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Let’s move on. We traditionally continue filling our blog with extremely useful and informative posts on career and job search issues, self-development and other matters that help improve all life spheres. For instance, we have already answered the question, where to get cheap resumes in many posts. Today the subject of the post is music therapy and how it helps in human life.

How music helps improve health

Have you ever heard about music medicine? This is relatively young but a perspective field of science that studies positive impact of music on a human body. Of course, it is not possible to heal someone with one listening to Mozart’s works, but the music still makes a contribution to our well-being and state of health. How does it happen? The author of a book “We are music,” scientist-psychologist, shares the secrets. In the meantime, our specialists reveal the cover letter creation secrets: http://resume-writer.net/blog/cover-letter-writing-service-double-hit.

How often do we turn to music when feeling bad, when want to cheer up, calm down and stop being sad, when we need to be supported and comforted? If not we on our own but a doctor is occupied with the patients’ health improvement, using the emotions and feelings caused by music and the relationships formed thanks to these feelings, we can speak about so-called music therapy.

There is information that music therapy allows discharging patients from hospital much earlier and even giving them fewer pills. So what is this music medicine? This is exactly what we have mentioned in the very beginning: music is needed to improve the state or situation, and a doctor is not present at the moment. What are the mechanisms of the influence of the songs and music works on a person’s well-being? Let’s figure it out. By the way, one of the well-being components is a good job and a successful career. Our experienced resume writing company is ready to assist you with succeeding in this field.

How does it work?

Music influences our physical and psychological state: emotions, mood, memory and memories, attention concentration, mental and physical activity, using various mechanisms.

1. Vegetative nervous system relaxation. A human body reacts to music in a special way, and this is one of the reasons for the human well-being increase. Relaxation of the vegetative nervous system turns on the chain of physiological indicators:

  • pulse decreases and breathing slows down;
  • blood pressure goes down;
  • muscle tension goes away.

The result of the mentioned changes is the reduction of pain sensitivity, a decrease of anxiety and stress. That is why we want to listen to a favorite song very much when we feel bad both morally and physically. One of the studies demonstrated curious results: during an operation with local anesthesia the patients could control the level of anesthesia, regulating the amount of anesthetic. It was discovered that they needed 43% less drug when they were listening to their favorite music.

2. Brain reaction to favorite music. When we hear a melody, which belongs to the category of our favorite ones (according to any reason, for instance, pleasant memories of youth are connected with it), neurotransmitters are released in the brain, in particular, dopamine, that make us feel pleasure, joy, and increase in motivation. The more often we listen to the songs that we like, the stronger the impact of neurotransmitters becomes. It is curious that the same effect is present when we hear a song for the first time, but it belongs to our favorite genre (for instance, alternative rock or lounge).

3. Hormonal or immune changes. Since the brain produces natural opiates (neurotransmitters), the amount of cortisol (a so-called stress hormone that helps us accumulate energy for an emergency reaction of the body, in case of force majeure) is reduced. The higher the level of cortisol is, the more tensed and ready we are for danger. Consequently, the less cortisol amount is in the body, the more relaxed and calmer a person feels. It is also curious that even one session of music therapy increases the amount of immunoglobulin A, which is a natural antibody of our immune system, and it means that our body resists the diseases better.

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Music and well-being of adults and children

What are the diseases, in the treatment of which music therapy can help, without taking into consideration its therapeutic effect under ordinary conditions when we are healthy but just want to cheer up and have a good mood? Scientists know many examples when listening to music contributes to the mental and physical development of children with different diseases.

Probably music can have such an impact on the brain of an adult as well because, as it is well-known, the brain develops, is able to learn and perceive various kinds of external influences throughout life. The brain changes and we change along with it. Most likely, that is the reason that there is scientific data that proves the positive influence of music on patients with coma and stroke, as well as people with a loss of mobility.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Recently ADHD is often diagnosed in children, adolescents, and adults. Impulsiveness, inability to keep attention on one object for a long time and increased activity are the main symptoms of ADHD. However, music helps put in order the actions of such people. In order to know what a song is about, it is necessary to listen to it till the end, right? This develops the concentration of attention. Besides, music helps regulate one’s emotions and, thus, replaces impulsiveness with an order.


Early childhood autism is a congenital disease, the main symptom of which is severe difficulties in communication and behavior. Children do not want to contact with people around them, are afraid of changes (even furniture rearranging), and obsessed with different “weird” for ordinary person things. It is challenging to communicate with such a child. Music can become a valuable tool of communication because the words do not matter much. Such children often have an increased sensitivity to the sounds of music. Most likely, this is the reason why music helps them have eye contact, develop speaking and communicative skills. By the way, many people face difficulties with communication and prefer to be alone. Such a type of temper is called introverted. Thus, we have prepared premium career tips for introverts.

Coma and mechanical ventilation

Even being in an unconscious state, a person hears the sounds of the world. Doctors advise to talk to people in a coma not in vain: there may come a moment when such a conversation becomes a lifebuoy that helps a patient regain consciousness. It has been discovered that the melodies, which people in coma hear, can relax and normalize breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. Scientists believe that music therapy can be used (but very carefully) to control the stress of patients in coma and mechanical ventilation. Our experts can advise how to manage stress at work if you are interested.


Music has a positive impact on the brain that restores after a stroke: attention concentration and verbal memory are improved, the feeling of sadness and confusion disappears, orientation in space also gets better, in some cases. It is curious that listening to audiobooks does not bring the same effect.

Movability loss

People lose movability in about 80% of stroke cases, and it depends on many factors whether they lose it fully or partially, temporarily or permanently. People with Parkinson's disease face the same problem. With the help of a special kind of music therapy, rhythmic audio stimulation (instrumental music with a clear rhythm), there can be achieved improvement in walking. People start to move less constrained and more evenly even after the first session of such a therapy. Also, if you want to know how to be more productive, we have a post on this topic on our blog: http://resume-writer.net/blog/best-way-to-improve-your-productivity.

Music helps people. This is the fact. It improves physical and mental health, mood; people become more sociable and friendly, more focused, sensitive and sympathetic. Although modern science does not know yet what exactly leads to a positive result, there are only dozens of intriguing opinions, the mystery will be unraveled soon, for sure.

Now you know how music can help and literary heal people. If you need a different kind of help, in particular help writing a cover letter, music will hardly assist you, but our expert will and do it professionally. Order low-cost expert services on our site now and you will get a good discount up to 20%. Also, we have a special offer that guarantees many freebies and other pleasant bonuses from our team. All you need is to ask.

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