticism is very useful and the best tactic is to use it as a “cheat sheet”.

Criticizing your work fairly, your boss or colleague simplifies the task for you, in fact, helps you find a shorter way to your problem solving, and this is very valuable. Naturally, it offends you and our first impulse is to protect ourselves, to attack or to ignore. You need to overcome this. Be very careful, criticizing an introvert, they are easily offended. Thus, we have good career advice for introverts that can come in handy.

How to do this?

Just like in the case with the reaction to a compliment, you need to listen to the end, take a breath, if required, count to yourself to ten, calm down. And think: what if you have been told something useful. If it is so, find the strengths to ask several additional clarifying questions. Thus, you do a useful job for yourself and please the author of a critical review. By the way, we have prepared several tricks to answer "tell me about yourself" interview question.

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Usually, this is even harder than taking criticism and not less important for the successful career building. Criticizing your friend or a fellow-worker, think about how it can help them progress in what they do. In order to make criticism be taken easier, you need to criticize directly but with respect. The attempts to “soften the blow” do not do. They just make the situation more complicated for the object of your criticism. Learn how to speak to co-workers correctly: https://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-make-contact-with-colleagues.

How to criticize correctly?

It is important that your criticism should be constructive and based on the examples from the recent past. It is not right to tell someone that he (she) just does something wrong. It is much more effective to give an example of what exactly is “wrong” and how this “wrong” influences the process, in general. Also, having got a critical review from you, a person should not feel humiliated. If interested, here are the factors to improve productivity.


Do you know what is worse than an open conflict? This is the compromise (that nobody wants), because of which the job will not move off dead center, everyone will continue “holding one's ground” and, at the first opportunity, will try to harm a colleague somehow, although they have resolved their conflict, seemingly. There are two ways to ruin a good conflict: either someone loses ground too quickly, or both parties stand their ground too much. When the situation is like this, it is hard to resolve a conflict with mutual benefit (https://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-get-on-well-with-colleagues).

What to do?

If you are one of the conflict participants or you try to resolve it, try to find out what motivates the other party to continue resisting. If you find the real cause of stubbornness, it will be much easy to agree. In this case, facing a conflict, it is always good to have the list of correct questions, in your head, and have patience to listen to the responses to your questions.

Take your eyes off your smartphone

The problem is not about how much often you “hang out” with your phone, tablet or PC, just killing time and reading the news feed. The problem is that you lose focus because of that. If you go to bed, staring at a device, it can cause problems with sleep, and social networks, in general, prevents from thinking sanely and quickly.

Conduct an experiment. Every day for two weeks allocate for yourself three fairly long time intervals (an hour per day, at least) of “digital silence” when you do not allow yourself use your phone, open a laptop or a tablet or watch TV. In a couple of weeks, you will notice that you start focusing better on what you are occupied with, get distracted less without obvious reasons, and forget less what you have been doing just now. Having finished the experiment, you can watch several episodes of your favorite show that you have missed and spend time on social networks with a clear conscience. Do whatever you want except for getting stuck in a dull job.

Make yourself comfortable: build your resume online

You know that free time is the luxury nowadays. So, do not waste it but do what you really need or want to do. In the meantime, our team of expert resume paper writers will deal with your job search, so that you could have some extra time. Use it wisely: get engaged in self-development, make a plan for tomorrow (or even for the next five years), think about what to fix in life or just sit in silence, relaxing and forgetting about everything (balance in life has a great importance: https://resume-writer.net/blog/balance-between-work-and-life-why-so-important). While you are busy, our specialists create and deliver you the best resume paper of extra quality. Having got such a paper, the desired employment is guaranteed. It sounds great, especially taking into consideration the lowest prices on the Web, freebies and bonuses. Make your choice. We are always there for you.

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