How To Avoid Age Discrimination In Recruitment


Young specialists face a lot of challenges searching for job. And most of the challenges are connected with their age, what consequently implies lack of experience, professional knowledge and skills. That is why experts of our online service decided to devote this post to the problem of age discrimination. We strongly advise you to read our age discrimination in recruitment post because it contains much useful information for both, employers and young jobseekers. Continue reading

Student Resume: How To Make It Shine


Specialists in HR sphere have created numerous kinds of resume that are classified according to their outer look, emphasis on separate personal or professional qualities and so on. There are three main and the most popular types of resume. They are chronologic, functional and combined type. However, in this post on student resume naturally we will discuss what students need to do to create good selling resume. In particular, what they need to mention, what emphases to make, and how in Continue reading

Working Mothers: How to Find a Good Job


How it is possible for a young mother to find a job? “I can not find work, they do not want to hire me because I have a small child” – these are the words that we can hear often from mothers on different internet forums and in real life. In fact, not all employers are ready to demonstrate flexibility towards a female employee who has a child. However, let’s try to figure out what perspectives women with children have. Best resume writers of our professional Resume Continue reading

Guide for Self-Expression At Work


Everyone knows that there are no identical people. Everyone wants to be unique and to have opportunity to express his inner world so that other could see and understand it. That is why people look for the ways of self-expression. Many people claim that it is especially difficult to find ways for self-expression at work. Professional writers of our best online resume service Resume Writer publish for our customers and visitors this “Guide for Self-Expression At Work” post, in which Continue reading

How New Job Can Help You To Recover


It happens that people feel tired, exhausted or bored with their work. What to do to fix the situation? Is it necessary to look for a new job or something else can help? Well, if you feel that you just can not stand your job, or you even hate it and everything connected with it, then probably one of the ways out is a job change. Many experts claim that labour can help to overcome not only tiredness or boredom, but it also helps with the health issues. Professionals of our resume service have Continue reading

Lunch Interview: Prepare Yourself Carefully


Businessmen do not like to waste their time. So for business meetings they often choose restaurants, a place where one can eat something tasty and discuss essential issues and urgent problems at the same time. That is why such a kind of interview as lunch interview becomes more popular and widespread. So let’s figure out what to do and how to get prepared for lunch interview carefully. Interview kinds There are a lot of different kinds of interview. When we imagine how an interview Continue reading

Vocation Or Money: Which Do You Need Trying To Get A Job


People often face a quite serious problem of what to choose, vocation or money. Which of them is more important when you are looking for a job? What, vocation or money, should define a job choice? Our online resume service is going to give answers to these and other questions on this issue. Dilemma of money or vocation choice is serious for young job seekers, as well as for workers who have been working for many years already. So let’s try to figure out what preference should be given to Continue reading

Thank-You Letter: To Send Or Not To Send?


Thank you letter after an interview: why and when to write, main requirements Thank-you letter writing is a tradition of many western countries. It help to emphasize the candidate’s interest in a vacancy and also demonstrates the gratitude for the time devoted to him. Of course, correct behaviour at the interview is recipe for success. However, if during an interview a candidate have not manage to stand out, thank-you letter will help to fix small mistakes and secure a good impression Continue reading

Top Great Questions To Ask Your Job Interviewer


A good number of job interviewees simply don’t know what to take to the interview with them apart from the customer service resume copies and other cover documents that are so essential for the hiring managers. When the job-seekers hear that the main thing they should be armed with is a set of thoroughly prepared questions, they run amazed. Should an applicant really prepare any questions? Does he have the right to pose them? Surely yes! Why shouldn’t you take the great opportunity Continue reading

Should You Turn Your Hobby Into A Job?


The sensational stories of those, who get total satisfaction from the jobs they are engaged in, always make the listeners take this info in wide-mouthed astonishment. These tales usually sound a bit fantastically! The job that brings not just good money but enjoyment is considered to be not the pervasive phenomenon. If finding of a good income is not an unreal undertaking, selecting of a job of love may take a good deal of time and pains. If you are a hired worker and there is a long hierarchic Continue reading