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Are you dreaming of working in a friendly team at a good company?  Nevertheless, how to make this dream come true? First of all, a professionally written resume paper is required. We recommend you to create a professional resume on our site. We offer the lowest cost for resume building and correction services. Only certified and experienced resume writers work at our online agency, providing our clients with qualified assistance round-the-clock. Our experts are ready to help day-and-night, and they are always full of energy. Would you like to know where to get an energy charge? Read our today’s post, then.

How to charge workers for work

Imagine a new well-equipped train. Here it stays on rails, ready for a journey but it does not move, for some reason. It needs fuel to move. A train without fuel is just a mechanism, complex but useless. A human is even a more complex mechanism, which is able to charge itself with fuel or energy by him or herself. And this kind of fuel is more complicated, in comparison with the one that makes a train move. A human gets energy from food, rest and physical activities, impressions and communication, and many other sources. Then, energy is processed and turned into the results of the activity that is much more complex than a train has.

Recognition of the achievements for new achievements

The culture of recognition leads the culture of success. Workers see all the time the examples of successful conduct of their colleagues (without pompous empty words) and start being focused on the achievement of success and not the avoidance of failure. As a rule, the sources of energy for a person are outside the frames of a working day. Employers pay people their salary and want them to get energy charge by themselves. The way they solve this task is not the trouble of employers. But in vain. Employers are also able to fill their employees with energy. This energy they will turn into the results of their work. This is the energy that will give them powers to wake up in the morning, think quickly, create with inspiration, treat their clients with much care. Can exhausted salesman care for the clients when this very salesman lacks attention? Hardly, because such an employee requires energy. If you also require energy but you need to build a resume paper, we offer you to order online resume help on our site.

Tony Schwartz, the author of the book “The Power of Full Engagement,” identifies four types of energy that a person uses.

• Physical

• Emotional

• Intellectual

• Mental

Each of these four types can be used to charge workers.

Physical energy: ergonomic workplaces, recreation areas in the office, your own gym or at least a tennis table. Fruit in the office, good tea, coffee, and clean water. Not sweets and not instant coffee, but a healthy meal.

Emotional energy: this is the field for creativity that does not require many expenses (as well as our low-priced resume writers).

Recognition, recognition, recognition. Small thanks to small everyday businesses; big awards for significant achievements. The emotional warmth that mere gratitude brings cannot be overestimated. It causes the spark in the eyes and strengthens one’s self-confidence when you hear “thank you,” and those who say it feel lightness and pleasantness. Workers carry all this warm energy that appears from almost nothing and nowhere and transfer it to their colleagues, clients, partners (more about contact with colleagues is here: Besides, the culture of recognition leads the culture of success, as it has been already mentioned. Sometimes it is pretty difficult to insert the culture of recognition in a company, especially when a company is big and has a bureaucratic culture.

Common values, complicity, feeling of support. Feeling that you are the member of a team, that shares the same values, moves towards the same goals, inspires a lot. “I am not alone, we are together” – this is the power that allows surviving in the crisis times. However, it does not appear from the air. This is the result of a long and planned work on the formation of common culture.

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Confidence, openness. When a person doubts oneself and other people around, looks for the catch, waits for the worst, the energy of this person is wasted on doubts, worries, and fears, instead of work.  However, when there is the atmosphere of openness in a company when everyone discusses all questions honestly with other, shares knowledge and experience, rejoices at the success of each other and looks for the solutions of difficult problems together, then, every employee is more sure about his (hers) safety. In such a team, every worker is really safe, in fact. A corporate social network is such an open informational space with a high trust credit, with the help of which you can broadcast common values, success stories, information about the company's short-term and long-term plans, bring people together. For example, our resume writing service provided by professionals is the best on the web because our workers always support and help not only their clients but also each other.

Intellectual energy: our brain needs challenging tasks. It explains the firm popularity of crosswords, puzzles, chess, and other intellectual entertainment. However, as we all are taught “business before pleasure.” Not in every professional field, it is possible to find interesting, stable work for the brain. Most often, routine swallows us, brain shrivels, energy decreases. Nevertheless, many tasks just require a correct “marketing packaging” to cause a sincere interest and become healthy “food for the brain.” Thus, for example, a task for a marketing department “to make up a new slogan for tomorrow morning” and a competition for all employees for the best slogan with a prize fund (some nice little things, virtual points or award title) bring completely different results. The efficiency of a competitive task is several times higher than of a traditional task. In order to turn a routine task into creative easily and involve in its solution creative minds of workers, you can develop the module of competitions that allows increasing several times the number of ideas suggested by employees. If you are interested in creative professions, read this post:

Mental energy: once a cleaner at an aircraft design bureau was asked: “What do you do?” And there was a proud answer: “We build the aircraft.” The presence of a higher sense of work changes the attitude to it. We stop just selling household appliances and start making people's way of life better. We do not create ordinary websites but make information available in a convenient and attractive form. And so on. The translation of this sense is impossible via faceless slogans. People need actions, examples, success stories, minds expressed by other people who work next to you. The easiest way to demonstrate this communication is a corporate social network. And the easiest way to get a good resume is to appeal to our experts with the request: “I need help writing my resume.”

The more energy is put in workers, the better and longer they work at a company. And they will work not just for money but for the interest, positive emotions, to do a common task with friends who are their colleagues at the same time. Such an inspired, honest, involved attitude cannot be bought for money.

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