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“Everything for later”: how to get rid of the habit to postpone

If you are reading this post now, it probably means that you are trying to postpone some task. Simply saying, you are going to do something later. If “later” your task is done, we can congratulate you. If no, we are going to offer you several effective methods that will help you get rid of procrastination, i.e. the habit to postpone and everything and do later.

1. Answer the question “Why”?

One of the main procrastination reasons is that a person does not have the motivation to fulfill a task or start dealing with some particular business. A person does not realize WHY it is necessary to do it. That is why before you begin doing something, always ask yourself why you do it, what meaning it has to you (or your company, for example), what you will get when finish it. It is not only about money but experience, professional recognition, new knowledge, skills, potential opportunities. Or maybe this is the task that can help you achieve some of your goals. In general, it is necessary to realize the value of a task / business for you.

If your answers inspire you, it means you are moving in the right direction, and soon you will stop procrastinating. If they mean nothing to you, you need to change something. It can be a job, specialty, life goals (maybe you are aiming for the goal imposed from outside, and you do not need them). Anyway, sometimes it is enough to change the style of work, for instance, start fulfilling the usual duties in a new way to make the process more interesting and get motivated. Find the reason for your procrastination, why your present occupation does not motivate you. Otherwise, you will not know what you need to change. Speaking about changes, you need to know more about the life-work balance:

2. Make the calendar your friend

Very often a task is postponed because a person cannot allocate time for different occupations correctly. That is why you need to “make friends” with the calendar and diary. Planning your day, write down 3-5 main tasks-goals, which you need to implement (work tasks, as well as personal). Do not forget to allocate time for coffee / lunch / email check / business meetings, etc. In general, your plan should look realistic, otherwise, you will never learn to fulfill your tasks on time. In the very beginning, the tasks can be not very numerous. It is better to do fewer tasks but they will be of high quality. There is another advantage of the planning ritual: visualization will serve as the reminder of how much productive your day can be and what you can lose if you let procrastination rule. Read more about how to improve workplace productivity on our blog.

3. Count your minutes and hours

If you are a “heavy procrastinator”, you should try to take notes of how much time you dedicate to work, family, self-development, leisure time, “doing nothing”, and other “time killers”. In general, write down in details how much time every occupation takes. By the way, the best resume services can save much time for you.

What for? First, you will see what “kills” your time. Second, you will manage to define the hours when your productivity is the highest. Most likely, you try to fulfill the most important tasks for you in inappropriate time. And third, when you see how much time you simply waste because of procrastination, you will probably do not want to postpone your tasks any longer, and you will start to limit your bad habits, in addition. For example, not to stick to the social networks, you can download and install a program called “SelfControl” that will block the access.

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4. Promise yourself a gift for work well-done, and scare yourself with punishment for being lazy

Find someone who will follow that you fulfill your tasks. It does not matter who it is, a friend, a colleague or a spouse. The most important is that this person does not forgive you your procrastination. What to do for this? Discuss a kind of “treat – punishment” system. “Treat” should encourage doing something, and “punishment” should scare. The punishment should make you leave your comfort zone, otherwise, there will be no stimulus to avoid it. If you want to be motivated, we would advise avoiding the following jobs:

5. Tell everyone about your plans

It often helps people to fulfill their plans if they tell others about them. For example, they can announce publicly about their intentions (“I am going to quit smoking!”), or publish an appropriate status on their social network pages. People who will be aware of your plans will be your “live reminders”. Start every day with watching or reading some interview or quotations of successful people. Their experience will inspire you and help achieve greater goals. However, such a method of procrastination fighting will suit those who really appreciate the mind of friends and close ones. There is a huge difference between breaking a promise that you give to yourself and looking like a ranter.

6. Get inspired by stories

For sure, there are people in your life whose example inspires you. Read articles about them and watch videos. Their success should influence you, make you “mad” (in the good meaning of this word), and encourage you to undertake correct actions. For example, at least you can start fighting procrastination. We can encourage you right now with our low-priced resume writing services

7. “Eat” your tasks piece by piece

People often postpone some tasks because it is big, difficult, and they are afraid not to cope with it. That is why imagine that your task is an elephant, which you cannot eat at once, but you can cope with it if you “cut” it into smaller pieces. Find a mentor. The experience of other people will help you get rid of the fear of the unknown and failure. Divide your task into several smaller tasks, analyze what you can do on your own, and what tasks require the help of other people, etc. As a rule, when a task is “cut”, it does not look impossible any longer. Also, begin your work with something easy and simple. The first results will inspire you and you will get involved in the process.

8. Find a mentor and keep a “success diary”

If you are afraid not to cope with a task and fail, you need to have so-called “success diary”. Write everything you manage to fulfill (projects, tasks). When it seems that you cannot cope, look through your notes. They will remind that you have already coped successfully with many other tasks (maybe even harder ones), and will serve as an inspiration source. If you decide to keep a diary, it will be also great if you ask someone to help to create the best resume. Tell us “I need help with my resume”, and we will do it for you.

Another advice is to find a mentor, i.e. a person that can answer your questions about different tasks. Probably, this person has beep fulfilling similar tasks. The others’ experience always helps overcome the fear of failure.

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