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Traditionally, we continue sharing useful information with our readers, and today we want to discuss such an urgent and even danger issue as bad habits. It can harm your career and other life spheres. Want to get rid of it? Read the post, then.

How to get rid of a bad habit: general guidance

Why do bad habits are so pleasant and strong? They stimulate the pleasure centers, deceiving the brain. And since it becomes harder to deny the harmful impact on the body, with time, a person has to think up new excuses and tricks. That is why the first thing that all the addicted people do is self-deception.

Bad habits always have one danger: a person believes he (she) can stop anytime he (she) wants. How many your friends confidently claimed something like: “I smoke only on Fridays. And I can stop if I want.”? However, when you offer them to quit smoking, they say: “But I do not want to” or “Not this time.” Even if a person admits the problem, he (she) usually cannot get rid of a bad habit and often gets depressed because of it.

Why cannot people often beat a bad habit?

Naturally, every harmful habit has its nuances, but there can be distinguished several regularities:

  • If a person wants to quit drinking but continues spending time with the same company, attends the same places, eventually, he (she) leaves the attempts to fix the situation.
  • The final decision to get rid of a bad habit is not made yet.
  • A strong fear that can be caused by the thought: “How will I live without this bad habit? What if I never feel happy?” appears.
  • There is always an excuse and explanation for why it is okay to succumb to the habit, in this particular situation.
  • There is uncertainty in one’s abilities and narrow outlook. For instance, gamblers really think that there is nothing better than to bet and wait for the result. Few of them like to travel, read books, meet other people, and find other hobbies.
  • The brain is afraid of changes.
  • Advertising and propaganda do their work.

How to beat a bad habit on one’s own?

Overcoming a bad habit is never a simple or rectilinear process. It requires deliberate work, efforts, and time. Here are several steps that will help you beat a bad habit, which you have faced. Nevertheless, bear in mind that this strategy cannot replace professional help. That is why if the situation is too hard, appeal to the specialists for support. Thus, we also recommend appealing to the best expert resume writers when you need assistance in this field.

#1: recognizing the harmful habit. The first step to overcome an addiction requires the recognition of the fact of being addicted. Read and check yourself.

  • What exactly bad habit do I have?
  • How exactly does it influence my life? (make up a list)
  • Am I able to handle it or not?
  • What is my role?
  • Do I contribute to the problem progress or its solution? Why?

The realization and recognition of a bad habit is the necessary action that quickens the process of changing and transformation. Nevertheless, if you decide to begin the curing process, it will not do without the desire to fix the situation. Just saying, it is required to be prepared for changing to cope with the problem.

Ask and check:

  • Am I able to fix my conduct?
  • Have I prepared myself for this now?
  • What makes me think that the situation requires changes?
  • Why should I begin fixing the situation right now?

If you do not get enough strong arguments to start changing today, you just will not have a necessary stimulus to undertake the required actions. Hence, it is really essential to find time to check out the mentioned questions and enumerate all the arguments, according to which changing has the paramount importance. If you are interested in what features are better to develop and what to change, we have a cool post on this issue: https://resume-writer.net/blog/significance-of-personal-qualities-in-workplace.

#2: taking responsibility. Your next step to fight a bad habit is to start being responsible. Do not justify yourself, do not blame other people or events and do not give yourself an indulgence. Instead, start being responsible for the decision-making and actions, which have caused this situation. The things that have occurred previously stay in the past, but you are able to fix the present. This is a great chance to start all over again. Excuse yourself for indulging your bad habit. We are human beings, and we tend to make mistakes. Everybody is mistaken. Moreover, our team cares for not letting the mistakes slip in your resume and provides proofreading resume at a cheap rate.

#3: assessing your personality. The next stage is to conduct the process of your personality assessment. In fact, it includes an in-depth look at yourself and searching for the answers to some difficult questions that can make the situation clearer. Here is the list of significant issues that should be asked now:

  • What am I doing?
  • Is there any guilt of mine?
  • What features of my conduct are apparent?
  • What usually provokes my bad habit? What is the trigger?
  • What can be done to remove these temptations?
  • What are my usual thoughts about my bad habit?
  • What are my thoughts, right before I start acting in an undesirable way?
  • What are my beliefs when I indulge my bad habit?
  • How can I assess myself now?

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  • Am I sure I can cope with the bad habit successfully?
  • Which of my convictions are useless and prevent from overcoming an addiction? (for instance, the belief that alcohol can bring joy in life)
  • What fears fuel this bad habit?
  • What exactly do I try to avoid when I give way to the bad habit?
  • Why do I avoid the right actions, in this situation?
  • In what way could I benefit from giving way to my bad habit?
  • In what other useful ways could I benefit the same?
  • How does my final aim look like?
  • What would I want to do instead?

Having answered, you will get valuable data that helps realize better why you give way to your bad habit. This understanding will make you think more critically. You will reveal something that you probably have always been denying or hiding.

#4: creating new conduct. Having passed the assessment process, you are prepared for choosing a new behavior pattern that will replace a bad habit. Your bad habit is nothing else but a habit that you have gained in the process of time. The habit, naturally, has rooted firmly in the brain and it complicates the changing process. If a person wants to get rid of a bad habit and change the style of conduct, it is required to develop another habit that satisfies the same needs that a harmful habit causes.

Now recollect your answers from the previous paragraph, especially those ones, in which you have doubted the advantages that your bad habit supposedly gives. These advantages are the needs that you have been trying to satisfy. By the way, bear in mind that our basic customer service resume online satisfies the requirements and demands of the most demanding customers.

New conduct should take these needs into consideration. At the same time, it should carry benefits to the body. The brain requires another habit. For example, people smoke cigarettes due to various reasons. Someone thinks it relieves stress, others smoke because of social motives, and the rest people suppose that it gives the feeling of safety and comfort. We know better ways to reduce stress: https://resume-writer.net/blog/stress-and-the-city-or-how-to-manage-stress-at-work.  Allen Carr, the author of “Easy Way to Stop Smoking,” has said that the main enemy is not a bad nicotine habit, but brainwashing. That is why, first of all, define what exactly your needs are.

Thus, the following questions are extremely significant:

1) In what way can I get the same not giving way to the bad habit?

2) In what way can I satisfy the same needs?

3) Which new useful habit will suit me?

When you answer, consider your thoughts and convictions. The way you think about your bad habit and what you believe in will affect the final result. Persuade yourself that new conduct (habit) has the advantages and it is more valuable and will be eventually rewarded. Think about:

  • What should I believe in to stop indulging my bad habit? (work on convictions)
  • What thoughts should I have thinking about my bad habit? (work on thoughts)
  • What new conduct do I need to believe in? (new convictions)
  • In what way do I need to think about my new conduct? (new thoughts)
  • How to convince myself that I will succeed and overcome my bad habit? (autosuggestion and affirmations).

Work on thoughts, especially convictions, is a very scrupulous process. It requires efforts and time. But if you do all the things we are talking about, the chance to succeed increases several times.

#5: assessing effects. It is necessary to think about the future that is about to come. Ask yourself:

  • What are the results of giving way to my bad habit?
  • How can it harm me?
  • How can it affect people I love?
  • What will it cost me emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and financially? (in order to avoid material losses, we know where to find a low-priced resume)
  • Will I regret if I do not change my conduct?

The pain and pleasure principle is used, in this case. It is an integral part of all the decisions made. Some people need to recollect the last painful visit to the dentist to brush the teeth. What to say about bad habits? We all want to get pleasure and not to feel pain.

#6: acting gradually. The last process phase is positive and proactive actions. Your aim is to get used to a new conduct bit by bit until it turns into your habit. Naturally, it is never done with ease. Sometimes your old habits will come back. This is absolutely okay. The point is to pull yourself together every time and continue the things that have been started. Forgive yourself for coming back to your bad habit for a while. Otherwise, you will feel guilty, and it usually leads to giving way to undesired conduct and excusing yourself.

Move forward gradually. Encourage yourself for every correct step and love the process of changing. Remember that a bad habit fades away, but it cannot be removed for good. A human brain stores everything we used to do before. That is why be careful and get your own way. Sooner or later, you will become a new person and be able to cope with yourself in especially difficult times.

We wish you good luck! We are always there to support you. A federal resume writer is the one who is safe and reliable, ready to assist anytime and will never fail. Get the most qualified help on our website. Our support team is day-and-night available. So we will respond to your request immediately.

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