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Do you know many online companies you can trust? If yes, let us congratulate you on this and add to your list one more reliable company. If now, we are ready to become the first on your list. Why we? Let us introduce ourselves: an online agency that provides the most competent CV creation and correction at the cheapest prices on the web. When help on how to make a CV is wanted, the wisest action is to appeal to the experts in this field. Our specialists will assist you with any CV related issue. Placing your order now, you are guaranteed to get a discount! In the meantime, we are ready to present another post dedicated to the importance and power of trust in business.

The power of trust in business

Maybe some of you have heard about an experiment conducted in 1960 by a researcher Walter Mischel. He asked the children to sit at the table, set before them a marshmallow and said that he would come back in 20 minutes and bring them another marshmallow if they wait for him and do not eat it. Some children ate a marshmallow almost at once when the psychologist left, and others patiently waited. After 14 years, other researchers studied the life of children who did not succumb to temptation, and concluded that they were more reliable, self-confident and independent rather than children who took a marshmallow at once and could not control their impulses.

However, the experiment had a significant drawback. What if a child just did not believe that he (she) would get another marshmallow? What if a child used to be deceived previously and lost the feeling of trust? This is the feeling or emotional act that can be as fragile as an eggshell. Furthermore, even strong trust can be easily ruined with a single deed.

Trust is the element of every aspect of our life. It is important for building good relationships and it influences favorably our health. Here are several pieces of advice that will help establish trust (or at least something that reminds trust) with other people. Additionally, read about how to make friends at work for better results.

1. Limit the number of “I” in your speech. Leaders that are considered the best in their field almost never say “I”. And they do it not because they have trained to speak in such a way but because they really think as a team, as “We”. They understand their role and take personal responsibility, but when they achieve success, they believe that everyone has made an equal contribution.

2. Look at your promises as at an unselfish commitment. When you give a promise, think about it as about a noble commitment, which you have accepted. Do not wait for gratitude, just do what you should do. We also do what we should do, providing express CV rewriting for our customers at a low cost.

3. Keep on talking about something that matters. Research has proved that people need to hear about something three-five times to check the information heard. Human’s brain is organized in such a way that it is hard to believe in something the first time. That is why do not give up but repeat again and again. Lewis Carroll once said: “Something I repeat three times becomes true”.

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4. Create your reputation. Reputation is the investment in your name. The difficulty is that there may pass several months or even years before it will start working for you. However, almost everything in the world works in such a way. In order to make your company successful, you need to work really hard for several years, and no one can give you any guarantees. If you do everything right, people will treat you exactly as you want, and will do it absolutely willingly. In some case, you will have to restore your reputation. There are several strategies, which we will share with you in our next posts. And right now you have the chance to read about CV writing & editing service on our blog.

5. Be known as a person that tells the truth. When you share information with your team sincerely, it creates the feeling of solidarity and unity. The team members feel as the part of something greater and feel respect for you. Of course, there is no need to tell everybody everything, but try to be maximally honest. Read more secrets here:

6. Gain the trust of your clients. Make sure that you follow the rule of “five pillars of trust”:

• Keep your promises;

• Be ready to help;

• Treat a client as a personality;

• Make your business maximally comfortable for a client.

• Make sure that all aspects of your product or service make favorable impression.

7. Learn to control your mood. When you reach the point that you can control your own and your subordinates’ mood, they will become very grateful to you. This will increase the level of trust to you. Another thing that is definitely worth being trusted is professional CV and cover letter writing services online on our site.

8. Let a person feel safe. Fear and safety are two mutually exclusive elements. Many leaders feel shocked when they learn that their subordinates are afraid of them. Why does it happen so? Being a boss, you have the right to hire, fire, promote, and demote other people. That is why they are afraid of you, even if you do not use your power. A leader that possesses empathy gives his (hers) team the feeling of safety. When the level of your empathy is high, you can see the anxiety of your people and make successful attempts to reduce it. Get more helpful strategies in this post:

9. Pay attention to your conduct and thinking. Ask yourself:

• Do I share the information that may help others?

• Am I kind and polite to others?

• Do I use the opportunities to encourage others?

• Do I help all my people?

• Trust is the power. Does your team trust you enough to wait for the second marshmallow and not to take the first one at once? We wish you good luck!

Professional CV writing company that is worth being trusted

It goes without saying that trust in business (and in life, in general) plays the key role. Our online agency has already gained the trust of thousands of clients who have asked our professionals to create a CV and got the desired position. We provide not only high-quality selling CV papers, we provide safety, reliability, and confidence. We want to become your friend ready to support and assist anytime.

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