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How do restrictions make a person more productive and resourceful?

Most people think about restrictions as about something negative that prevents them from reaching their dream. They say they will write a novel, start their business or travel more if they have time and there will be no obstacles in their way. But what if the things are opposite? What if restrictions help people to reach their goals? Igor Stravinsky, one of the most influential composers of the twentieth century, once said: “The more restrictions are imposed on you, the freer you become.” The absence of the restrictions paralyzes. You have too many options and too many opportunities. Limits give a structure and set the borders, which allow directing a creative process to the goal that you are trying to reach. If you like everything original, we have the list of creative jobs for you:

1. Quick prototypes. Restrictions determine the problems and provide clear tasks for the solution. One of the successful businessmen says he used to create such limits as:

The restrictions in time: there can be a week to fulfill a task or not even a single day.

• The restrictions in the number of team members.

He noticed that having accepted the ideas and worked on them with a small team in a short time, they could define quickly whether the idea was good or not. If a quick prototype shows that the idea would not work most likely, they will reject it. The rejection, in this case, would not be too painful because the investments were minimal. Do you want to be successful as well? If yes, the first thing you need to do is to create your CV, and not just a CV but a selling one created by competent specialists:

2. Restrictions in the budget. Almost everything in our life is a box (here is the allusion to the metaphor “thinking outside the box”). It means that life is full of limits, lines, and borders. It has relation to our relationships, job, the place we live, bank accounts and so on. There is a question: how can we be more creative in these frames? The specialists claim that the restrictions are our rescuers and liberators. There is a good example: the creators of the movie “Blair Witch” spent about 50 thousand dollars to make it. Eventually, the movie got at the box office more than 240 million dollars. The budget restrictions are the factor that has made this movie so much popular. The work that tells a story through an artificial black and white documentary shot by inexperienced students is just what the auditory needs and what really terrifies the viewers. As you can see, money is not always a decisive factor. Thus, we offer professional help doing a CV for cheap.

3. Restrictions in time. There is a website called “NaNoWriMo” that encourages its users to write a novel in 30 days. Many people may think that this is an absolutely mad idea; however, this simple restriction works for the thousands of authors on the site. The time restriction created by NaNoWriMo does everything possible for a prospective writer who postpones the creation of the text and does not write.

• The website makes them begin.

• It makes them find time for this.

• It teaches to be disciplined and develop the habit of writing.

• It helps find ideas and just write a novel.

The solution of NaNoWriMo is an excellent way to stop thinking about writing a novel and just start doing it.

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4. Restrictions as building blocks. Frank Gehry is known for his eclectic postmodern projects, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Gehry believes that restrictions are the foundation stones of his creativity and art. Once he noticed that one of his greatest architecture tasks was the one when he was asked to project a building with zero restrictions. Gehry says: “This was an awful time. I had to look long in the mirror and say to myself: “Who am I? What am I doing here? What all this for?” and so on.” Following the strict standards such as acoustics in Disney Hall is exactly what inspires Gehry. Instead of seeing the obstacles, Gehry looks at them as at the building blocks. Taking the opportunity, we remind that we provide resume building services and CV creation at the best prices on the web.

5. Restrictions in the field of activity. David Gaffney wanted to become a writer. He knew he did not have time to write, but he did not postpone the realization of his dream. No, he did not get more free time, but he started to write a story per day, 150 words each. He wrote many such short stories and published them. Today Gaffney’s collections of short stories are on sale well. Also, he has reached his dream to become a writer. He achieved this by using the restrictions he faced, but he managed to benefit from them. You can also benefit from our professional help because our best CV service guarantees your success.

6. Creative thoughts. Roger von Oech, the author and coach on creativity, claims that makes up some of his best ideas not at the moments when his thinking goes beyond the frames but when he is inside the box. It means when he has a strict set of guiding principles, which he needs to follow. He thought up 64 restrictions and placed each of them on a card. Now when he needs to work on a creative project, he picks a card and applies it in the process of idea generation.

7. Forcing oneself. Jack White, the singer of “The White Stripes” band, is also famous for self-restriction and for forcing himself to work within the frames of restrictions. He says: “Force yourself. Hire a studio and record an album in 4 days. Deadlines make you creative. Diversity kills creativity”. Also, White often uses low-quality instruments, which he literary needs to fight to get the sound he wants to get. Restrictions and creativity go together for him. In the same way, professional CV and cover letter writing services go together on our website.

8. Poet-like thinking. Why do you need to think like a poet? The answer is that a poet (as no one else) is restricted by the selected form and rhyme. These are the limits that help stimulate the imagination of an artist and focus one’s thinking on the things necessary for creativity.

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