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Are you a present or potential job seeker? Or maybe you just need to update your resume, making necessary corrections and improving it? Whatever you need, we will create a professional resume for you. If you believe that the resume creation services are extremely expensive and only really wealthy people can afford them, then, you are greatly misled. Discard the prejudices. We are going to break the stereotypes. Our services are affordable for everyone. We offer the flexible pricing system, which includes various discounts. Bonuses and freebies are provided, as well. The on-site support is available day-and-night. Email us for any additional information.

Shy people do not belong here: resume improvement services help avoid 5 dubious opinions that prevent you from growing

It sometimes happens that you do everything right but the result is not what you want. You try different methods, analyze, fix but the result is still zero. Maybe, you need to look at the situation from a different angle? There are a thousand and one stereotypes on how to build the career correctly. Someone advises to express one’s mind more often, others advise not to attract too much attention, others say it is necessary to go right through and so on. However, sometimes we become too much addicted to the others’ pieces of advice and take them at face value and, consequently, make a wrong choice. Our specialists offer you to consider the reasons that prevent from your climbing up the career ladder. Find out what features of a careerist you need to have or avoid for the better result. Probably, they will help look at yourself from the other side.

1. Modesty is the best policy. Honestly saying, it has been hard to write such a phrase because this is an outdated stereotype that is becoming truly blatant today. The modesty at work is not the best policy but something that makes your achievements look less significant, prevents from standing out from the competitors and just steals your opportunities. If you know what you are worth, do not reduce your price, hiding behind the modesty. Do not be afraid to demonstrate your professionalism, express your opinion, praise yourself for the job done. In general, love yourself. In addition, learn how to be distinct in the labor market with our tips.

2. Stability is a sign of mastership. 10 years of work at a company is the reason for promotion, is not it? No, it is not. The fact that you have not changed the workplace for ten years is not necessarily an advantage to your career. Especially, in case, if the years passed without any promotion at all. Think about it carefully, maybe, it is time to try something else: to gain new skills, to change the direction of activity, to try to promote yourself in some other field. If day to day you do the same things and your boss does not appreciate much your work, maybe, this is just not your field. You will probably need to appeal to the resumes writing companies online that will help with your search.

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3. No good deed goes unpunished. “Do what you need to do and come what may”, these words belong to Marcus Aurelius. Probably, Marcus knew what to say and, in the heyday of the Roman Empire, this rule was pretty relevant. However, today it is the 21st century and the stereotypes of the past do not work any longer. We offer you to base on the same idiom but with a slight change, which is “it depends on you only what it is going to be”. Demonstrate the initiative more often, offer your ideas, prove their efficiency in practice. It is impossible to ignore a person that has the sparkle in the eyes and the desire to act. Even if your direct manager does not appreciate such manifestations, there are many other employers, who like cooperating with initiative and extraordinary people. So, maybe it is worth considering cooperation with such employers.

4. Necessary contacts define everything. This is not a rare situation, when an employee gets some position thanks to someone’s recommendations. However, not always such an option satisfies both parties. Such a “recommended” employee often does not cope well with the duties and cannot build relationship with the team (https://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-make-contact-with-colleagues). It also often happens that the relationships with the “recommender” get worse. Nevertheless, this situation has another side. If someone recommends you as a specialist (on condition that you are a specialist, in fact), it will have the absolutely different result. In the professional circles, this is a common practice (i.e. to recommend a specialist) because how to find out, in some other way, whether a person fits a position at this very company. When someone gives you positive recommendations, it simplifies a lot the further steps. So, when you look for a job, do not expect to get the protection from your friends or relatives but use your own reputation and recommendations given by the former clients, employers and customers. Read about all the basics of the job hunting on our blog.

5. Every man for himself. Some people believe that the rapid career growth is guaranteed only to those who act alone, that the team work slows you down and prevents from demonstrating your personal level. In fact, the things are not that much obvious. Today, the employees that are able to work in a team for a joint result are appreciated more and more. The team work is what allows unlocking the potential of every member and helps climb up the career ladder faster. That is why we recommend you focus not on your personal achievements but on the success of a project, in which you take part, in general.

And of course, we recommend you not to rely on someone else’s mind but be based on your own skills, knowledge, self-reliance and professionalism (https://resume-writer.net/blog/significance-of-personal-qualities-in-workplace). In this case, the career growth will come soon, definitely.

Updating your resume, do not forget to ask the specialists to check it

Keep in mind that, even if you have a job and you are not going to change it at the moment, your resume requires to be updated time to time. Your new achievements should be added to it, and vice versa, something excess or unnecessary should be removed. Our experts can cope with it easily and competently. Get acquainted with the features of our activities and contact us, when you need our support and assistance.

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