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Have we managed to provoke the desire to appeal to our experts? We hope the answer is affirmative. Anyway, let’s talk more about the desire to act. Today, we want to discuss what can kill one’s desire to act, i.e. the factors that make the desire disappear. If you are aware of them, it is easier to fight them. This is only one of the other informative posts on our blog. Our leading CV site in the UK works 24/7 to provide its customers and readers with the expert CV services and updated information on various issues related to the job search, employment, relationships in a team, and so on.

Killers of the desire to act

Have you ever had such a situation: you wake up in the morning, begin your day lazily, hardly brewing your tea or coffee, do not want anything at all, cannot work, but then, you remind yourself about something important and start working at once. And you start working with passion and double energy. All people behave like this: we know how to get the desire to act when it is necessary. However, there is a single problem: you will have to always keep it in mind, i.e. you should have the conscious desire and act consciously as well. Five desire killers, as a rule, manifest themselves early in the morning. If they are ignored, the desire to act is hurt.

Another problem is that even if you are the most motivated person in the world today, most likely, tomorrow this feeling will be lost. It is necessary to learn to cause this state consciously, several times per day. There are many posts dedicated to the importance of being active, and in this one, we have decided to concentrate on the killers of the desire to act. Each killer acts insensibly and that is the reason why it is necessary to notice its appearing and make efforts to destroy it.

◊​ Ungratefulness. Gratefulness reveals life variety and entirety. It teaches people to notice what they have and not something they do not have. It makes a mistake become a victory, disorder and mess are transformed into order, muddle becomes clarity. When ungratefulness surrounds you, it is much harder to concentrate on a goal and be inspired. Such a mood kills the desire to act. A productivity expert Tim Ferriss has claimed it is very helpful to create the lists of different things people feel thankful for every day. This is one of the strongest tools to make life better. Check out more tips for productive work at home.

Here are the lists to create:

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◊​ Jealousy. When you feel jealous, you become blind to everything you have (and it has relation to ingratitude: the killers of action often intersect each other) or you think it all is useless. You are focused on the thoughts that others live better and have more than you. Meanwhile, it can be not true, in fact. Jealousy focuses our attention on the things we do not have. This is the desire to take something from someone else. Suchlike thinking does not contain creativity, moral values, anything human. Naturally, there is no desire to act as well.

It is very important to notice the jealousy you experience. This can be an even subconscious pleasure that you feel when someone else fails. At the moment when you start noticing this, talk to yourself. Why do you feel glad about this? What to do to make jealousy get lost? Bear in mind that when we feel envious, we do not want to motivate ourselves to become better. We often have the desire to get something without efforts at all. The only thing that does not require any effort from you is professional CV creation. We offer an appropriate cost for CV writing service, in case if you are interested.

◊​ Impatience. Some people believe that impatience is a virtue. However, if impatience controls you, soon you will face an emotional burnout. If you are impatient, you will never have enough time to do something valuable. It is a very tricky thing. The emotional nature of impatience is the aspiration to make the desired future closer. Remember that you will not make a tree grow faster if you water it more. Yes, you can learn faster, work faster, but you should do it wisely. There are such processes that cannot be accelerated and it is necessary to be able to recognize them.

How to fight impatience? You need a roadmap: it will help see where you go and enjoy what and where you are. It is necessary to focus on the present moment and occupation: you will not want to make the future closer because you will be focused enough on what is going on now. And finally, it is required to focus on the process, not the result. If you need to focus on something, without being distracted, make us your request “make my own CV online for me” and our specialists will provide you with enough free time, doing your CV for you.

◊​ Frustration. Frustration appears when businesses are too numerous and time is too little. It kills the desire to act, to do something and a person prefers to do nothing at all. Can it be avoided? It can be in 99% of cases. There are required three strategies:

1) remove not very important and urgent tasks;

2) organize important tasks;

3) lower the bar by fulfilling a task not too perfectly and saving time. You will need to know how to allocate time wisely, and this post will help you with it:

◊​ Inaction. The more time you spend inactively, the harder it is to start doing something eventually. It is convenient to get some ideas and think about them for a long time, and then, endlessly tell others about them. But it all leads to the loss of the desire to act and bring these ideas to life. Remember that being active is everything. Reflections are great but sometimes it is necessary to learn already in the process.  Action kills inaction. Think about this obvious statement.

Do not stop. Bear in mind that the moments when we stop making it harder to start acting again. We tend to remain in the same state as long as possible if it satisfies us. If you have started doing some hard work, finish it. Do not cheat yourself that you will come back to it in several days.

Review my CV: we will improve and polish it

We wish you luck and much desire to act. And since you have reached the end of the post, now you know what to do and what to avoid not to lose the desire to act. Another thing that can not only motivate you but also make more confident and successful is a professionally created and edited CV paper. People often feel shy or underestimate their strengths and accomplishments when they need to create their CV. That is why the best option is to ask CV writing experts to do it for you. They know what points to highlight and how to present one’s weaknesses as strengths. These services are not expensive at all: our site offers the lowest cost and provides additional discounts. You lose nothing but only benefit with us. Do not rush, make a sober decision. Anyway, we are always there for you.

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