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Do you know what features you need to have and emphasize in your CV to get a job? Among the basic features, about which you definitely know much, there is such a point as being a good interlocutor. What does it mean? How to be it? What is required? We will answer all these and some other questions in our today’s post. However, there is another question: how to create a CV? And not just a simple CV but a good, competently written, structured, correctly formatted and selling CV paper. Our specialists know the tiniest details of turning an ordinary CV, which most HRs would neglect, into a real masterpiece that will help you get the desired position as soon as possible. It all is in your hands. From our part, we guarantee affordable prices with discounts. You get a bonus for each order, so this is your chance to invest money wisely. And now, let’s return to the subject of our today’s post.

The features of a good interlocutor

What makes an interlocutor good? Why does someone catch after the first conversation and someone else does not cause the desire to continue communication? This post will tell you about the difference between these two types of interlocutors and will help become the one with whom others want to talk. The happiness of being a good interlocutor is available to everyone, you can check it. A good CV paper is also available to everyone. Order or buy CV online for cheap on our site.

Unusual world view, personal opinion

A good interlocutor stands out from the crowd. He (she) has well-developed critical thinking, is not afraid to express his (her) personal opinion even if it goes against a generally accepted mind. It is interesting to talk to such a companion because he (she) can say something new, something unexpected and will not present a common opinion and attack you with truisms. He (she) is able to look at the things differently, not like others. Such a person has original thoughts and ideas, and this is much appreciated by other people. Our clients, by the way, enjoy our best quality CV website and order only here because they have no doubts about the low cost of services and professionalism of our writers and editors.

Wide horizons

The more erudite an interlocutor is, the better. Broad horizons have two advantages:

• the ability to keep almost any conversation going and

• the opportunity to tell something new and exciting for an interlocutor.

The more issues a person is aware of, the bigger the chance is that it will be interesting to talk to him (her). Such a person can “feel” any subject that his (her) interlocutor wants to discuss and support it. And the conversation on a favorite topic of your interlocutor is a 100% guarantee to make anyone like you. Also, we love learning something new. Especially, when the source of knowledge is not an old book but a person who can speak captivatingly. Thus, on our blog, you can find many posts that contain much useful information about employment issues. Check out one of them now:

A good interlocutor does not speak much about him(her)self

People do not like when their interlocutor is focused on him(her)self. We want our interlocutor to talk to us and not just in our presence. However, it does not mean that a good interlocutor forgets about him(her)self. If he (she) is asked about a hobby or a life event, such a person answers in detail, vividly and excitingly. You should not be afraid of speaking about yourself, but everything is good within limits. You need to understand when your interlocutor is interested in what you are telling and when no.

The best option to tell about yourself is stories. Turn the information about yourself into captivating stories that can make laugh and make your interlocutor listen to you attentively and empathize with you. We would even advise you to take a course on storytelling.

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In this case, enthusiasm means passion, the presence of hobbies and favorite occupation. Gray people, who have nothing to do in everyday life, wandering from one dull day to another, can hardly be interesting interlocutors. Antoine Rivarol once said: “Passions are the speakers of crowded assembly.” This works for tete-a-tete conversations, as well (get more helpful tips on effective communication here: Just remember that a person who has a spark in the eyes and speaks very eloquently when it goes about his (her) idee fixe, and you will understand what we mean.

Sense of humor

We love to laugh. A good interlocutor gladly satisfies this need. The sense of humor is one of the easiest ways to make another person like you. If you make a person laugh, he (she) will receive positive emotions. Later, that person will want to receive them again, this is natural. And then, he (she) will feel the need for the source of positive emotions, which includes you. You can take a free course on the development of the sense of humor, and your personal magnetism will increase significantly. We also recommend you to appeal to the experts when you need a professional CV. Thus, making an online professional CV for money, you are guaranteed to get the best result.


A good interlocutor can emphasize, can understand the emotions of another person, can experience the same feelings. Empathy is very important, and it is really useful to develop it.


A good interlocutor is always interested in a person he (she) is talking to. Whoever stands in front of you, you have to be sure that this person is very interesting. A good interlocutor tries to know his (her) companion better, ask many questions and is sincerely glad about the answers. It is pleasant to tell something to such a person. Also, curiosity is a special look at the world and the pillar of erudition: if there were no questions, there would be no answers, i.e., knowledge.

The personal style of conversation conduct, a unique manner of speech

A good interlocutor should stand out from the crowd of usual interlocutors. He (she) often possesses some unique feature in the conduct of conversation. Such a person has particular intonation, good command of voice, ability to talk vividly, and not just produce words and sentences. We believe that you have such familiars who speak in their own way and it makes others remember them. Thus, you will agree, for sure, that personal style is a huge advantage. That is why there is a sense to take scenic speech lessons. By the way, we know many strong reasons to hire an online premium editor CV. If you are interested, contact us anytime for more details. Surround yourself with good conversationalists and be a good interlocutor as well. Good luck!

Our writers do your CV for cheap

Now you know what makes an interlocutor good. You can use this information to pass your interviews successfully. But first, you need to be invited for an interview. Only a well-written CV can make it possible. On our website, you can order such a CV paper that will open any door for you. Our CV will make you the most desired candidate. We offer affordable prices, discounts, freebies, bonuses and various pleasant perks from our professional team. Cooperate with the best to be the best!

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