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Greetings! How did you find us? Probably, you have been looking for a reliable site that can create a modern selling resume for you, haven’t you? Or maybe you have another request? In any case, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you are here and we are extremely glad about this. On this site, we provide assistance and support with resume related issues. It means whatever needs you may have, we can easily meet them. It is important to mention that our onsite support is day-and-night available. Also, we have moderate prices, so do not think about them. Remember that making a professional resume you protect yourself from various unpleasant situations. This is another strong reason to order one for you. Think carefully. Demonstrate the flexibility of your mind. By the way, this is the topic of today’s post. In order to be more precise, today we shall speak about fixed thinking that is the enemy of all people, who are engaged in self-development.

Fixed mindset

There is an opinion that there are two types of mindsets: the first one makes a person degrade and blame everyone on one’s own failures, the second one leads to the growing of a person and responsibility for one’s life. Today we are going to speak in detail about the first one because you need to know your enemy well.

People who have the fixed way of thinking are persuaded that the abilities they possess are “carved in stone,” i.e., they cannot change during life. They do not work on their development. People with the thinking of growing believe that everything can be learned and it is possible to develop almost any skill. They are convinced that their basic abilities are just a starting point.

In spite of its name, fixed thinking can be changed. This is just a set of common setting that we accept unconsciously while facing the problems, failures, and criticism.

Further, we are going to list the drawbacks that fixed thinking has:

• a person tries to hide his (hers) disadvantages not to judged or called loser;

• a person decides to follow the rules, knowledge, and experience that he (she) already has because this is the only way to keep self-confidence, up to his (hers) mind (speaking about self-confidence, check out this post:;

• a person believes that mistakes tell about his (hers) individuality;

• a person thinks that if he (she) fails, all the efforts and time are spent in vain.

In short, fixed thinking does not allow a person to see his (hers) potential, limits him (her) and narrows the world outlook. If you have noticed the above signs in you, it is time to make the changes for the better in how you think and in your life, as a consequence. In your new life, you will need a new updated resume paper. In case if a resume writer and proofreader is wanted, you know where to find them.

A step-by-step process of fixed thinking changing

The clue to the change of thinking is in its realization, first of all. In order to change this type of mindset, it is necessary to learn to define the cases that cause it. There are five steps suggested.

Step one: to try to distinguish the “voice” of fixed thinking

In the cases when a person faces new difficulties, he (she) can hear a voice saying: “Can you deal with this?” or “What to do in case of failure?”. After the first serious failure, you can hear: “I wish you would have a talent…” or “Didn’t I tell it would be too dangerous and risky.” Some business coaches speak about it as an inner saboteur. This is the voice that ruins everything we do; our hidden critic that comments on us and our work negatively. This is an inner issue that is called fixed thinking. It is required to learn to recognize what it says, after that, you can proceed with the second step. Before you move on, we want to inform you about where to get low-priced resumes. These resumes are worth being ordered because the best specialists with a flexible mind and growth thinking create them.

Step two: to admit that there is more than one option

This voice can be interpreted differently:

• Problems, failures, and critique may mean your talent and abilities are “fixed.”

• Or it may say, you need to throw down the gauntlet to yourself, activate your efforts, change the strategy and continue growing.

It is evident that, in the first case, it goes about fixed thinking, and in the second case, about the thinking of growing. Remember that you always have the option of choice when you face failure, problem or criticism.

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Step three: to answer with the help of the growth thinking voice

Facing another problem, you can hear it saying: “Can you really cope with this? Are there enough abilities and talent?”. The thinking of growing replies: “I am not sure whether I can cope with it right now, but I consider I can learn this with time, having made the necessary efforts.” Fixed thinking insists: “But what if you fail? You will become a loser!”. And growth thinking responds: “All successful people have been failed and not once. However, it did not make them losers”. Keep in mind that our thoughts and words are very powerful. In this relation, look through a post about the power of words in a resume to be better informed.

If you do fail, fixed thinking will give tongue again: “I told you. You do not have skills”. Fortunately, you can fend off this thought with the help of growth thinking voice: “It is all nonsense. It was hard for Thomas Edison to master science, and Michael Jordan did not immediately become a brilliant basketball player. However, there was something they had in excess: this was the passion for their occupation and many efforts made”.

If you face criticism, a limiting voice says: “This is not my fault. Other people and circumstances influenced this”. A reply can be as the following: “If I do not take responsibility, I will not be able to fix this. I will listen attentively to the criticism made and learn from my mistakes”.

It is very convenient to write suchlike dialogues in your diary. It will allow thinking about not only one but dozens of rebuttals. If you need assistance with this matter, look for the specialists that can help. For example, on our website, you will find the experts who are experienced in resume writing.

Step four: to develop new thinking

Hearing the voice of a fixed mindset and reacting to it with the thinking of growing, you start undertaking the required proactive actions, instead of stopping your development. Saying actions, we mean:

• Taking a dare (accepting new challenges);

• Demonstration of persistence;

• Correction of your steps based on experience gained.

Step five: to ask the correct questions

In spite of the fact that this is the last number in our list, this is the most important advice. Thinking can be changed (also, it can be restricted) for the better with the help of the correct questions. Here are several issues that help with the development of the thinking of growing:

• What can I undertake to succeed?

• What can this situation teach me?

• Do I realize my final goal when I do something?

• What additional information can assist me?

• I need to receive constructive feedback. Where to find it?

• What do I need to do, how to change my daily schedule so that I could follow my plan strictly (this post may help find the answer:

• How exactly am I going to bring my idea to life?

• What new did I do today? What conclusions did I draw?

• Does my present strategy work? No? What to do about this?

• What requires working on carefully today?

• What should I develop and what skills to master to reach my aim faster?

All this defines your direction and has a significant impact on the perception of reality. The more often you ask these questions, the more comprehensive, brighter and richer your life will become.

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