Things to Avoid for Climbing Up the Career Ladder


How to climb a Career LadderAre you ambitious? Do you have career goals? Are you doing your best to reach them? We are sure you are doing great! However, we have one more question: is your resume updated? Many people often forget about such a seemingly insignificant detail, but believe us, it matters a lot. There is no need to get distracted from your goals to fix your resume because our resume writers will do it for you with pleasure. Think about this: professional assistance guarantees a paper created and formatted according to the latest demands of the job market. Your resume will be really professional, and you will be proud to submit it to the prospective employers. In turn, employers will be pleased to receive such a resume and will definitely want to meet with its owner. Order on our site and get an amazing discount! So you know now that you should not forget to update your resume. What else should you avoid to climb up the career ladder? This is exactly what we want to discuss today.

People with these features of temper never succeed in a career

There are people, whose skills and features harm their career. A famous economist studied the nature of work on different specialties since 1980. He discovered that the number of tasks that require, first of all, social skills increased by 24%, and the objectives that required intellect and technical qualification increased insignificantly. He also discovered that the increase in wages was noticed in the fields that required social skills more compared with other fields. Here are job positions for extroverts, i.e., for those who feel some troubles with communication.

With the increased significance of social intellect, those who do not possess it to stand out among the crowd less favorably. We all know such people: meanwhile, you are trying to finish urgent work, another person cannot stop to talk, assigns authorship of your ideas, makes you work an extraordinary night shift, etc. This list can be continued.

Many of such people are intelligent, but still, they make others dislike them. Unfortunately, the absence of self-consciousness and other social skills becomes an obstacle to their career. Social skills and self-consciousness are the components of emotional intellect.

The studies, in which more than 1 000 000 people participated, show that more than half of work efficiency depends on emotional intellect. There are particular kinds of people, whose career suffer greatly from this drawback. In order not to become one of them, it is better to study others’ experience and admit that you also have some of the features that harm your career and you. This will allow improving the skill of self-consciousness and correct your behavior. Right now, in addition, check out the list of positive qualities in the workplace.


Fear is a very strong motivator. That is the reason why the election participants tell their voters that an opponent will definitely ruin the state economy, the stickers on the cigarette packs give a warning that "smoking is deadly dangerous," etc. When fear becomes the main motivator at work, it leads to irrational and harmful actions. A cowardly colleague hurries to blame his (her) faults on others and is not ready to defend his (her) point of view even if he (she) is right.

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In the Harry Potter books, dementors are the evil beings that suck out human souls. The author says that the dementor's image reflects the impressions made by some people who, entering the room, make the atmosphere lifeless. Dementors project their negativism and pessimism onto everyone they meet. They notice only bad in everything and, even in the most innocent situation, they find a way to cause anxiety and fear.


Arrogance is the false feeling of confidence, which always hides the opposite. Research at Akron University has shown that arrogance correlates with the problems at work. Ambitious people, as a rule, cope with their duties worse, they are unpleasant to talk to or have business with and have more cognitive troubles compared with an average person. Nevertheless, whatever a person is, we help everybody and share the information about where to order cheap resumes.


A person for whom the opinion of others is more important than his (her) own always prefers the way of least resistance and stands for the already known way of problem-solving. If you suddenly notice that you transmit someone else's point of view, be careful: you cannot achieve great results, trying to preserve the present status.


Such people often make external circumstances responsible for their failures. In fact, it happens that a successful person succeeds more thanks to luck. However, hard work is the base of the result. If the whole world is against you, maybe not the real obstacles but such a treatment bothers you. Anyway, it is impossible that the whole world is against you, you just need to find your place. Maybe it is worth traveling more:


There are such individualities that are absolutely not able to keep their feelings. They attack an interlocutor, project onto him (her) what they feel and cause a headache at once. Hot-tempered people cannot carry out a job well because their emotions prevent them from thinking and almost complete absence of self-control interferes with the establishment of relationships with people. Be careful with them and do not become the person who gets all the emotional outbursts.


It is hard to identify a victim because, at first, we empathize with other people's troubles. However, with time it becomes clear that this is a constant state. Victims refuse from taking responsibility, turning any stone on their way into an insurmountable rock. Hardships for them are not the chances for learning and growth but the reason for doing nothing. Be careful because idleness leads to boredom. Luckily, we know what to do when you are at work and bored.


Naturally, everyone sympathizes trustful people, especially when it turns out that, after a long working day, they agree to look after the boss’ children and it all happens on a day off. Credulous people (they often lack experience) go with the flow till the time when a calm river turns into a stormy ocean. Remember that it is okay to bargain about your salary or say no. It is absolutely okay to ask questions if you doubt that everything is right. You will be respected by others if you defend your mind.


Except for people who almost never apologize, there are also others who say sorry excessively. A person who lacks self-assurance always apologizes for his (her) ideas and deeds. He (she) is afraid of failure and thinks that apology will serve as insurance. Instead, excessive and unnecessary apologies reduce the value of his (her) ideas and decrease the probability of their implementation. It is very important that the value of your idea should be supported by your voice and gestures. To present a thought or mind in the form of a question is the same thing as apologizing in advance. If you actually think your idea is worthy, speak confidently.

Of course, none of these disadvantages can put an end to your career and any of them can be fixed if you develop your emotional intelligence. For this purpose, it is enough to really want the changes and be able to understand yourself. Our experts perfectly understand both job seekers and employers / HRs, and it allows them to provide the best cover letters customer service.

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Loser's commandments: 7 thoughts that hurt your career

We present you a loser's code. In it, you will find everything necessary to justify your inaction, postpone a good idea, or criticize yourself so much that you will not have either energy or enthusiasm. If it all does not fit you, but you notice you have similar thoughts, it is high time to get rid of them. This is exactly what can become an obstacle to the development of your career. Hold on for a second: do you know at all what career is? Also, there is such a meaning as extreme careerism. Have you heard it? It will be useful to read about careerism vs. extreme careerism on our blog.

1. I am not good enough. This thought ruins one’s confidence completely. There are two approaches to fight it. The first one is psychological. Try to conduct personal conversations, convincing yourself that your skills are enough and that you even exceed your opponents at some points. The second one is practical. Turn your doubts at the rational direction: think about what exactly bothers you, what features or skills cause the most doubts, and how they can be fixed.

2. I will not succeed. The fear of failure or mistake is one of the main success enemies. It makes you numb and affects your decisions. The best way to fight it is to develop positive thinking, and also, to notice your achievements. For instance, keep a success dairy, in which you will take notes of everything you achieve. Besides, you need to prepare yourself that mistakes and failures are an integral part even of the most successful career. That is why treat them as a useful lesson and the opportunity to work on you. Although, there are some mistakes, which you should never make. For instance, mistakes in a resume are not allowed:

3. I must do everything either perfectly or not do it at all. Perfectionists take hard criticism and failures. Even small hardships knock the bottom out and lead to harsh self-criticism and sometimes to depression. In this case, often the problem is not about high standards but excessive demands that are almost impossible to meet. The most significant that psychologists advise overcoming perfectionism is to control your thoughts. You need to follow when your "perfectionist" appears and interferes, and not let it happen. Fight with perfectionism is similar to the fight with fears. The most important is to analyze them, understand their reasons and make them rational, distinguishing the far-fetched demands from real tasks. Nevertheless, some perfectionism thoughts are okay. Thus, if you wonder "how to fix my resume online to make it perfect?’, we will gladly help you with this.

4. Nothing depends on me. The belief that everything depends only on external circumstances leads to passivity and apathy. You will hardly manage to find the job of your dream, get a promotion or find the best workplace with such an approach. Bear in mind: even if we accidentally get the chance to get the job of our dream (, we still have to fight for it with other opponents and present ourselves as good as possible.

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5. I am ready but… Self-justification is the evil helper of all your fears, doubts and passivity. As a rule, justifications are pretty typical: lack of time, resources, inspiration, and other similar statements. If you set the goal to get rid of them, begin with the determination of your strategic plans. Then, analyze each justification and find at least a small opportunity to omit it. Do you lack time to attend English classes? Start to listen to podcasts on your way to work. Do you wait for inspiration to create your project? Try to begin with the simplest technical work that does not require a much mental load. Such small steps will help you overcome your doubts and start growing. Do not wait for some special moment and get resume writing help for employees right now.

6. My idea is stupid. The fear that others will laugh at our idea is another strong break in our development. How to cope with it? First, do not forget that you cannot assess your idea completely objectively and, consequently, define how other people will react to it. Second, ask yourself: "So what?". Even if others do not like your idea, most likely, this will not influence much your career. However, you will get the chance to ask what exactly they do not like and what they would like to improve. Maybe this conversation will bring you new thoughts, and you will get a second wind.

7. I am not as good as others. This is an absolutely destructive position that can lead to low self-esteem. Do not forget that you do not know what has proceeded to one's success and whether such a scenario suits you. Try to pay more attention to your development. Notice only your changes and accomplishments, and also, work on your weaknesses. Do it carefully, do not hurry, and do not worry because our top resumes editors know how to present one’s weaknesses as strengths.

Three career mistakes, which you can outlive, and one mistake, which never should be made

A couple of decades ago a standard tip on a career building sounded like this: “Get to a company, where you can stay for a long time. Never quit your job if you have not found a new one. Whatever you do, never burn your boats. Memory is a great power, and you can never know when you might need someone's help". However, the labor market and career nature have changed radically since that time. The first rule on our list is not only almost impossible, but it is also not the best advice. Keep on reading because the best resume writers online are ready to give the best tips.

Your goal is not to stay at some company for decades, hiding in the shadow. You must learn and grow. The more valuable you become for your employer and clients, the more freedom of choice you get, on condition that you follow your own way and not the path that someone has made for you.

Today a lot of people change a workplace every few years. Few people dream about finding a safe company, at which they can work for the rest of their life. What does safety mean today? This is something you create inside you, and it always remains with you. This is not a gift from other people. Day by day you create your safe job yourself because something you do is important for the plans and priorities of other people. A problem that you solve at work is called "business pain." This is the most significant part of your work. Now we shall speak about this business pain. Right now you will learn about three career mistakes, which you can outlive and overcome their consequences, and the one, after which it is extremely difficult to recover.

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You can recover after an unsuccessful career step

If you want to grow, you should not be afraid to try something new. Sometimes your attempts will be successful, and sometimes you will get the experience instead of the desired results. This is absolutely natural. Nevertheless, our online company belongs to the top resume writing sites and always gives the guarantee of the desired result.

Every successful person has such attempts that have not brought any benefit. They opened companies and bankrupted. They got a job, and nothing worked out. However, eventually, everything turned as good as possible. They continue moving on.

There were cases when we began to work and regretted about it later. We changed our lives, and then, understood that it was not the best decision. Maybe, it was the wrong choice of a partner and, as a result, you experienced a lot of negative emotions and feelings. You could move to a new place and hate it. This is okay. People who learned something about life passed the same winding path. We also passed a hard way to become one of the best professional resume writing companies, and we did it!

Is there another way to learn something important if you do not try something new all the time? You can stand up on your feet after any failure in your private or professional life (of course, never ignore the work and life balance importance), and you can get the maximum benefit from every episode of your life. For instance, in your voice resume, you can tell what you want to do next (get back to your previous profession or find a new one), explain how the last “zigzag” of your life matches your career history. However, you should be able to see this connection before someone else notices it.

The last step (which you consider unsuccessful) will seem curious to the HR managers and recruiters only when you understand how your last adventure has led you to where you are now. You also need to show that you are ready for a new challenge.

You can recover after a complete fall down the career ladder

Everyone remembers what we feel when breaking up a long relationship and start dating with a new person at once. In such a way, we try to heal our soul wounds, but such relationships end quickly. Without noticing this, you experience such strong despair that you can have a romantic relationship with the first man or woman you meet. You can do the same with your career.

When you do not give your body the opportunity to process and outlive something happened, you risk getting into a similar situation quickly. When you understand your mistake, you can start searching for a job again, and what happens next? Your fear controls you and puts you in the same bad or even worse situation. The least we can do is to help you with the job search:

Your career is in free fall. It happens every day, but there is a way to get out. The first thing you need to do is to search for a way to get rid of the economic pressure. Turn off the mode "please, anybody, give me a job." It is better to rent out a room or sell your car. Take responsibility for your life and career. While you think that you are a labor market victim, you will not manage to get out of the pit you are in now. At the moment when you see that you can control the events and decide with whom and for whom to work, you will be at the helm again. Also, if you contact the best resume editing services, you will always be on top.

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You can also outlive your burned boats

This is one the most common mistakes that people make, but it also can be survived. For the beginners, we want to say that it is not always bad to turn your back to some people. There are people who hurt you, and they should not stay in your life any longer. When you understand that you do not have to tolerate injustice on the part of any person who writes you a check, quit your job even if others beg you not to do this or threaten you with bad recommendations.

At the moment when you feel you are ready to quit, do it and remind to the Universe and yourself that you have greater goals compared with those imposed on you. When you leave your job because of the boss who insults you, it is not burning your boats. You only prove your professionalism, leaving this place, and you will not need to lie about the reason to quit. You will just wish everyone all the best and go your way. Is it time to quit? Let’s figure it out:

Later, we can look back and say: "Wow, I really burned my boats and that was not cool." Many office workers say: "Sometimes I recall my first mentor, and I would like to apologize for being such a bad subordinate 15 years ago"; "My former boss gave me so many useful tips I used, and I just quitted, and we did not talk since that time. I feel embarrassed that it has happened so”.

You can always establish contact if you have sincere and not self-serving intentions. It would be really mean to write your former boss, colleague or mentor: "I know we have not been talking for a long time, but now I really need your recommendations so let's talk." If you act in such a way, you deserve being ignored.

However, if you have sincere intentions, you can just write: "I often think about those amazing tips got from you, and I am just curious how you are doing." You can always rebuild your relationships. Also, do not forget that it is important to have good relationships with your present team. We can tell how to get along with co-workers, and this should help.

You will never manage to recover if you fall asleep in your career (until you wake up!)

This is the mistake that is hard to outlive. When you close from the world in your office, close the ears with your palms and hope that nothing changes around you and your work remains as it is for good, you put yourself in a dangerous position. You do bad to yourself and people who rely on you. You cannot allow yourself to stop in your career development and stop focusing attention on the world outside your office. If you fall asleep in your career, we know what to do to wake you up:

You must know what kind of business pain you solve and what organizations (companies) face it. It is very important to know the names of these companies and what place in the job market they occupy. It is necessary to know the names of the managers who deal with “your” duties and functions at every company.

You cannot ignore your market. Think about a person who runs a small business. Does this person know his (her) market well? Of course! So why should hired workers ignore it? You need to know well the business pain you specialize in. You need to see its features and how it harms your company. For instance, we know that outdated data harm your professional image. It is easy to fix: pay resume writer for updating your resume and the problems are in the bag.

This accumulated knowledge is a very good subject for a conversation. This is something that differs you from a “sheepie” job seeker. When you understand to what height your career should rise and decide to be at the helm, you get the necessary authority at once. When you rule your career as a business, you get everything required to achieve your goals: self-confidence, skills to conduct negotiations, and clear direction of your actions.

When you get out of freezing, you will never want to get in it again. We cannot allow ourselves to be comforted with small as in career so as in private life. In any case, it is always more pleasant and curious to fly high.

The clients of our site always reach the greatest heights with the professional help of our certified team of experts. You tell us what you want, and we do everything exactly as you need. The best resume papers are ordered and got on our website. The most qualified specialists deliver every order on time. Every single customer is guaranteed to get a discount and pay the lowest price possible. Contact us and learn about other pleasant bonuses.

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