10 Things It’s Better To Remove From Resume


Have you already found out the position, which you want to try your hand in? Don’t you want to spoil your chance and play the wrong card? It’s time to create the greatest and the most efficient resume the recruiter of this company has ever seen! Is your resume ready, though it still needs a few proficient touches to make it sound a bit more laconically? Or you still have no idea about the main parameters of the ideal resume, which may bring its author victory and help him to stand Continue reading

Why Keyword Is Important Part Of Every Resume


Have you known that a job-seeker, who is at the job searching site, spends just one minute on looking through a job posting? This time is not enough to go deeply into the sense of it. It’s not enough even to read the text to the end. General info about the position, the job requirements and responsibilities are usually left out of eyeshot. The job-hunter is able just to run the eyes over it and press ‘Apply’ without thinking for too long. Is this vacancy really of any value for Continue reading

Sexist Job Interview: Myth Or Reality


Have you ever thought whether men and women are equal in the face of a recruiter while they are undergoing a job interview? Just try to analyze the set of questions that these two groups are usually asked and you will see that there is still a great number of companies, which practice posing the sexist questions. The statistics of the last years shows that women hear bizarre questions and various offensive propositions three times more often than men. Are you going to have a baby? Continue reading

Is It Possible To Travel Around the World And Keep Your Job?


Spending of thirty years glued to arm-chair can hardly be called an attractive perspective. If to add the badly ventilated air of the closed room of your office and your unhappy colleagues’ faces that are usually in sweat, their pretended smiles, and your crazy boss’s screams, the picture of your life starts getting even darker than you may think. If you are young, full of creativity and desire to conquer the world, such a life style can’t make your heart beat faster. Despite Continue reading

Top 20 The Most Boring Jobs Of All Time


Have you ever been involved in doing any work that left you squeezed after it was finished? Do you know how it is painful to be glued to one place and be engaged in a process that is monotonous and makes you fall asleep right at your workplace? You may be called a lucky fellow if you are not acquainted with such a business and the job you are engaged in brings you a personal growth and emotional satisfaction. Unlike you, millions of people continue suffering from a necessity to do work that Continue reading

How To Get New Job With Zero Experience


‘Hi! I am a graduate and I do my best to find a job. My attempts are of no result… I don’t really know what I want to do in life and I spend much time looking through various job postings. Wherever I send my resume or call in the hope of finding a post for myself, I get ‘No.’ Please help me to put an end to this tiresome searching. I am at a loss how it is possible to be hired with zero experience…’ Sound familiar? If you have such a problem too, Continue reading

Common Resume Lies You Probably Don’t Know


Have you ever exaggerated your skills while telling about yourself in resumes? If you think that you are the only one job-seeker, who enriched his resume with falsehood in attempt to make his background seem a bit more impressive and his skills sound more qualified, you may have a sigh of relief. Are you still scourged by the memory of your past misdeeds? If it’s any comfort to know that you are far from being alone, we are going to shock you with the truth. More than 50% of resumes are Continue reading

Helpful Tips How To Write Cover Letter To Land A Job


A necessity to add cover letter to a resume is a problematic question that disturbs every next job-seeker. How much time to spend on its polishing and bringing it to perfection? What are the main parameters, which identify this ‘perfect’ cover letter and who establish them? Do the recruiters pay attention to them and read each letter to the last line or they are just thrown into a bin without opening an envelope at all? The point is that it is nearly impossible to predict whether Continue reading

These Tips Will Help You To Survive First Week At New Job


Everybody knows: being a newcomer in a well-consolidated group of people is a hard trial. Trying to establish yourself as a competent worker, who was given a chance to get the job not vainly, is twice as harder. Have you already passed through all the stages of long and tiresome process of a new job employing? Have you survived the first meeting with your potential boss bravely? If you have already received a so long-awaited letter with official invitation to report for work, it’s time Continue reading

New Ways How To Find New Job Via Social Sites


Is utilizing the social nets a time-killing occupation as it is considered now or online engagement may bring you any real benefits? Good news! Advancing your career ladder and changing the jobs have already become a much easier and quick process due to the online social sites! Are You Looking For a Job? While a good number of Internet users get satisfaction from chatting with the friends and sharing photos after their latest weekends, a lot of smart job-seekers have already moved from Continue reading