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Professions of the future: how work will look in 10-15 years.

Today the world and society develop so quickly that the humankind hardly manages to react to the challenges of our time. Yesterday many things seemed fantastic and unreal. Today they are already usual. The development of technology, open borders, necessity to look for the vacant places in the labor market forced the workers to master new skills and look for new occupations. So what professions will be demanded in ten-fifteen years? Let’s have a look. Naturally, you need to know how to attract attention in the labor market today:

Labor field experts notice several features that should be considered when we speak about the professions of the future.

First: informational technology development. There is no secret that many business spheres now work online on the internet. For instance, the World Wide Web today promotes the services and goods, looks for staff, performs financial operations, etc. All this makes modern workers master new skills and search for the new tools of work online. Our resume writers already possess all the required online tools to make your perfect resume. So if you think about where to find a cheap resume of high quality, you can find it on our site.

Second: cross-functionality. Today the specialists who work at the junction of professions are valued greatly. Employers strive to hire such experts who have knowledge of several fields. Suchlike employees can plan their actions considering the activity of their colleagues and perfectly realize the contribution of every team member to a joint project. They are also open to new experience and ready to teach others.

Third: mobility. According to experts, a frequent change of a workplace or even of an activity field is a usual phenomenon today. Often an education we get today does not define our main occupation and it does not become something we will do all life. American researchers suppose that very soon people will be able to learn up to 10-14 professions by the age of 38 years. It sounds impressive, doesn’t it? There are more and more young and successful people. If you want to be one of them, read this post:

Fourth: the increase in the number of freelance staff. A remote job has become possible thanks to internet technology. It allows companies to involve different workers and save on renting premises and office equipment. They predict that the number of freelancers will grow.

Fifth: the necessity for universal soldiers. A worker always demonstrates his (her) universal skills, first of all, regardless of the field he (she) works in. The specialists who know several foreign languages, the basics of management, marketing and finance will be in the middle of attention. Researchers have noticed that the amount of information gets twice bigger annually. This fact will lead to the demand in such specialists who are able to work with big data. It is quite possible that most perspective specialists will start learning programming to communicate easily with the IT experts. By the way, if you want to work in IT sphere, we recommend you to order IT resume service to create your professional resume.

Considering all these tendencies, it becomes possible to claim that in ten-fifteen-twenty years most fields will be reformatted and the labor market will look different.

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Naturally, no one can think about the modern world without IT field experts. A career in this field is considered one of the most perspective. Nevertheless, experts say that this sphere will also look different. For instance, today developers and gamers have the most popularity but soon there will appear new professions, such as virtual world designer, neuro interface planner, digital linguist, internet community organizer, network lawyer, and cybersecurity specialist. Whatever profession you will choose, we are ready to provide you with a personal professional resume, just write us “help me build my resume online”.

Also, there will be the demand for engineering specialties, without which scientific and technical progress is impossible. Today scientists speak a lot about the limit of natural resources and that is why they try to invent alternative sources of energy. Thus, an energy-zero home architect who can project energy autonomous buildings or a builder of smart roads who can create road surface with asphalt condition sensors, and also, a power network adjuster will come to the rescue.

There will be still demanded the professions related to marketing and sales. Marketers and advertisers will always have work in the world filled with the services and goods. Only service field specialists can exceed them. Beauty salons, restaurants, and gyms will become an integral part of the consumer society. Our specialists also provide top-notch services and exceed their competitors in the resume writing field:

The exhaustion of natural resources, environmental pollution, lack of quality food: these are the most urgent issues nowadays. That is why the environmentalists and agricultural sector specialists will have to cooperate to solve them. Such professions as urbanist-ecologist, city farmer (the cultivation of vegetables in the city environment), and expert in overcoming environmental disasters will appear.

Due to the development of dangerous diseases and the appearance of new virus strains, the future will not do without doctors and epidemiologists. Experts predict the appearance of narrow profile specialties such as genetic consultant, molecular nutritionist, healthy old age consultant, and software designer for medical equipment.

Scientists more and more say that today’s society is the society of risks. That is why there will be the demand in analysts, business consultants, and forecasters. The representatives of these professions will monitor the fields of economy, finance, transport industry and make analytical and prognostic reports. Also, there will be an increase in the importance of specialists who will perform anti-crisis programs and cooperate with investors and government agencies. In order to be successful in this field, you will need a competently written CV paper. When you need to buy CV online, our website offers the most affordable prices.

The lack of stability, risks, and new challenges will affect the emotional and mental health of people. However, instead of ordinary psychologists and psychotherapists, there will appear family development trajectory specialists, mediators of social conflicts, business coaches and personal brand managers.

The changes in technology and lifestyle will cause the transformations in almost all the spheres of human activity. New directions and specialties will appear. Employers will start hunting the talents. The system of education probably will not manage to react quickly to all the changes and universities will lose their monopoly on knowledge. That is why there will be promoted the idea of self-education and individual learning in the process of work. In order not to get distracted from important business, we advise you to order online resume service to create your resume for you.

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What is waiting for us in 2025 and later

According to the specialists, in particular leading analysts, scientists and technologists, the most popular fields of future are virtual reality and space-related issues. Researchers are sure that robots will not replace people, in spite of a popular opinion, but on the contrary, the era of digital technologies will bring more opportunities for career and personal growth. Our top resume writing company can also contribute to your professional success:

Research authors also suppose that 65% of today’s school and university students will be occupied with such professions that do not exist yet. Due to this fact, the experts say that young people should get new knowledge and skills, trying to go away from traditional education that implies a narrow profile specialty. More and more students worry about their future. They do not feel ready to work with new technology that outpaces them.

Also, the skills from various fields become more important. For instance, a virtual environment designer should be a competent editor as well. This profession reminds game design. It is supposed that such a specialist needs to get the qualification of an architect and psychologist to able to respond to the most current questions. Have you ever thought about why people like sitting under the trees? And how to transfer this to virtual reality?

Before 2025

1) Designer of virtual environment. The required fields of knowledge: architecture design, editing, psychological sciences.

According to the prognosis, the VR devices market will be valued at 40 billion dollars by 2020 and by 2026 millions of people will start spending hours in a virtual world, working or studying. Such a specialist will project such worlds, trying to create the appropriate conditions for official events, meetings or VR museums, for instance.

Only imagine a usual day in the office of the future when workers meet in a maximally realistic virtual world and discuss the ideas with their colleagues located in other countries and even continents. Among their projects, there can be the design of a stadium for a soccer championship, in which gamers turn into their favorite players or a digital copy of UNESCO heritage object created to save the original.

The first steps are already taken. For instance, Australia Deakin University collaborates with software developers to prepare the first specialists virtual and augmented reality. Only the best resume writing website online can provide such specialists with a professional resume.

2) Roboethics lawyer. The required fields of knowledge: communication, philosophical and ethical disciplines.

Experts suppose that the following ten years are the time of robots. They will start helping people with literary everything and occupy the positions of personal assistants or support services. It will lead to an increased number of vacancies in the field of production. A roboethics lawyer will serve as a mediator between people, robots and artificial intelligence, set the moral values and ethics laws, and according to them, the robots will work next to people. Since robots do not work with people yet, it is essential to build good and friendly relationships with other people. Thus, we offer you to check this post on how people with different tempers can interact and cooperate:

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3) Digital culture commentator. The required fields of knowledge: a history of art, entrepreneurship, PR, and marketing.

Visual types of communication will rule on the network in a decade. The specialists who will manage to master the figurative language of the digital sphere will be much demanded because they will be able to integrate digital culture into traditional. The areas of their skills application are the enterprises and establishments of culture and art. Also, such specialists will bring great income. Digital commentators will assist the audience of the future to understand world art heritage of the past centuries in the most accessible form, i.e. with the help of modern technology. Our professional services are also accessible to everyone and you can hire a professional resume writer anytime.

4) Freelance biohacker. The required fields of knowledge: biological sciences, medical methodology, data analysis.

Previously only professional scientists who worked at the universities and research departments of different companies were occupied with science. However, in Microsoft, they claim that the platforms with an open source code contribute to the democratization of the academic community and increase in the number of biohackers. Biohackers are enthusiasts of amateur studies in the field of molecular biology.

Using open code tools, hundreds of scientists from all corners of the planet are already working to find the methods for treating depression, autism, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's disease. The company experts are sure that the virtual biohackers freelancers will actively help them with this.

The work of biohackers will become a great help with large research. The freelancers’ advantage, in comparison with the staff researchers at universities and colleges, is that they can brainstorm without being distracted by teaching or articles writing and, consequently, they are more flexible. Freelancers just like any other worker need to have a well-written resume. Get help with making a resume online on our site.

5) IoT (Internet of things) data analyst. The required fields of knowledge: engineering, problem-solving, communication and entrepreneurship.

Internet of things gradually enters our everyday life. Today it is not a secret at all that many devices, beginning with a car and ending with an oven, are equipped with built-in software, electronic and sensor devices, thanks to which these devices exchange data.

In the future, big data and the Internet of things will create thousands of workplaces and add billions of dollars to a country's economy. In this connection, there are required new specialists, those who will be able to study a great amount of data produced by home appliances, devices from the office or car, in order to understand what all this information tells about us. The data got can be used to improve the IoT, for instance, to search for new ways of interaction between electronic devices. The skills that such specialists need to possess are the following: ability to recognize patterns, know how to ask exact questions, and also, tell stories. Read about other perspective professions here:

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From 2025 and onwards

6) Space guide. Scientists are sure that from the second half of the 2020s space travels become possible. In this connection, there will be needed the specialists who will make the travels safe and exciting. Thus, the space tourism specialists will be occupied with the creation of the tours outside of our planet. This is about the future. At the present time, right now you can get a greatly helpful cheap cover letter writing service.

7) Personal data curator. Till the end of the 2020s, “brain-computer” interfaces will become widespread. Such devices will allow people to read and fix what they think, remember and dream, as well as share them with other people in the social networks. Personal data curators will assist the users of the neurointerfaces and internet to adapt a  big information flow.

8) Environmental restoration engineer. By the mid-2020s the population of our planet will be about nine billion people, it may happen that the natural resources will not be enough for everyone. Environmental restoration engineers will deal with the recovery of ecosystems in the areas with damaged ecology. They will use the samples of the plant and animal worlds from all the world areas. Besides, such specialists will recover the extinct species.

9) Constant power developer. Researchers suppose that humankind will turn to sustainable energy and start using the energy of sun and wind. The main problem of people in the future is where to get energy when the previously mentioned sources unavailable, for instance, when the weather is cloudy and windless. Constant power developers are the specialists with knowledge of such fields as chemistry and materials science. They will start creating a new generation of batteries that will be able to cover the needs of the future population that will be more dependent on the IoT. People already today depend much on the internet and online services. Even a perfect resume by professional writers can be got online.

10) Designer of the human body. It is already hard to follow all the changes in the world of technology because it develops so fast. Researchers suppose that people will deal with the tissue repair and organ replacement. This all will become a usual phenomenon for them. Using bioengineering, human body designers will give the appearance other people want by modeling their bodies and its parts. It all will become possible thanks to the spread of artificial limbs: they will be fashionable and functional. If you are interested in design, check out our post about designer's decisions for workplace.

How and where to get a required education?

High school seniors treat very seriously the question of where to go to study. However, it often happens that they do not realize fully what profession they choose when they enter university. And such an unawareness may last till graduation. Today many European and USA states not only prepare their high school graduates to enter some particular university or college but also they carry out serious work on career guidance, identifying graduates’ talents and inclinations. Pupils learn a huge range of subjects: from classical civilization and psychology to robotics and the latest business technologies. They can practice rowing or debate, play chess or attend a Shakespeare lovers club. If you can not decide what to choose, we can advise what important personal qualities for career success are.

The older pupils become the more subjects they get and try. It means that the choice also becomes wider: what interests them in a future profession, what inclinations they have, etc. As a result, by the age of 16, 90% of pupils already know what they want to be. Besides, career consultants work with pupils. Also, educational establishments cooperate with large companies. Pupils get the chance to work at the starting positions on vacations and set the specific career reference points. Nevertheless, choosing any specialty it is necessary to understand how and where the knowledge got can be applied. Usually, many graduates lack practical skills. Also, they are not aware of how to write a resume correctly. Our experts know how to write a student resume and will gladly assist with it.

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If you have already graduated but want to change your specialty or get a more modern education in your field, think about entering university again. You can get a Bachelor’s degree in a new field, continue your Master’s studies, or take intensive professional courses in your specialty. Also, do not forget that a professional resume is a must-have, therefore, order proficient student resume services now.

There are many universities that offer actual knowledge and develop practical skills of their students. Also, many universities are simultaneously research centers with their own laboratories where students work on their projects and take part in the projects of big companies.

And now we want to present what countries in which fields provide the best knowledge and training. If needed, our specialists can write a resume for anywhere in the world.

Informational technology: USA, Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia. According to the world's leading university rankings, the Universities of North America (USA and Canada) lead in the preparation of IT specialists. Recently, a quality step in the preparation of IT specialists has been taken by Asian higher educational establishments, in particular, Singapore and Malaysia. Both countries have started to deal with the development of innovations: IBM, Microsoft, HP place their offices there. Malaysia even has its “Silicon Valley” called Cyberjaya.

Engineering: Holland. Dutch universities of applied sciences in Groningen and Enschede are especially famous for the quality of engineering education. The universities conduct their own research, and the campus of Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede is the first real city-campus in the Netherlands.

Hospitality industry: Switzerland. Swiss educational model that combines theory and practice has gained a wide popularity in tourism, hotel, and restaurant business. Graduates have not only fundamental knowledge but also all the necessary practical skills. The education based on this model can be obtained not only in Switzerland. Swiss hospitality universities have campuses in other countries, for instance, the Les Roches University has campuses in Spain and China.

Medicine: United Kingdom, USA, Australia. In medicine, the UK, USA, Australian universities are leading. Global trends influence European government policies and they actively attract medical professionals from other countries. The United States is also famous for the specialists in resume writing field. Thus, order writing services in the USA to get premium resumes.

Fashion and design: Italy, France. Among the companies in the field or art, fashion and design the graduates of Italian and French universities are appreciated the most (Domus architects, Istituto Marangoni, and NABA interior designers). The representatives of the largest companies, such as Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lacoste, Max Mara, Mexx, Nike and other, take part in the creation of educational programs of French Mod’Art. If you want to work in this field, you will need an outstanding creative resume. The best creative resumes are created on our site.

Experts’ help

When you choose your future specialty and profession, you need to consider many factors. In order not to make a mistake, it is better to appeal to the specialists for help. The same works for resume and CV papers creation. Experts will do an excellent paper. Why not have it? Nothing prevents you from this: the prices are low, discounts are valid, 24/7 support. There are no reasons to hesitate. Just do it!

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