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We want to share with you three phrases that should be said at an interview to stand out from the crowd of competitors (in addition, we share what to wear to a job interview). Also, there will be a bonus: three stop phrases that it would be better never to say. If you are invited for an interview, you need to prepare well. Your aim is to stand out from the crowd of other candidates and demonstrate that you are the one they are looking for. How to do this? It is necessary to say correct things. We will help with what is necessary to speak about and what is better not to say at all. Just read the post.

The phrases that must be said

1. “I want this job”. Let us be honest, you want this position not only because it offers a high salary, do not you? You are a specialist in your sphere and you possess the unique experience, which you are going to apply for this very position. Connect all your skills and principles of work with the employer’s requirements and formulate your answer ( Show that you know what a person that “rules and leads” thinks. Also, show that you know how to solve the employer’s problems, not yours but his (hers). By the way, this is the job search rule #1.

It is not hard to figure out what an employer wants. Just read the vacancy requirements attentively and decode them. For example, a vacancy says:

  • sociability: it means they want you to like and know how to communicate with the clients day-and-night;
  • complete customer support: your duty is to control a customer’s project independently, answer all questions and solve his (hers) problems;
  • team work: not only you but other people work in a team, and they will ask you to do something all the time, just like you will ask them. The final result depends on your joint interaction;
  • stress resistance: there will be many tasks, the clients can be capricious, you will have the business trips, etc.;
  • marketing sphere experience is minimum two years: they do not have time to teach you. If you are not aware of a job, you will not succeed and fail.

2. “I studied the information about your company and noticed that…”. Before an interview, search the information about your prospective employer, use different search engines, visit the website of a company, read or watch the interviews with the owner, managers or employees. As a result of your “research”, you will get some approximate idea of what the company structure is, how it works, what produces, what services offers, etc.

During the conversation, emphasize and draw attention to the aspects, which you have noticed, and parallel them with your advantages. For instance, “I studied the information about the company and noticed that you used to export your production to the countries of Western Europe only. However, as it was mentioned on the site, for the last year, the range of production expanded significantly and you started to cooperate with the market of Asia. I have been working in this direction for four years, I have been developing it at my previous workplace, that is why I am aware of all “underwater rocks” and nuances”. Our tips on how to increase work productivity will serve greatly, in this case.

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3. Smart questions about the present and future of the company development. Without doubts, during a job interview, it is necessary to ask a prospective employer several financial questions: wages, leave, social guarantees and so on. However, they do not belong to the zone of your interests. And at the moment, we are talking not about them. Right now think about the hiring company and try to realize what works wrong in it (what strikes the eye) and what task you would like to implement on your first working day. For instance, “Your posts on the site are so much timely and relevant, their titles are amazing, and I am sure that many visitors read them. However, I have noticed that the blog does not have its pages on the social networks. Why is that? They will allow the company to attract the bigger number of readers. And I know how to make it possible…”. Such an answer means the following: a candidate has studied the essence of work at a company, has praised it (what is important), demonstrated his (hers) ideas about how to improve the situation, wanted to find out the reason for the current situation, and hinted at the fact that he (she) can solve the problem.

The phrases that should never be said

1. “I just need a job”. If you say something like this, take it back or try to turn it into a joke. The phrases like “I just need a job”, “I cannot get employed for a year, so I am ready to accept any job offer” create a negative impression. A specialist, who has said them, thinks about him(her)self only and will work for the personal benefit, instead of the company benefit. Besides, saying such phrases, your mark down your bar. A prospective employer will notice your diffidence and can offer you a smaller salary, worse conditions, etc. Keep in mind that an employer looks for a candidate, who in perspective can bring more benefit, results, achievements to a company, and not a person, who just wants to get employed, i.e. definitely, not an employee that does nothing but trying to overcome boredom at work.

2. “What are you engaged in, in general?”. One of the most frequent complaints from the recruiters is that the candidates come to a job interview, knowing absolutely nothing about a company, at which they are going to work. This is really bad because such unpreparedness can be the reason that, after an interview, a recruiter will tell: “I am sorry but you are not what we are looking for”.

3. “I do not have questions to you”. An interview is neither a recruiter’s monologue nor an interrogation. This is an equal monologue: not only you answer the recruiter’s questions but you can ask, as well. If you have conducted research and you are really interested in a company and your role in it, you will have some questions, for sure ( And you must ask, otherwise, you risk seeming a lazy unmotivated candidate, and this is a great drawback. At an interview, speak about a prospective employer, show your knowledge of company activities and your professionalism, ask smart questions. Say the right things, and to the end of an interview, the desired job will be yours. And never recollect the last three phrases.

So, now the readers of this post know what to say and avoid saying at a job interview. The team of our website wants to help more. Our best resume writers can help to get a dream job with the help of smartly built resume. The best thing about all of that is the most affordable cost for the services on the Web. In addition, many pleasant freebies and perks are waiting for you. Make sure on your own and visit the site right now.

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