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You are the only person who knows you better than others. This is obvious. Consequently, you are the only one who can present yourself in the best possible way, right? Not exactly. Believe us, if you need to present yourself as a qualified specialist, no one can do it better but us. Our certified resume writers online create a brilliant resume for you, which, in its turn, creates your professional image and makes employers want to hire you. When you get many job offers, you can dictate your own terms and demands. Thus, you will select the best option. We know how to present you as a real genius in your field. By the way, genius is the subject of our today’s post.

Genius or myth

People used to say that a Spanish cellist Pablo de Sarasate was a genius. Once Pablo resented and exclaimed: “Genius! I have been practicing for 14 hours for 37 years, and they call me a genius!”. This quotation makes us think about what genius is and what a person called genius is, in fact.

When we think about people who inspire us, whom we admire (sportsmen, musicians, businessmen), we can notice an incredible talent that they have. They have an amazing gift since birth that leads them in life, right? We shall try to figure out whether it is so. If it interests you, get the answer to the question where to order a cheap resume right now.

Many modern studies prove that things are not that simple. In fact, many wunderkinds never achieve success and some of them cannot find a place under the sun at all. The gift they get from birth is not appreciated by them as much as if they have got it, being already mature. Also, many famous businessmen or sportsmen did not demonstrate significant abilities in childhood. So how have they managed to become successful in the fields they are engaged in now?


In 1993, a professor at the University of Florida Anders Erikson with colleagues studied the phenomenon of a genius and, as a result, published an article that contained several curious discoveries. Here they are:

no one achieves a great success without hard work. The abilities we possess in the childhood tell almost nothing about the fact that a person will succeed without making much effort and spending time. Speaking about wasting time, do not ignore this post, it will benefit you greatly:

most successful people in any field require up to ten years of hard work before they become specialists. It is called the rule of ten years.

a natural gift does not exist on its own. No one is born a chief executive officer or a world chess champion. Greatness is achieved with hard work and there is no another way. Fame can be got without much work but when it goes about greatness and genius, there is a single way. And when it goes about how to find a resume company online, there is also only one reliable option.

Charlie Parker is considered one of the greatest jazzmen in history. However, when he was a kid, he did not show any interest in music. He started to play the saxophone when he was 11 years old and was expelled from the school of music. The reason was his complete lack of talent. Nevertheless, this fact made him practice for 15 hours a day every day. Many years passed before he was noticed. A golfer Tiger Woods started to play golf when he was 1,5 year old encouraged by his father. He was engaged in golf for 15 years when he won his first tournament.

We all know people who are occupied with something for decades but they cannot be called genius. Why does it happen so? The matter is that it is not enough only to work hard and long. It is required to be totally focused and persistent for a long time. Scientists call it intentional training.

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Intentional training

It is true, great people in any activity field dedicate much time to an intentional training. This is such an activity that goes beyond repetitions. This is a consistent practice, the aim of which is to improve one’s skills gradually. There is a great difference between playing the guitar aimlessly every day and playing purposely, noticing the things that should be learned.

A mere hitting the ball on the golf course is not an intentional training. People do not become great golfers in such a way. They become the greatest when they decide that their goal is 80% of hits in a certain small area on the course of 300 attempts. Then, the next goal is 90% of hits. All this is the intentional training. It helps increase one’s standards and does not allow getting worse, as it happens to other people.

It can surprise you, but any person can be improved. It is possible to improve anything in any life field: conducting negotiations, making gifts, sport, memory, conflict behavior, etc. If there is something that you more than just like, make it your goal to improve it. Set records, raise the bar. For instance, we are known as a cheap online resume website that always keeps the bar high.

Intentional training formula:

✴ Set the aims that are higher than your level of competency. This is what makes you closer to a genius.

✴ When you train, always focus on what is happening and what do you do.

✴ When a task is done, get feedback about the results from various sources.

✴ Try not to involve emotions if possible, and having a sober mind, define how to change your conduct or way of thinking to become better.

✴ Visualize your situations all the time. Be in the visualized state fully (with all your senses).

✴ Make it all regular. An accidental training does not work. Perseverance and consistency are the keys to progress. And the best resume writing services online are the key to professional success.

What does it all mean?

We do not have to be born gifted to achieve success or become genius in any field. The secret is simple: persistently and gradually increase your abilities and, in a couple of years, you will achieve outstanding results. This is amazing because it is possible to become a world-class expert in absolutely anything.

Most people do not want to accustom themselves to a constant improvement of their abilities. That is why genius people are so few: other people just do not believe in themselves and their abilities, they are too logical to believe in something like this. Also, it is very hard to imagine that you will have to train for 10-15 years when there are so many temptations of the 21st century. Nevertheless, the reward is worth it.

Ask yourself in what field you want to be an expert. What do you need to work on and what to train to upgrade your skills? The good news is that in some time you will feel the difference. When you think it is required to spend 10-15 years doing the same things, it can lead you to apathy. But if you get the feedback and notice your progress, it will help you enjoy the process of learning and not give up. Although, there are such cases when it is necessary to quit something to get better. Sometimes, it can be required to quit a job. Here are the signs that will help understand whether the time to leave a job has come:

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