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How to raise self-evaluation?

What influences our life and achievements, which we reach? Naturally, this is the capabilities, personal qualities, education, environment, goals, and many other things. However, the major factor that influences a person and its life is probably self-evaluation, i.e. person’s subjective treatment of oneself, a vision of oneself, outlook and beliefs about oneself. Usually, this all is formed at the beginning stage of life, when a person just starts recognizing oneself and surrounding. Self-evaluation influences the way other people, with whom we contact and interact, treat us, the results we come to, achievements, career, wealth, happiness, and all the rest that matters to us. Additionally, read about how to make contact with colleagues, the post is really helpful.

However, not always self-evaluation brings us good because we can often meet people with low self-evaluation. It means that their life indicators will correspond to it. If a person does not love him(her)self, others will do the same; if he (she) does not believe in his (hers) strengths, the achievements will be minimal; if he (she) thinks that he (she) is not capable to earn much money, there will never be high income; if he (she) thinks that he (she) does not deserve happiness, there will not be happiness in life. And vice versa: a person that loves him(her)self is surrounded by congenial people, and others look at him (her) positively; he (she) achieves high results, taking confident steps in life; a person, who believes that he (she) deserves to live better and undertakes particular actions to achieve this, lives in prosperity and enjoys every day. Nobody lives without problems and difficult life situations, but personalities that have positive self-evaluation feel greater in all senses.

Parenting, environment, classmates, teachers, people around, and all sorts of life conditions influence the self-evaluation shaping process. Considering that the negative is perceived much more intensively and strongly rather than the positive, low self-evaluation is the scourge of a huge number of people. In order to make this number at least a little bit smaller, we have prepared this post, in which we have gathered the most effective (according to our mind) techniques of increasing self-evaluation. Go ahead and use them, in case you realize your self-evaluation requires correction. It is required to realize that the results will appear, for sure, but it requires waiting. Increasing self-evaluation is a resinous and scrupulous matter. Thus, be ready for a continued self-work. Realizing this fact, the process will speed up and become more effective. So, which techniques are these?

Techniques that improve self-evaluation

Technique #1. Be self-loyal, behave, and act according to your own desires. This is the ground for being respected and free. No one but you makes decisions. Stop waiting that your close ones and fellows will approve your actions. Otherwise, you live not yours but someone else’s life, being occupied with something that others need, and your self-evaluation (self-evaluation) will be low under such conditions. It is important to be aware of how to make people work as you want not to let this happen.

Technique #2. Do not get compared with others. It is impossible to escape from the reality: some people do something better, someone possesses something you do not possess, someone is wealthier, more successful, etc. Naturally, there are people who envy because you own something they would also want to own. Never get praised excessively and never worship. Each person is unique and this is great.

Technique #3. Write the list of your advantages. Include to your list every little thing that is on your mind: gentleness, tenderness, tact, mercifulness, honesty, and so on. There should be at least 20 positive features. Look it through when you wake up and go to bed. Thus, the attention will be shifted from the disadvantages to advantages. Absolutely everyone and everything has positive features. For example, our website has its features, with which you can get acquainted anytime.

Technique #4. Review the cycle of people you communicate with. Try to build relations with people with positive thinking, who have positive self-evaluation, who can smile and make advances to you. Never forget that negative surrounding contributes to lower self-evaluation, and positive environment makes it increase. Those, who surround themselves with strong people, also become stronger. In order to be more confident, it is strongly recommended to improve your resume with us.

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Technique #5. Refrain from self-flagellation. Stop to “punish” yourself. Otherwise, the chronic feeling of guilt and self-dissatisfaction will always accompany you. It should be applied to all life spheres: job, relations, look, well-being, etc. ( Be aimed at the opposite: think positively more often, tell yourself nice words, describe yourself from the good side. Eventually, the habit to be dissatisfied with yourself will disappear, letting self-evaluation and self-respect enter your life.

Technique #6. Create the “diary of achievements”. Get a notepad, where the good things you do will be fixed. Everything should be fixed there: going to the gym, delivering the paper before a deadline, etc. Write something in the notebook before sleep, and you will feel pleasure and joy, realizing how much good you are.

Technique #7. Reply “you are welcome” or “I am glad to help / it is my pleasure” when someone thanks you and never “not at all”. Hearing praise, reply “thank you” and never “it was nothing”. The point is that such an answer means that something you do is really worth nothing. In addition, our mind gets a signal that there is no reason to be appreciated. Always evaluate yourself and the actions you undertake.

Technique #8. Be a “giver”. This technique implies a kind of commitment. Begin doing something that benefits not you but someone else; help, be responsive and attentive to other people. Such a conduct will gradually form the sense of self-worth and dignity, which are the components of high and adequate self-evaluation.

Technique #9. Start using thematic materials: motivating films and books, audio and video materials, as well as all kinds of literature on increasing self-evaluation. As it is known, “the water grinds the stone”. Start systematically influencing your mind with the help of these tools. Having surrounding yourself with the flow of good information and creative energy, you will transform your self-perception and direct it in the right sphere. Do not forget that the negative data regularly perceived has an absolutely opposite to the wanted effect.

Technique #10. Read affirmations. These are specially composed phrases written on paper that shape the positive perception of oneself. Divide a sheet into two halves. In the left part write what worries you, for instance, “I am a loser and I am not capable of doing something”. In the right part write the refutation of this statement in a positive way, i.e. without participle “not” because our subconscious does not perceive it. You will get approximately such a phrase “Luck always accompanies me and everything I do brings only positive results”. You can fill the whole sheet with suchlike statements and their refutations. Then, cut the sheet, keep the right column and burn the left one. Read your affirmations in the morning and evening. Gradually new settings will start working and your perception will change.

And the last thing we want to tell: if you decide to do something about your self-evaluation, start acting immediately. Knowledge without actions equals zero, and any actions automatically improve your self-evaluation because you realize that you do not sit at home at a loose end, but work on yourself. Your self-respect also increases and you experience positive emotions, enjoying what you are.

Leave behind you all the fears and doubts, others’ views and mind, unwanted circumstances and inappropriate conditions, just start acting! This is so easy! Be responsible for your life, be open and ready to accept everything good and positive, and everything around will open to you. Everyday training in some time becomes a new habit, and being occupied with self-work, the time passes more quickly and your low self-evaluation disappears. Now new doors and opportunities are open to you. Well-being is there for you! Professional resume and cover letter services are another factor that contributes to your success:

One more thing: always keep in mind that you are a bright individuality and a unique personality with wonderful qualities and huge potential! You just need to open yourself, and you already know what to do for it.

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