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How to develop timidity and be able to influence others simultaneously

There are many methods that can be applied to become a more timid person, without losing your individuality and not going too deep in shyness. The easiest method is to list the actions, habits, behavior, and beliefs that create the cocktail of timidity. Mix all these ingredients and you will get all the advantages of timidity. We have discussed them in our previous post, which you can check out right now or when you finish reading this post. In general, check out our experienced resume editing website: it has much to offer.

Keep in mind that a timid person:

• often redirects the praise to other people, just like Oscar-winning laureates do;

• admits their mistakes and failures openly;

• increases the self-esteem of others, without being humiliated;

• does not boast of his (hers) achievements and talents, however, does not hide them, as well (read more about the significance of personal features here:;

• admits that skills and abilities do not appear out of thin air but they are the result of long and purposeful work;

• when speaks with someone, tries to look deeper and find out what good an interlocutor has; a timid person recognizes the merits of an interlocutor directly but does not flatter, at the same time;

• believes that there is always something to learn and never stops in his (hers) self-development;

• admits his (hers) errors and fixes them.

So here are the simple strategies that will help you become a more timid person:

1. Thank other people. Thankfulness can make you less egocentric and helps focus on people around you. It kills the pride and inflated self-esteem. The expression of gratitude makes a person timid. This can be something small like a usual “Thank you!” to a person that holds a door for you. Or it can be something significant when you, as a leader, speak about the contribution of each team member to the general success. Thus, for instance, each specialist on our website makes a great contribution to the promotion of our company, providing top services for resume writing online.

2. Treat everyone equally. This is one of the hardest ways to become timid. Nevertheless, it is the most effective. We, people, are often subject to different cognitive distortions. For example, so-called “Eva Brown Effect” tells that we tend to sympathize with other people just due to the reason that we know them. Timid people are kind, attentive, courtesy, and respectful to everyone they meet. Treat every person with respect and dignity, which they deserve. Do not assess people based on their status or position.

3. Ask for feedback. Self-confident, ignorant people do not need feedback because they already know everything and there is nothing they can learn. Ask several close friends to be really honest and tell you about three features they appreciate in you and three spheres, in which you might require some growth.

These posts will come in handy:

4. Challenge prejudice. The Doctor of Psychology Joshua Hook believes that in order to become timid and confident, it is necessary to start with the following exercise: define a sphere, about which you know very little. One of the students, for instance, has much prejudice about old people and considered that they were much more stupid and primitive than young people. However, this student visited a home for the elderly and changed his mind.

Hook says: “You need to listen and learn when you do this exercise. Do not prove your point of view and do not make sudden conclusions”. If you have negative prejudice let’s say about some religion, attend its service or talk to a person who practices it. Humility and timidity is the desire to keep your mind open to everything new.

5. Begin with a question. Begin your meeting with a question and not with the solution search. What is it needed for? If you ask a question, you demonstrate that you do not know something. Thus, you enter the mode of active learning. You are not trying to tell at once about something, to start discussing a subject, about which you know much. Instead, you show your companion that you are ready to perceive new information.

6. Listen to people. Another advice that is difficult to bring to life. And we speak about ego again. Why does a human like more to speak rather than listen? The answer is that in such a way we increase our self-esteem, affirm ourselves due to the fact that we produce some words. A timid person does not need all this. He (she) knows that he (she) is strong inside and listens with great pleasure. He (she) realizes that one can learn more by listening, asks questions and does not interrupt. The experts of our professional resume editing service also never interrupt and follow your directions attentively.

If you are used talking all the time, try to challenge yourself and listen to people for a month. This amazing experiment will open a new world. You will see that it is possible to feel convenient when you say a word or two, once in a while, and focus completely on the speech of a companion. All this requires much mindfulness. As soon as you recollect this advice, especially when all attention is paid to you, give way to someone else and start giving this person sincere and open pieces of advice. You will make sure that this can bring you real pleasure.

7. Accept failures. An immodest person will react very sharply to failures, blaming others, because he (she) does not want to lower self-esteem as he (she) thinks. A timid person, on the contrary, realizes that there is nothing humiliating in accepting the failure and defeat. The most important is not how you will react but what actions you will undertake. Humility and timidity allow us to accept the hard challenges of fate without the fear of failure. However, if the worst has happened, this is just another reason to keep on trying harder and continue developing yourself.

8. Learn always. Timidity has another good side: timid people know they are not perfect and never stop learning. The point is not that they strive for incredible success; the point is that they enjoy the process. You can also enjoy the process of resume paper creation, choosing a cheap resume rater online on our site.

You can learn from absolutely any situation:

• if something good happens, this is the reason to learn to rejoice sincerely;

• if something bad happens, it means that there is the chance to test the strength of your psyche or the ability to make decisions under pressure;

• if nothing happens and there is unbearable boredom around you, then, you need to learn to entertain yourself with the help of thinking, observation, meditation, etc. Speaking about boredom, this post might help you overcome it:

Buy a resume: secure yourself from failure

You have learned much for now. Go ahead and use your knowledge. Good luck! You are a strong individuality and you can achieve everything on your own. However, do not forget that your knowledge and skills in combination with the competent assistance and support are the direct keys to the amazing heights. Thus, choose our agency with its experts and an outstanding result is guaranteed. You will reach your goals, for sure. Believe that the company you want to work at and the position you strive to get are already yours. We have a friendly atmosphere and friendly prices. Your success is close. It is not about luck, it is about the professionalism and experience we have and provide.

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