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Many employees want to achieve something greater but they do absolutely nothing to bring it to life. Anyway, the first thing they should begin with is to look at their resume. Look at yours right now. When was the last time you updated it? Are your latest achievements and success reflected in it? Does it meet the modern demands? If the answer is “no” or it is difficult to answer, then, the help of a good online resume service is required. The resume writers of our website can not only create a resume for you from scratch, they can fix, format and update your previous resume paper. Just send us your document, we will look at it, evaluate it professionally and do the necessary corrections. Naturally, you can email us and tell what exactly you want to do with your resume. We work for the customers’ benefit and do our best to satisfy their requests. More detailed information on our activity is on the site. You are welcome anytime.

Beware: simplicity at work

There is a fine line between simplicity, which is for the benefit, and simplicity, which is for the harm. Our experts try to figure out, in what cases the excess simplicity harms. There is a huge difference between to be arrogant towards others and to know your value, without being afraid to present it to others. Why do not you need to feel shy at work, as if you are a young lady at the prom? Our specialists give several strong arguments. You can always make use of any working situation with our help:

1. You need to define your personal borders of simplicity. You cannot deny that every man has his own understanding of a notion “simplicity”, which is connected with the level of upbringing. For one person, being modest means to keep silence, getting an unfair rebuke, and for another person, it means to break just one arm of an opponent, instead of both legs. You need to set your own borders of the accepted because, in fact, simplicity is a virtue. However, such timidity and simplicity are not appropriate, in the modern labor market.

2. Simplicity does not allow you to feel the taste of success. Every victory is a joy, the feeling of happiness. When you are praised for the well-done work, you feel the burst of energy, the release of the happy hormones and the ability to keep on “moving the mountains”. Having fulfilled much work for a short time, you will not deprive yourself of the pleasure to accept the congratulations and bathe in reflected glory, will you? Do not let the false timidity spoil the victory moment because these are the moments that you will recollect in old age.

3. No one will know what you are worth. Indulging our humility, we often sit and just wait that all our actions will speak for themselves. We suppose that, if we keep on being focused and working hard, we do not need to think about something else (here are some tips for increasing productivity). Other people will definitely see and appreciate our efforts. However, if you are too shy, your boss may never know how much good you do for the company.

4. You will never know what you are worth, as well. Do not let simplicity drag you in the abyss of contentment of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to present your skills and qualities, which make you unique.

5. People abuse modest people. If others realize that you are a whipping boy / girl, be ready to be blamed and abused more and more often. The accumulated grievances will turn into depression, nervous stress and chronic constipation. Do you really need this?

6. You are not recognized as a leader. Every leader, at least once, has to make tough and unpopular decisions, taking the full responsibility for the consequences of these very decisions. A person with excess simplicity will hardly manage to decide the destinies of people.

7. Simplicity influences the ability to earn money. The negotiations are the set of skills, among which there is no room for humility. This can be the business meetings, as well as the banal interviews. If you take everything for granted, then, there is a very little chance that you will get what you deserve.

We do not belittle the importance of simplicity. Depending on the context, it also can be a very powerful tool. Treat it as the Yin-Yan Chinese philosophy: add some simplicity to your arrogance and add some arrogance to your simplicity.

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The ways to prove that you are a valuable employee

Unfortunately, the talent and diligence are not always enough to build a successful career. Your abilities and achievements should be noticed by people around you. The expectation that sooner or later others will notice and appreciate you as you deserve it may last for a very long time. And the chance that it will happen without your direct participation is extremely small. Whatever sad it may seem, anyway, to get the promotion or increase in wages, you need to be noticed. We have prepared several ways on how to bring it to life.

Be initiative. Do not be afraid to take new tasks and take the initiative. If at your work there is a question who will take a new task, you need to analyze whether the implementation of this task will allow you to express and demonstrate your qualities and skills (, whether you will gain some new experience and so on. Do not forget that you should work not only to get the “public recognition” but also to grow professionally.

Do not keep silence. The extroverts dominate, in the business world. Specially for them, we have prepared our VIP career advice for the extroverts. They often can formulate their thoughts better, are not embarrassed to express and comment on the ideas. Of course, such employees are the most noticeable, as well as the results of their work. If you are an introvert, there is nothing horrible about it but you will need to perform some extra work. For example, before a meeting, you need to get some information about it, study deeper the questions that are going to be discussed, make a list of the possible solutions in the theses form. Your notes will help you much, during the discussion. If you keep silence all the time, they will think that you do not have new ideas or you just do not care for it at all. Do not let others think about you, in such a way. By the way, if you are an introvert, consider these high paying jobs for the introverts.

Demonstrate your competence. In order to demonstrate your professionalism, you need to be informed well. Talk more to your colleagues about the current affairs, observe the situation in the market, in your field, collect information on the Internet. This information should become the source of new ideas for you. Nowadays, the employees, who are able to think strategically and aware of how to use the information they possess, get the promotion or increase in wages. In addition, we have prepared several pieces of advice on how to get along with the colleagues to work better in a team.

Inform about your success. When your partners or customers thank you, the positive indicators of your project are growing, or in case of some other achievements, do not feel embarrassed to tell about it to your employer. Do it in the written form, write an email, or just tell about it. Remember that your employer always feels pleased, listening to the company achievements, because the victories of the employees are treated as the personal success and achievements of the company. Naturally, you will be noticed, as well.

Professional resume writers cost is affordable today

We have told what you need to pay attention to and avoid, in order to succeed more at work. Also, for the better result, it would be great to cooperate with the experts in the job search field. They know better than others all the secrets of the job hunting. They know in detail the tiniest nuances of the resume building and correction. Naturally, they will gladly help anyone, if their assistance is wanted. They never refuse, if someone asks to help. So, whatever kind of support related to the resume creation and job search sphere is demanded, we are always there to provide it. In addition, the prices are really low, the discounts and freebies are available. Contact our expert team to learn more.

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