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When was the last time you looked at your CV paper? Is it modern? Do you have it at all? If your answer to all these questions is not positive, that is okay. You do not need either create or update your CV on your own. We will gladly do this for you. Our expert team knows how to prepare a CV to make it look modern and professional. We provide the assistance of in-house professional CV writers and guarantee an absolute privacy. Our prices are friendly and there are the discounts up to 20%. Email us and specify what you need. The rest is our trouble. Traditionally, we continue sharing useful information with our dear readers. And today’s post is devoted to the issue of how to get a job at a creative company. If this is something that interests you, read, learn, and enjoy.

Myths and creativity: how to find a job in creative business

It is believed that a creative sphere (advertising, PR, and communications) is maximally fan and youth. Consequently, in order to get employed at an advertising or PR agency, it is enough to possess such a merit as a youth, and also, be daring, bright and even to some extent provocative. And such boring features as a discipline, responsibility, and adequacy should remain with office managers and economists.

Is it really so? What can really help a job seeker get employed in creative business and stay there? We have gathered the experience and pieces of advice of the most competent experts in this field. In addition, they debunked the most common myths about the process of employment at a creative company.

Myth #1. Advertising is for young people only

It seems to many people that advertising and communications are the fields only for young people. However, in fact, the things are a little bit different. Despite the fact that young specialists are enough, it does not mean that being young is a significant advantage. It is much more important that a person (of any age) possesses the features that young people usually have: creative thinking, persistence, courage.

Myth #2. My CV is my enemy

A disdainful attitude to one’s own CV is the common mistake of many job seekers. A CV is your image and creative product, this is a kind of digital business card. It should maintain the required and important information. By the way, we have a post-guide that tells about common CV paper lies. It will help you not make the same mistake in your papers:

1. The list of competencies you possess. HR specialists appreciate the most those skills that are proven by an effective experience. It is not enough to tell about what you can: you need to supplement this information with the implemented projects or fulfilled tasks. If you are a beginning creative specialist, do not be shy. Write about your first attempts and emphasize the direction, in which you want to develop, and explain why.

2. Portfolio. Nothing can tell about you better than the confirmed results of your work. Update your portfolio and add there new data in non-stop mode. The experts noticed that, in spite of the common mind that a portfolio is required only for some limited list of professions, this is not true at all. HR specialists more often start asking the candidates to present their portfolio, which manifests that a candidate already has some experience in a particular profession. That is why you need to be ready to prove your competency with factual information. Another advice is to mention in your portfolio the content of work, goals, general achievements of your team and your own contribution.

3. The list of previous workplaces. The frequent change of employers or the change of activity direction is not the reason to remove the information about previous employers from your CV. At the same time, no one will read an overloaded CV. In such a case, it is recommended to present your “history” briefly, in several sentences, and present the following experience in more detail. Having such an approach, you will not make an HR manager tired and will give him (her) an opportunity to see the whole horizon of your career.

4. Picture. A photo in a CV is the obligatory element of this document because it unites a faceless text with a real human image. Unfortunately, HR managers often see in CVs the pictures of people with glasses in hands, wearing provocative clothes, with a family, on a beach, or wedding setting, etc. In order not to put an end to your promotion, be careful, choosing a photo. HR managers of creative companies will gladly accept an image in the Smart Casual style.

Also, they do not wait for an unordinary CV. If you want to work in the field of communication, show that you know how to convey information so that others become interested. A template taken on the job search websites will not help, in this case. However, you can always order an individual CV paper. Thus, we want to remind that you have the opportunity to buy cheap CV online on our site.

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Myth #3. No job seeker–no problem

“If I do not go for an interview, no one will notice”,-some job seekers think so and make a big mistake. You should warn if you change your mind or want to reschedule your interview for another time because an HR manager has spent time on preparation, planned other meetings, etc. A timely call or message will help avoid insults and save your reputation. Speaking of time, if you need to create a CV paper quickly and your request is “make my CV in 6 hours”, get it satisfied on our website.

Myth #4. First impression can be changed and fixed

Even experienced specialists sometimes fail interview because they do not try at all. Or on the contrary, they try too much. At the interview, you need to present and “sell” yourself correctly. Remember that the first impression cannot be made twice. That is why:

1. Do not forget about ethical norms and moral standards. At the interview, do not look at new memes on your phone, do not be distracted by birds outside, do not demonstrate impatience, and do not be rude. An HR needs maximally open answers and your friendly behavior. By the way, you can learn to build relationships with colleagues at

2. Be careful, talking about previous workplaces. A prospective employer pays special attention to it because he (she) is going to be your boss and wants to know your attitude to superiors.

3. Follow the dress code, at the interview. Having signed the contract, a creative company will probably allow you some pleasant liberties, such as a flexible schedule, a remote job, and free dress style. However, for the interview, we would advise you to stick to the dress code. The right choice is a smart casual style.

4. Be adequate. Sometimes an interview can be failed because of the provoking behavior (aggressiveness) of a candidate. Creative business needs unordinary personalities, however, do not overdo with it. An HR manager evaluates your competences and adequacy, first of all, that is why do not shock him (her) unless you are trying to get a job in the circus. Always watch what you say because the words are one of your greatest weapons in any life situation. In addition, read this post to know what power the words may have in your papers:

Myth #5. Interview is a success test

Nowadays, many job seekers feel shy to ask questions and not always tell an HR about their expectations, preferable working conditions and range of duties. Do not treat an interview as a test or exam and do not think that its result is the assessment of your success. Answer the following questions:

1) what benefit can I bring on this position?

2) what this job can give me?

The answers will help define your personal goals, relax, and stop guessing the “right” answers to the HR’s questions. The ability to clearly describe your desires, competencies and personal qualities are the keys to successful employment. Do not be afraid to ask some question. This is the sign of a mature sane person that is able to make well-thought decisions. Also, the experts say that a good candidate is valuable even if he (she) does not fit some vacancy at the moment. For instance, many big companies have job seekers database and if a person makes a good impression, they will definitely contact him (her) later and offer a good vacancy. Also, you need to be sure that your CV is updated and meets the modern requirements. For this purpose, you can order CV editing services for modest prices here anytime.

Myth #6. Probation period is conventionality

Job seekers often forget that an interview is just the first meeting of a company with a prospective worker, and there is no guarantee that this meeting will lead to strong and lasting relationships. In real conditions, a probation period will quickly show how you fit each other. Most job seekers believe that a probation period is just a conventionality. In fact, at big serious companies, not everyone passes this period. It is necessary to clearly understand the set tasks and deadlines, ask correct questions, and read the job offer attentively.

These tips will help avoid the common mistakes of job seekers and feel comfortable not only at the interview of a creative company but at any other interview. And remember the most important thing: the company values should correspond to your worldview. Thus, any mistakes or funny situations will not prevent you from finding the work of your dreams.

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