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And now, let’s continue discussing the postulates of self-development from the point of view of science. Certified experts of our website have conducted research and present you the post about cognitive functions and everything related to this issue. And naturally, we shall also mention what benefit these functions can give. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Education improves the ability for making rational economic decisions

In spite of the fact that economists look at their theories from the point of view of rational behavior, it is more peculiar to people to make decisions being influenced by emotions and cognitive distortions. However, the scientists from Cornell University have found out that a higher level of education is connected with more quality decision-making.

What is the use? Even general education increases your rationality. Probably, targeted training in the field of decision-making and critical thinking will significantly improve this skill. In case if you need to improve your CV papers, you can buy CV online for cheap and get it quickly on our site.

The optimal sleep duration is 7-8 hours

Scientists have assessed the brain activity of the experiment participants with the help of 12 different tests and defined that a group that spends 7-8 hours on sleep shows the best results. Simultaneously, those who slept more or less demonstrated decreased cognitive abilities.

What is the use? In order to achieve your cognitive maximum, you need to sleep 7-8 hours a day, no more and no less.

Scientists discovered a connection between fast food and depression

The employees of the James Cook University from Australia studied the population of an island where fast food was available, and also, they studied the populations of several other islands where seafood was more popular. As a result, they have discovered that most people (16 out of 19) who demonstrate high depression level eat fast food mainly.

What is the use? Nutrition influences not only our physiological health but mental as well. Eating healthy food (for instance, the dishes of the Mediterranean diet) probably reduces the risk of depression development.

There is invented a new font that improves the memorizing of a text

A new font Sans Forgetica is the result of the work of the neuroscientists and specialists in the field of typographic design. The letters of the font contain gaps that allow holding one’s attention and giving the brain the opportunity to perceive a letter/sign longer.

What is the use? This is another proof of the importance of visual perception for memorizing. The creation of the obstacles that hold the attention can be also used in the production of infographics. The new font is already available for all the internet users. The internet has many advantages and offers various useful and fast services, among which CV writing and editing. If you already think something like “I am ready to pay someone to write my CV”, do not pay “someone” but entrust it to the certified experienced CV writers. Email us “make my CV urgently” and you will get it as soon as you need.

Optimistic thinking can lead to financial collapse

Scientists from the University of Bath studied the “survival” rate of British businessmen at the time of transition from the state of working for someone to the creation of their own business. The study has shown that the businessmen with the optimism level higher than average earn 30% less, in comparison with their more pessimistic colleagues.

What is the use? An increased optimism leads to the underestimation of one’s strengths and abilities and, as a consequence, it leads to a decrease in income. A bit of pessimism will add to your approach some criticism and allow you to achieve more success. A greater success can be achieved with the support of a professional CV editor:

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Sleep helps remember and predict the sequences

A neuroscientist Nicolas Lutz with his colleagues has studied the influence of sleep on the ability to memorize the predicted sequences. For instance, these are such cases as when you predict the possible moves of your opponent in team games or try to understand what point in what time a car that has an x-speed will reach. It was found out that after sleep the participants coped with the tasks better than those who started solving the tasks after wakefulness.

What is the use? The proverb “tomorrow is a new day” or “morning is wiser than evening” was scientifically proven. It is better to plan, predict possible options of the events development and make strategic decisions in the morning, after sleep. So sleep well and we will care for your CV, in the meantime:

How to be confident but not arrogant?

A confident person has more chances to get a job at an interview compared with the one who is too modest and not self-assured. But if it seems to an interviewer that a person is too arrogant, most likely, this person will not be hired. This is the result of the study conducted by the scientists from the University of Notre Dame.

What is the use? It is necessary to understand the line that separates confidence and arrogance. Try not to cross it and it will be easier to succeed. Cooperation with the best CV website also contributes to your success.

How to show that you are confident and not arrogant?

In the same study, the scientists have discovered that confidence should be expressed not only verbally but also non-verbally with the help of gestures, posture, eye contact, appropriate voice tone, etc. In this case, you will be treated with more favor.

What is the use? Once again, it is necessary to realize what behavior looks confident and what looks arrogant. This is a slight but very important line that you need to always bear in mind and not to cross.

Non-verbal signs of lies are harder to interpret than it seems

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh have found out that people very often interpret non-verbal signs incorrectly, thinking that these are the signs of lies. The change in voice, some particular gestures, pauses: all these are the signs that are peculiar to those who tell the truth, meanwhile, liars often can hide such signs.

What is the use? Studying the profiling and verification of lies, pay much attention to the practice and do not rush with the conclusions.

Aerobic workout improves visual memory

Scientists have studied how different loads and postures influence the visual memory. According to the data of the “British Journal of Psychology”, the most optimal is the aerobic workout, and also, being upright.

What is the use? If you need to remember some information, it is better to do it standing or running on a treadmill.

 Aerobic workout has a significant antidepressant effect

The analysis of several randomized clinical studies has shown that three workouts per week for 45 minutes significantly reduce the level of anxiety and depression. The effect of the workout can be compared with the drug or psychotherapeutic treatment.

What is the use? Do you want to cheer up or overcome depression? Just go for a run.

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