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Genius, wake up! Or how to awaken your talent

Reading the forums, you come across the posts with the following general sense “I work the whole day and get tired, I do not have time to think about my talents or so” or “I am an office plankton, I can do some things, but in general, I am not talented”. The coaches think differently. They believe that everyone has the abilities. The question is about how to find out what talent you have and how it can be sold in the labor market. This is the subject for several posts. That is why now we will discuss the question of how to find your natural talents and abilities. We have discussed this issue with the certified coaches, who help people reveal their creative potential. We suggest that you use the techniques that they use at the coaching sessions. Also, you can get a creative resume online right now.

Poor visibility: why talent is hidden

Very often we compare ourselves with others. This is the point when the process of destruction begins, we lack self-believe and, as a consequence, do not see our talents (especially, when we experience the age crisis). One of the harshest crises is the crisis of 28-30 years. Being 21-year-old, a person has many plans and perspectives, however, it is often hard to fulfill everything planned within the set timeframes. Many people manage to fulfill only 10% of what they have planned by the age of 28. And this is okay because according to the world statistics only 5% of 100% of startups are brought to life.

At the age of 28, a person sums up its achievements. At the same time, we can see that someone has already achieved something greater than we, that we have fulfilled not enough or something absolutely different from what we have planned. Here the inner conflict begins. Maybe, our work stress managing tips will help. It is important not to compare yourself with others, but compare the previous you with the present you, having analyzed your results for some certain period of life. If the accents are shifted to the reassessment of what I have achieved, what new goals are and what I want to remove, what to add, realize and model new opportunities (many things have changed for 7 years, including our outlook on life), then, it will become easy to go to a new stage.

Wheel to help: looking for harmony

Only inner work on yourself will help cope with the crisis. You need to realize and accept the reality as it is, i.e. you need to turn towards yourself and not others, find personal abilities and aspirations, and the most important is to find out what brings you happiness. The thing that in the complex of its process and its final result brings you the true joy is your talent. The thing that you can do, without looking at others and being based only on yourself and your inner desires, is the talent. By the way, personal qualities also matter a lot:

Do you know the feeling “it seems like everything is fine but something is wrong”? It defines the lack of inner harmony, the presence of a skew in one of the spheres of life. How to figure out that something goes wrong? If you want to be happy and define your talents, you will need time for search inside you so that you could never blame yourself for the “squirrel in a wheel” syndrome. Allocate 20-60 minutes per day for yourself and your thoughts.

Posts for your benefit:

So, let us look for the starting points. A “balance wheel” is the technique that defines the life spheres that require additional attention.

Step 1. Define the categories important for you. Usually, there are 8 categories that we focus on, one way or another. They are health, job, friends, relationships, family, education, hobby, finances. The number and names depend on your priorities: personal growth, education, housekeeping, self-realization, rest, career, love, relationships with parents, etc. Speaking about rest, we have the productive vacation dogmas for you.

Step 2. Draw a circle on the sheet of paper and divide it into the sectors, according to the number of categories you have. The sector separation line is your scale from 0 (in the center of the circle) to 10 (outer circumference).

Step3. Define what perfection (i.e. the best result for you) is and evaluate each life sphere (10 points maximum). 0 is nothing, the total absence of any results. Assess each sphere separately.

Step 4. Connect all points with the lines and you will get a kind of polygon (or something like this). This line clearly presents what you allocate time for and where you have gaps and failures. 8 and more points in all spheres mean life stability and the balance of internal and external. Do not forget about the balance of work and life:

Step 5. Think about what can make your circle rounder and start bringing these steps to life. Your polygon can reveal the reasons for low points and make you think about why such a situation has occurred.

Estimate correctly: how to determine the points

The main rule is that harmony should be in everything. Realize that all spheres are essential. Most often, people work much and rest little, harming their health. Health neglect leads to the nervous breakdowns and panic. Analyzing every sphere of the balance wheel, it is important to understand what perfect 10 points mean. Only when you have some clear idea and the list of your perfect criteria, you will manage to figure out what to change in life to make it stable.

Talking about the hobbies and going beyond the frames of the template description of oneself, a person reveals him(her)self from the other side and understands what he (she) really likes. For example, opposite the mark 10, in the category “Finance”, write “I want to have the salary size $1000”, and count how much you need to spend per month to feel convenient and what exactly you need to spend money on. Your life minimum is food, utilities, clothes, transport, etc. This is the first question that will shake off your life drowsiness.

The second question that will turn your mind upside down is how much you need to feel calm. For example, this is not $1000 but $10000. What will this money be spent on?

And the third question is what you would do, having an unlimited bank account. What will you spend money on? The answer tells about your true desires and goals. The correct formulations help find the solutions and path building.

Following the same principle, you need to make yourself questions and analyze all spheres.

All answers are in childhood: searching the talent

The “creative acquaintance” technique helps find what really interests you. Make up a story about yourself but do not present the usual facts, such as age, education, job, achievements, etc. Speak about yourself based on your hobbies and interests, what you like doing, what brings you joy. Sometimes, people face difficulties with this task. Try to recollect what you used to like in childhood, what used to interest you. If you cannot remember, ask your parents. Children are sincere, they confident in their abilities and trust themselves. We all were kids. The origins of our talents begin in childhood.

Success diary: dusting success

Creating a resume or during an interview, you have faced so-called false modesty for many times. “What is your greatest success? What did you achieve at the previous workplace?”, - most people are sure that there is nothing to be proud of and they have not achieved something great. Even if there is something, they feel embarrassed to praise themselves. The best resumes site will help you present yourself in the best light.

In fact, we all have our own list of victories but we do not always call them success. False modesty is the paralysis of talent, it skills the desires. So, try to see the achievements in what you do. Have you managed to organize the job of editors in such a way that a newspaper is published without breaking the deadline? This is success. Did a web designer optimize his time and implemented the project faster, based on your advice? Another success. Have you increased the sales? What a great job!

Naturally, there is the competitive environment, but this is not bad or scary because the choice is always up to you: either you accept one’s side and fight or you create your unique space, in which your talent and individuality live.

One more thing: start keeping your success diary. Every day write all positive moments that have happened to you, at least five, but fifteen and more would be greater. The diary helps get focused on good. We always find what we look for. That is why it is better to look for the best in yourself, people and environment around you. Do not ignore your achievements and success. Accept them. Everyone has something to be proud of. You are not the exception, you have your unique abilities and talents.

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