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Since it is our tradition to gather helpful information for our clients, today we have prepared another post that will help improve your life. In particular, it will help get rid of some errors you used to do before. So read and learn.

Planning error

Planning error is a cognitive distortion, to which practically everyone is subject. The essence of this phenomenon is in the excessive optimism when assessing the time required to complete a task. Recall how many times it happened that you planned to finish a task in an hour but eventually it took 1,5 hour or more. How often did some task require more time than you expected and you had to change your schedule hastily? In this article, you will learn from our professional resume and cover letter writers more about this cognitive distortion and find out how to fight it.

Experiments, in which you can recognize yourself

  • Planning error regarding personal tasks. During the study, 37 students were asked how much time they would need to finish working on their thesis papers. The general assessment of the required time was 33,9 days. However, in fact, the work took 55,5 days, on an average. Only 30% of students managed to give a correct assessment.

    Another illustrative study was conducted in 1997 in Canada. The taxpayers were asked to predict the time when they sent their tax returns. On an average, they did it a week later than supposed. The important thing is that they remembered when they sent their tax returns the previous year, however, they were sure that they would manage to cope with it faster. Thus, we can conclude that taking into consideration one’s previous experience not always helps avoid the planning error.

  • Planning error regarding team tasks. Not only single individuals are subject to this cognitive distortion but also the groups of people, teams. This fact has been proved by research, the essence of which is the same as in case with the individual experiments. If you are interested in team relationship issue, we have something for you to read: https://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-get-on-well-with-colleagues.

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Explaining the errors of planning

Scientists have many possible explanations of this cognitive distortion, but we shall discuss only few of them:

  • Kahneman and Tversky claim that people do not use their previous experience of solving similar tasks in full. They are focused at a more optimistic scenario.
  • There is also another mind that people want to see the things they wish, i.e. they think that tomorrow the work will be done fast just due to the reason that they want it to be done fast.

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  • Another explanation is based on causal attribution. People are persuaded that previously they coped with a task more slowly because they were influenced by some external factors and, of course, this time they will do everything much faster and better.
  • Another curious hypothesis says that people just do not memorize correctly the time they needed to perform similar tasks in the past. For instance, if you have already created a resume or cover letter and made the mistakes, there is the high chance that the same mistakes will be made the next time as well.  In order to avoid this, email us “write my resume and cover letters”, and our experts will do it properly: https://resume-writer.net/blog/cover-letter-writing-service-double-hit.

Expanded definition of planning error

Kahneman and Lovallo offered to expand the sense of the term and add to the planning error meaning the underestimation of costs and risks as well. Based on this definition, planning error means that people incorrectly evaluate the amount of all the resources required to fulfill a task. For instance, the famous Sydney Opera House was opened 10 years later and cost not 7 million dollars, as planned, but 102 million, that was 14,5 times more expensive. The services of our agency cost absolutely nothing, compared with these figures. Hire a cheap resume creator online to make sure.

The ways to fight planning error

1) Correct analysis of the previous experience. Yes, maybe the last time something bothered you and you failed to fulfill a task faster. So what makes you think that this time nothing will bother or distract you? There are no perfect conditions, realize it and take into consideration when planning. It would be also useful to follow the time when you perform the tasks. You need to know at least approximately how much time different tasks take. This is the matter of time management, by the way, and we have a related post on time management errors on our blog.

2) Have the plan of realization. Realization plan is a specific list of what, how, when, and where it is necessary to act. Such plans help look at the set tasks and the ways to solve them more realistically. Also, it mobilizes the will features and becomes an additional motivation to act.

3) Divide into pieces. A curious effect is related to the planning error: time allocated for the task fulfillment, in general, is less than the total time allocated for the fulfillment of each task separately. Divide your task into constituent elements, and only then try to predict the time required.

Plan correctly and achieve the set tasks. Good luck!

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You know now what planning error is and how it can be fixed, and we know how to create a stunning cover letter. We will do for you such a letter that guarantees 100% result. Entrust us your papers and it will be the wisest and the safest step you have ever taken. Everybody can afford it and those who decide to use our services stay completely satisfied with the result. We know our business well so just let us do it.

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