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Why is it necessary to spend more time in the natural environment?

Most of us are the children of the concrete and asphalt. Our ancestors wanted to hide from the hostile natural environment and created such constructions that would give them safety. As a result, we conquered nature but forgot what our origin was.

You probably know that feeling when you come back home after a country trip and experience a kind of discomfort because of the dirty air, noise, constant motion and rush. Some time passes and everything returns to its regular pace. However, it does not mean that you have relieved the stress that is hidden behind all this. It is necessary to be in nature as often as possible. Here are several reasons for it. Additionally, here is a piece of advice on where to find low-priced resumes.

1. Natural environment improves our vitality. There is a book that explains how the natural environment can influence human health. It points at several key advantages, among which there is improved vitality of people who have spent in the natural environment only 20 minutes. Saying “vitality” the authors mean emotional power and resistance to the inner and outward hardships, enthusiasm. Thus, when a person wants to be more resistant and have more vital power, it is necessary to go in the natural environment.

2. Stress level is lower if you live close to the natural environment. According to research conducted in 2009, people who live close (about a kilometer) to a park or woodland area experience less anxiety and are less vulnerable to depression, in comparison with others who live at a greater distance from green areas. It means that the city designers can potentially use a green area to improve general mental health. Besides, if you feel depressed, think about life closer to the natural environment. More stress handling tips are here: http://resume-writer.net/blog/best-resume-writing-service-free-from-risk.

3. Green areas increase the immune system. Having conducted the series of research, experts have discovered that when a person is placed in the natural environment (in the woods, parks and other places with many trees), he (she) improves the immune system. There are various reasons for this, and one of them is so-called phytoncides (these are such chemicals that plants excrete not to rot and not to be damaged by insects) and they are also useful for people.

There has also been shown that when a person is in the natural environment, he (she) has a lower cortisol concentration (stress hormone), decreased pulse and pressure. For instance, Japanese visit a wood for curing practice that they call “having forest bath”.

4. Sunshine is useful. When sunshine gets on the skin, it provokes the processes of formation and operation of vitamin D.  This vitamin contributes to the prevention of various diseases, including cancer. Besides, it also has been discovered that a low level of vitamin D increases the risk of heart attacks. The required amount of vitamin D that every person needs depends on the color of skin. People with pale skin need at least ten minutes of sunshine per day, meanwhile, people with darker skin need 15-20 minutes. Do not have enough time to sunbathe? Just order resume services online and you will be provided with a couple of spare hours.

5. Being in the natural environment increases the level of happiness. Several years ago there was conducted an experiment, in Canada. More than ten thousand Canadians took part in a program “30X30: Nature Challenge”. The task was like this: to spend thirty minutes in the natural environment for thirty days. This is the list of the challenge results:

People mentioned an increase in the level of energy.

The feelings of stress and anxiety were reduced greatly.

Many of them started sleeping well again.

They experienced more happiness.

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6. Natural environment inspires for creativity. Research conducted in 2012 showed that the group of people became 50% more creative, having spent four days hiking. Besides, there was discovered that the ability for creativity reaches its highest point in three days after the moment when a person goes in the natural environment. If you are a creative person, this post will interest you: http://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-figure-out-that-youll-succeed-choosing-creative-job.

7. Walking in the park develops memorizing abilities and cognitive functions. Walks in the parks and the natural environment sounds are useful for the brain. Research conducted by the Michigan University scientists showed that the results of memory and attention tests were improved when the participants took a break to walk in the arboretum. Having placed the participants on a lively city street, cognitive functions remained within their characteristic indicators.

Now let's talk a little about cognitive functions and other related things. Naturally, we shall also speak about their benefits, practical use they can bring and how to use them for self-development. And also, do not forget that an experienced cheap resume service is available on our site.

Even the minimum of physical activity improves memory

The scientists from the University of California have discovered that a small 10-minute physical activity improves the creation of connections between the brain areas that are responsible for memory. The improvement of cognitive indicators occurs almost immediately.

What is the use? You can add brief periods of physical activity when you study or work to improve memorizing.

Directed eyes moves reduce the fear

Neuroscientist Lycia Dr Voodg with the colleagues has discovered that the directed moves of eyes suppress the activity of the amygdala that is responsible for the emotions of fear.

What is the use? When you experience fear, move your eyes from side to side and you will feel better. Also, this method is effective when the post-traumatic syndrome is cured.

Storytelling: the sense is more important than the form

The McMaster University scientists have found out that perceiving stories, we are focused on the thoughts and feelings that a protagonist causes. At the same time, we do not pay much attention to how a story is presented: orally, in written form, with the help of pictures, etc.

What is the use? Creating stories, focus on the plot and images, not on the form you will present them. Naturally, it works for storytelling. But when it is required to create a resume paper, not a story, the best resume writing company comes to the rescue.

A daytime nap improves learning cognitive functions

A new work of the Bristol University claims that a daytime nap contributes to the subconscious processing of information. The participants of the experiment got two tasks: an ordinary and disguised (or masked), in which the data was presented in such a form that our consciousness does not perceive. As a result, after a nap, they coped with the masked tasks much better than a control group.

What is the use? If it is necessary to solve a problem, think about it, take a nap, and then, make the decisions.

There is discovered the connection between a diet and cognitive functions

Having conducted research with mice, the scientists from the University of Kentucky have discovered that the ketogenic diet (which is described by a high level of fats and low level of carbohydrates) improves the indicators of brain dynamics that influence the cognitive functions directly.

What is the use? It is too early yet to extrapolate the results of research with mice to people. Nevertheless, already now we can make sure that food and nutrition influence the way we think.

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