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The modern world is extremely demanding. You need to be a highly qualified specialist if you want to achieve success. Just like any other thing in our life, success begins with a small step. What is this step? If you want to succeed in your professional field, get a good job first. How to get it? A competently created and updated CV will help you get any position at any company you want. The qualified specialists of our site know how to write a good CV and they will gladly help you. Our professional assistance has a reasonable cost. In addition, we provide discounts and freebies. A good CV paper contributes to the creation of good reputation, which is extremely important nowadays. That is why today’s post is dedicated to reputation, its role, and the ways of how to restore it if it is damaged.

Reputation restoring

Every person makes mistakes. This is absolutely okay because nobody is perfect. However, when the number of mistakes goes beyond any limit, a person gains bad reputation. The worst is that it is more difficult to get rid of bad reputation rather than restore good one. People put labels such as «incompetent», «unreliable», «difficult», «stupid», or «unorganized». A bad reputation can spoil relationships with others. When it goes about communication in a team, the things become more complicated and dangerous. This can cost you much money or even dismissal. We hope it will never lead to dismissal, but if it happens, you will need to find a new job quickly. Thus, we suggest that you use our professional CV and cover letter writing service for the fastest and effective result.

Reputation is a fragile item

Good reputation requires good protection. Research shows that career success and one's self-esteem depend on it. Every person aims to be respected and appreciated. However, if a person does not work on its reputation and uses quick methods, it will not work in the long-term perspective. A good reputation is built for many years, implies many advantages, and can be easily damaged, at the same time. Other people can forgive you one mistake, but several mistakes, one after another one, will lead to the reputation damage. Do not forget that everything has its limits, work, rest, career, etc. If career is really important for you, read about the careerism pros and cons, and reconsider your values.

Reputation consists of three parameters:

  • Behavior
  • Temper features
  • Treatment of other people.

If two first parameters are clear, then the third one can cause some difficulties. Sometimes it is hard to realize how you look from aside. It seems that you do everything right but someone has taken offense, is irritated, and upset. There is another thing that you cannot control: rumors. You can behave in the best way possible but you can never be sure that no one will envy and spread bad stories about you. In this case, you will also need to restore your reputation.

1. Be honest with yourself

Never blame others and do not demonstrate protective reaction. Instead, assess the situation calmly and objectively. Make yourself the following questions:

  • What have I done or have not done?
  • Have you done something wrong or been accused by someone?
  • Why have people reacted to your actions in such a way?

You cannot create the good plan of reputation restoring if you do not realize the essence of a problem. That is why you need to define clearly the field, on which you are going to focus. For example, if others think you are evil, rude, or lax, you need to find out what exactly makes them think so. Talk to your friends or boss sincerely about what has happened. It will not be a very pleasant conversation but you will get a good feedback, which you can use later. This will also demonstrate them that you are ready to draw correct conclusions from your conduct.

  • Admit your mistakes
  • Say sorry
  • Give your reasons for why you have acted in such a way and be honest
  • Do not try to hide the truth.

At the first stage these four steps are enough. Also, if you look for a job, there is another factor that can contribute to your positive image and good reputation. This factor is a cover letter that job seekers are often asked to send with their CV. Use the best cover letter writing service to be sure that nothing threatens your reputation.

2. Restore reputation

It does not matter who is guilty for your reputation damage. In any case, you need to minimize its harm. The way is long, so do not waste your time. Create the plan of how you are going to change. First of all, make sure that all changes you do are visible. People should see that you have changed in a better way. However, these changes should harmonize with your values, otherwise, you will not feel comfortable. In order to begin working on reputation restoring, you need to believe in yourself. Get rid of negative thoughts, having replaced them with the positive ones.

3. Leave it in the past

If you try to make amends for your mistakes, behavior, or bad habits, it is extremely important not to start doing them again. You need to promise yourself that it will never happen again, and your new changes will remain with you forever. Good reputation contributes to success in life and professional sphere. It will also keep you in a good mood. However, it is very fragile, it is hard to restore. Thus, it takes much time and requires patience and much effort. You also will have to face much negative. It means you need to be a psychologically stable person and learn to cope with stress and emotions (

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Establishing trust

Today, in the era of communication technologies, success is defined by the level of trust. It is important for both, people and organizations. A person without trust cannot build firm relations or sell goods, a company cannot have a good reputation, and no one will want to cooperate with it. But what is it, trust? Why does it matter? How to build it?

What is trust?

In simple words, this is the feeling of reliance and respect, which a person inspires. Trust cannot appear from anything. This is the set of factors, which we need to take into consideration.

Why is trust so much important?

Recollect all people whom you can trust now. There is a high chance that they have the large supply of energy, know how to gain respect, and help others, giving advice, support, and actively participating. You know that these people will take correct steps, share your values, and they are strong personalities, in general. Trust has a great importance in any sphere of life. A leader that is credible can lead a company to great success. A company that seems credible has thousands of loyal clients.

How to build trust?

Trust is something you need to deserve. The process requires time, tranquility, perseverance, and discipline.

1. Develop your temper features

If trust were a pyramid, temper would have been its foundation. In order to develop your temper, first of all, define your values and rules, which you will never violate. Get occupied with self-knowledge, define your values, strengths, and weaknesses, think about what worries you the most.

One of the temper features is its integrity. In order to keep the integrity, think about what choice you make every day and what promises you give yourself. Is this choice right? Do you keep your promises? Making an error, you need to undertake everything possible to fix it and draw right conclusions. Not a mistake itself but reaction to it matters.

You also need to be “real and original”. Real people do what they say and think, and their intentions are clear and not ambiguous. That is why it is very important to know who you are first. In this case only, your thoughts, your words, and your actions will go together. Read more about the importance of personal qualities here:

2. Develop competence

The more competent you are the more trust you have. In order to develop competence, you need to choose one sphere and do your best to succeed in it. Such an approach will help you focus on a single matter. Naturally, you should develop comprehensively. However, competence in one sphere makes other people trust you.

If you are a salesman, be the best one. For this purpose, read more books about sales, master the art of communication, and learn to find an approach to people. Additionally, read about how to make contact with people at work. Also, remember that some skills become outdated and useless. Study the tendencies and trends, be aware of the news of your activity field.

Do not make a classic mistake: having reached success in some field, do not start giving advice on how to act in some other field. The risk to be mistaken and ruin your image is too high. Also, do not look down at people who are less skilled than you.

3. Be open

People trust their eyes and feelings. If you are open and sincere, your intentions become clear, and others do not see some hidden meaning in your words and deeds. You will be credible if you start telling about your beliefs, aims, and values clearly. You should be always ready to listen to someone and understand this person. This is the point when trust appears.

4. Be clear

Communication skills play a great role in trust building. For instance, people who listen to their interlocutor attentively, do not get distracted by their phones and other irritants, and express their opinion clearly, usually gain the most trust.

Remember that the development of communication skills begin with the ability to listen. This is the first and the hardest step. However, without it you cannot communicate with people effectively. Be patient and listen consciously. Make questions and specify the opinion of your companion to avoid misunderstanding. Be clear when you begin speaking. You should be sure that others understand you right.

5. Be professional

If you have ever dealt with unprofessional people, you probably remember what you have been thinking about them. You did not respect such people and did not trust them. Maybe they succumbed to negative emotions too much or made wrong decisions, or just did not match the position they occupied.

Professionalism implies not only knowledge and experience in your activity field, but also ability to cope with stress and not to show your irritation to others. Another important factor is the ability to dress well, be confident, and constantly increase your level of self-development and qualification. People begin to trust you in case you make them inspired and motivated, and also when you lead them to success. Their gratitude goes along with confidence and helps build reliable relationships.

Want help doing a CV? As easy as pie!

Now you know that reputation and trust are very important features for any person, especially for those who want to reach success in their professional field. Also, you know that professional success is impossible without a firm and stable foundation, which is a competently written CV paper. We can write such CV for you. We guarantee not only professionally done work, but also the round-the-clock support of the most qualified experts in the field. Contact us now, place your order, and get a discount! This is your chance to get better and achieve professional success really fast!

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