How To Calm Your Job Interview Nerves


Your hand is on the door handle and there are just several steps, which separate you from the first face-to-face meeting with a hiring manager. Several seconds and you are in the room, the atmosphere of which seems to be asphyxiating for you. You keep holding on to the handle, though the paralyzing fear doesn’t let you make a step forward. You don’t dare to turn around and run away, while also your spirit is not strong enough to come in. Despite your desire to get off the ground, Continue reading

What To Wear To An Interview: Put The Accents Correctly


Just a couple of days ago your head was overfilled with pessimistic thoughts and it seemed that you would never find a job to your taste at all. You were getting sadder and sadder with each new refusal, which all the employers gave you for inexplicable reasons. Was anything wrong with your resume? Did recruiters find any resume lies in your doc made by everyone in fact? A sudden call broke the silence! ‘Bzzz!’ Your phone’s vibration gave you an immediate hope for soon changes. ...Continue reading

It’s Time To Leave Your Job: Top Warning Signs


Your alarm-clock starts annoying you as never before. Its unpleasant sound strikes you to the marrow and your pillow is no longer spongy. It presses you down as if it were made of stone and it becomes harder and harder for you to jump to feet. Your blanket gives you no warmth and your body shivers with cold. You feel depressed, mentally broken, and emotionally disturbed. The mere thought about a necessity to come back to office makes your eyelids weighty and you pray your spouse for several more Continue reading

Best Way To Improve Your Productivity


Grey and dull walls of your office start annoying you even more often. Your eyes are simply tired of one and the same view that is opened to your sight day after day and there is just one thought in your aching head: how to escape anywhere from this poisonous routine? Your computer noise is getting louder and louder and it seems that each new increasing of its vibration may make your eardrums burst. Your concentration is getting lower, the dynamics of your potential development is increasing, Continue reading

Job Interview: Dress Code For Women


No matter what other people think about the importance of the clothes and other accessories, it has already been proved that the first impression, which you make on your partner, depends mostly on your appearance. Are you still sure that your unwashed and shaggy hair, mud on your shoes, and holes on your stockings may not push your potential boss away from you and he will turn a blind eye on your negligence? Nothing of the sort! Even if you are a super qualified specialist in your field and the Continue reading

Top 10 Ways To Make Your Resume Great


Don’t you know how to sell your skills successfully and be hired by a super powerful and prosperous company? Would you like to know how to make a hiring manager believe in you and identify you as the most suitable candidature for the target position just after looking briefly through your resume? Although it is not very easy to steal the recruiter’s attention by using standard phrases and trivial techniques of resume writing, which are popular among all the job-seekers, there are Continue reading

Best Career Advice For Extroverts


What is a source of your inspiration that makes you feel energized, active, and give you powers to commit new and new actions day after day? What is a never-ending power that pushes you towards new heights and that makes you fight for your success tirelessly? If being among people and getting positive emotions from your numerous connections lifts your spirits, if spending a day without communicating with others makes you feel bored and spiritually bankrupted, ninety-nine percent out of a hundred Continue reading

Tell About Yourself Interview Question: Best Way To Answer


It seems that a proposition to tell briefly about yourself is the easiest task for any person. Who of us wants to miss an opportunity to put in a couple of good words for himself? What may really be cooler than launch into a long monologue about your own precious self and express all the thoughts that are in your head? Telling about yourself at great length is a norm, though if your dialogue partner is your old friend and you may let yourself chat with him lightly. Everything seems to be OK Continue reading

List Of Jobs For People Who Like To Be Alone


Haven’t you defined yet which type of personality you belong to? If you change one job for another and can’t reach the harmony in your soul, if none of your previous occupations brought you satisfaction and inner comfort, if you force yourself to go to work and day after day it becomes harder and harder to make a deal with yourself, it’s time to look into your soul deeper and find the key from all your problems. By answering the question, ‘Am I extravert or ...Continue reading

10 Things It’s Better To Remove From Resume


Have you already found out the position, which you want to try your hand in? Don’t you want to spoil your chance and play the wrong card? It’s time to create the greatest and the most efficient resume the recruiter of this company has ever seen! Is your resume ready, though it still needs a few proficient touches to make it sound a bit more laconically? Or you still have no idea about the main parameters of the ideal resume, which may bring its author victory and help him to stand Continue reading