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Do you know what people do when they need help with resume and cover letter creation? If they really care for their professional image, if they really want to get a job, if they want to protect themselves from failure, they ask specialists to assist them. The best professional resume writers are a real lifebuoy and panacea for the exhausted job seekers. Do not worry about the cost because our services are as cheap as you can only imagine. If needed, we provide discounts. A competently written resume with a cover letter will bring you the job you want. And now, let’s return to our new post. We continue gathering the results of scientific research that prove or disprove various postulates of self-development.

✱​Multitasking in media usage reduces the ability to memorize

Scientists started their research 11 years ago when the smartphones had already appeared, gained their popularity, and were used by almost everyone. They defined multitasking in the media usage as a constant switching attention to watch various forms of information in the network, either this was a correspondence in instant messengers or scrolling through the news feed in social networks. As a result, there was discovered that suchlike behavior was connected with the disturbance of memorizing and attention focusing abilities.

What is the use? Avoid multitasking. The fact that phones distract our attention is not a secret at all. However, a constant distraction on the social networks also influences memory. Turn off notifications and lay aside your smartphone when you have intellectual work, especially when you study. By the way, if you study, i.e. you are a student, you might need help with a resume for your future job. Just order resume student services and we will do it for you.

✱​Meditation increases emotional intelligence and reduces stress

This is the statement of research published in “The Permanente Journal”. Scientists claimed that those who had been practicing the transcendental meditation technique for four months experienced a significant improvement in emotional intelligence, in comparison with a control group. Besides, there was noticed stress reduction caused by work and a general state improvement.

What is the use? Practice this kind of mediation twice a day for 20 minutes. Just choose a comfortable place, close your eyes and relax. This technique does not require the control of thoughts, contemplation or concentration. It is very easy and convenient to add it to the work process and it demonstrates high efficiency. You as a worker can also demonstrate good productivity, even being at home:

✱​Travels through nature are connected with a higher level of a mental health

According to the data of research conducted by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, people who travel every day through the natural environment demonstrate a higher level of a mental health, in comparison with those who have such travels less often. People who had a close interaction with nature (via cycling or walking trips) demonstrated even better results.

What is the use? An active communication with nature is a good way to protect one’s mental health. This is especially significant in our highly stressed world. It will bring even more benefit if interaction with nature is combined with physical activity. As recent studies have shown, this is one of the most effective ways to overcome depression.

✱​The way we breathe can influence our memory

The authors of an article in the “Journal of Neuroscience” inform that nose breathing helps consolidate long-term memory. First, the participants of research inhaled various odors. After that, the scientists compared the effects of nose breathing with mouth breathing during one hour. People who used nose breathing demonstrated much better “survival” of information, in comparison with others who used mouth breathing.

What is the use? This is an obvious evidence of how the state of our body is important for the brain. Diseases that disturb nose breathing can influence negatively human memory. Thus, if you have a runny nose and try to learn, the results can be worse. When you get resume writing help on our site, the result is always excellent.

✱​Microdosing of psychedelics can improve creativity

The use of the microscopic doses of some fungi that maintain psychedelic elements can increase creativity without the risk of hallucinations and other side effects. This information was presented by the magazine “Psychopharmacology”. In the study, the participants were asked to solve several creative thinking tasks right after taking the microdoses of dried mushrooms. As a result, the participants showed improvement of convergent and divergent thinking. It was the first study of this kind. Also, scientists speak about the necessity to continue studying this issue.

What is the use? For now, there is no use. However, in the future, we should probably expect a significant development of psychopharmacology, including the improvement of cognitive abilities with the help of psychoactive drugs.

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Now let’s change the direction of our post and discuss whether the Internet is worth being completely trusted. Is a single word is enough to get an impression of a speaker? How does your social activity now influence the risk of cognitive disturbances appearing in old age? You will find the answers below.

✱​Loneliness increases the risk of dementia in old age

This is the data of twelve-year research conducted by the College of Medicine at the University of Florida. The physicians have observed more than 12 thousand patients and discovered that those who feel lonely face the risk of cognitive disturbances development 40% higher during the next 10 years.

What is the use? We often speak about the importance of physical state for the brain activity. A mental component, including our social activity, has no less importance. Constantly keep in touch with the close ones, make new friends. If you have some problems with this, do not hesitate to appeal to the specialists. Naturally, do not hesitate to ask for professional assistance the experts of the top resumes writing companies.

✱​Study online reviews with a share of skepticism

Scientists from San-Francisco University have studied how various factors influence the reliability of online reviews. They analyzed more than 215 thousand reviews about 1022 London places. For instance, the earlier a person publishes his (her) review about a visited hotel, the more objective it will be. Also, tourists from more distant countries are less picky for the drawbacks of different establishments.

What is the use? Turn on critical thinking when you hear a review about something, whether this is a real place or a resonant event from the news. Subjectivism and inaccuracies are more peculiar to people than it seems to us.

✱​First time’s a charm

People get the first impression of a speaker already with the first (literary) word. It was proven by the data of research conducted by the workers of the universities of Glasgow and Ex-Marseilles. The scientists let the participants listen to the words of phrases, and then, the participants needed to draw the conclusions about a speaker. The impression based on the first word did not differ much from the impression based on the whole phrase. Also, the content did not matter at all: people were mostly focused on the sound characteristics.

What is the use? When you prepare a speech, pay special attention to the first word, especially to the way you pronounce it. The success of your performance will depend on it. The first impression rule really works. A resume paper also makes the first impression, either good or bad. You will make only a positive impression if you use our proficient resume editing service.

Light and casino sounds contribute to the risky decision-making

Scientists from the University of British Columbia recreated in the laboratory several games of chance but in different situations. They have found out that the classic for casino light and sound background contribute to the fact that the participants make more risky and dangerous decisions. The researchers observed the eyes movements and pupil reaction. The activity was higher when the winning combinations were accompanied by the corresponding sounds and light flares.

What is the use? Make important (and not very important) decisions in a calm and neutral atmosphere. It will help increase your objectivity.

Stress worsens memory and reduces brain volume in the middle age

This is the statement of the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology. People with a higher level of cortisol (stress hormone) demonstrated the worst result in the memory tests, and also, had smaller brain volume. At the same time, they did not notice any visible memory deterioration. Tips on dealing with stress are here:

What is the use? Chronic stress can reduce our cognitive abilities. Even if these changes are not clearly seen, we should not ignore this factor. Use all possible methods, such as physical activity, meditation, psychotherapy, to reduce a daily stress level.

So you have reached the end of the post. This is high time to remind that if you are looking for a job, a professional cover letter writer is the person who will help get it quickly. When specialists support and assist you with resume or cover letter issues, the desired result is achieved more quickly. Also, you are guaranteed to get quality papers that emphasize your professional and personal qualities. All this is the components of success. So let’s succeed together!

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