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Each person needs to have good skills of public speaking if wants to succeed in career and in life, in general. Naturally, this is not the only component of success. For example, for a job seeker, the most important is to have a competently built resume, in the very beginning of the job search process. This is what we can provide: professional resume help. Our resume writers guarantee to create a 100% extra quality resume for you. You just need to make a request, pay a ridiculous fee and get your paper delivered to your home. That is it. Since, first we have mentioned the skills of public speaking, let us continue discussing this issue to help you achieve greater success.

Figures of speech: how to sound smarter and more convincing, speaking publicly or writing your resume

Facing the necessity speak publicly, most people feel uncomfortable. The fear of public speaking concerns even the celebrities of show business, what to say about ordinary office employees. Even a simple presentation in front of the colleagues from other departments and managers can make anyone worry.

All speakers can be divided into four types.

Type #1: their speech is incoherent. Trying to tell something to the public, they constantly use their professional jargon and speak about the matters that interest only them. They are not stupid, as it may seem first. Most often, they are the good technical specialists, who do not pay much attention to the necessity of communication with other people, using the language that others cannot understand.

Type #2: sane speakers. They are pretty able to use correctly the commonly known facts and more or less clearly present their opinion to the public. However, they say something really remembering very seldom.

Type #3: “formulators”. They present their thoughts clearly and neatly but not very convincingly.

Type #4: silver-tongued speakers. With the help of verbal communication and using the language of body, they capture the attention and liking of the audience.

If you belong to one of three first types, this article is right for you. It will be useful even if you are sure about your eloquence because the ability to sound smarter has never been excessive.

The features of human perception are designed in such a way that sometimes what you say matters less in comparison with how you say it. Fortunately, the eloquence and ability to make a good impression on the listeners are just the skills that can be developed. Here are several simple tricks that will help you solve the problem of self-doubt before public speaking, and also will allow you to look smarter for others. Read about how to stop doubt yourself here:

Focus on the listeners

Your speech has some value only when someone listens to it. However, people will not listen to you, if during your own speech you think about something else, wandering with your sight about the room, being defocused. So, try not to get distracted when you talk and appeal to the listeners. Additionally:

- learn to speak without paper. It is easier for people to listen to a person that talks to them and not just reads a text;

- try not to look around, transferring your sights from one object to another one; a wandering sight is associated with dishonesty;

- do not pull your head down, if you need to look at your notes, do it with your eyes only.

Structure your speech

Highlight the key points that you are going to present to the audience and structure your future performance based on them. On the one hand, the structuring of speech will bring more confidence, and on the other hand, it will help not to look like a monotonously mumbling robot. The specialists of public speaking suggest the simple and elegant scheme of the structuring of your speech key points. First of all, form your opinion clearly. Then, ground it so that others could understand it. Having grounded it, give a strong and relevant example and repeat your opinion on it one more time. Additionally, read about the keywords for an outstanding resume.

Be simpler

A man’s unique feature is his ability to speak spontaneously. It has been helping the Homo Sapiens species to share immediately with each other the important for surviving information for many centuries. Since we talk about public speaking, it means that, changing the manner of natural spoken language to the “essay reading” out loud, you are almost guaranteed to lose the attention of your auditory, whatever logical, correct, useful and even witty the content of your essay is. The evolution plays against you, in this case. Everyone knows that being simple is the most difficult. However, the things are not that much sad. Just do not abuse the narrowly specialized and complex vocabulary. Avoid long phrases, use simple words. Be simple, explaining complex matters, and people will start liking you.


A great method to be sure that your future speech will “go on wheels” is to record it and listen to it with a timer when you prepare for your performance. This will help make sure that your speech, in general, and especially its separate parts are not too long to make the audience sleep, and not too short not to lose the key points, and the transition from one subject to another one is smooth enough. Advice given specially for the perfectionists: if you want to be 100% confident, shoot the video of your speech. In order to be 100% sure about a resume paper, use the around-the-clock resume proofreading service.

Posts for greater success:

Control your posture

The oratory skills are more than just words that “fly out of your mouth”. This is also the ability to use the body language. The posture that defines the language of your body is the position of your back. In order to sound convincing, you need to avoid two extremes. Do not slouch because thus you demonstrate to the audience that you doubt yourself and your own words. Also, you should not stand as if you have swallowed a stick. Too straight as a string back subconsciously calls a listener to fight, what is not good, as well. So, speaking publicly, stand or sit straight but relaxed, demonstrating that you feel comfortable and you are confident in what you are saying.

Hold the head

The head position is almost as much important as the back position. This fact is reflected in the numerous figures of speech that literary connect the physical position of a speaker’s head with the message that he (she) tries to present to others (consciously or unconsciously).

Everyone knows that “to turn one's nose up” means to demonstrate one’s superiority and self-confidence, meanwhile, “to pull a long face” means to admit being defeated, in fact. The idioms give the clear understanding of body language, so, trying to be convincing, remember that your tensed neck can treacherously inform the audience that you do not believe much in what you are saying, consequently, your body tries to prevent the words from coming out.

Use gestures

If in real life you gesticulate a lot, do not hold yourself. Use your hands to fix the attention of your audience on the key points of your speech. Look at how the celebrities and other successful public people do this and pay attention that the movements of their hands seem to “flow out” from their words.

In case if you use the gestures seldom, do not force yourself use them in public speaking. Just keep your arm calm: do not touch your glasses all the time, reach out to the pieces of paper or “drum” with your fingers. All this can only distract the audience from the essence of your speech. Also, do not forget to edit your resume time to time. Tips on how to edit a resume are on the blog.

Be loud enough to be heard

Perfectly, you need to be so much loud that people in the last rows could hear you and those, who are close to you, do not become deaf. If you are not sure, just ask someone from the last rows whether they hear you well. If the answer is positive, ask “And now?”, having reduced your volume a little bit. If they reply “no”, make the volume as previously and not louder.

Never shout

The increased tone of any intensity sounds hysterical, not convincingly. If you realize that you catastrophically lack the volume of your own voice, ask to give you a microphone or ask people to sit closer, at the worst. The most competitive resume writers can give many useful recommendations.

Do not be afraid of silence

Your presentation is not a race. If you want to reach the understanding with the audience, do not rush. If you have made a mistake, especially do not hurry. The tactics” to get away from a mistake as soon as possible” often leads to new mistakes and does not solve the problem. It would be much better, if you take a short pause and correct yourself.

Besides, do not overestimate the knowledge of the audience. Most often, the listeners do not notice the speaker’s errors just because, usually, they are not acquainted much with the subject of one’s speech. Even if the audience has noticed your mistake, do not panic: stop, calmly correct what you have said wrong and move on.

Speak with different speed

Speaking with the same speed during your speech, you look like a robot and you are almost guaranteed to lose the audience’s attention. Instead of being monotonous, reduce and increase the speed of your speech, when it is required. If you start generalizing, speak faster than in cases when you present new information to the audience ( Presenting new conception or idea, you need to slow down and give the listeners more time for the perception of your words.

How to sound smarter

So, in order to sound smarter, convey to the listeners what seems important personally to you and make people believe in your word, do not forget:

- To prepare for the performance correctly. Take care of the structure of your speech, highlight the key points and do not neglect the practice.

- To control your body. Remember the body language and use it consciously: hold your back and head, do not look around, use gesture and be relaxed enough.

- To control your voice: vary the speed of speech and its volume and never start shouting or screeching.

And the most important: never lose the contact with your audience; do not forget to focus on your listeners, do not read from paper and talk to people, using the language they understand. So, now you are aware of everything related to public speaking. If you feel you lack the skills and need to develop them, this is what you need to take care of now. In the meantime, we will take care of you and your resume paper, if you wonder where to get a resume written. We will create the best paper possible for your successful and fast employment. Our fees are low, discounts, bonuses and freebies are provided. Professional on-site support is 24/7 available.

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