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What is the catch? There is no catch because we do care for our customers. Our high-quality services and low-prices prove this. Another proof is a significant number of posts on our blog that contain really helpful information on the processes of job search and employment, skills improvement and self-education. Today we present another post on self-development, in particular, we shall speak about Mozart’s effect and how its help improves one’s intelligence.

Mozart’s effect, music, and intelligence development

Music, except its original functions, skillfully performs artistic objectives: reflects the emotions of different kinds, captivates, fills us with inspiration, and gives fascinating happiness. However, can a mere listening to music contribute to the improvement of the cerebrum functions? Let’s figure out together what the essence of so-called Mozart’s effect is, study the impact of music on the development of intelligence, and find out what musical instrument to choose if you want to learn to play. Also, you can get another kind of help from us: we can create your resume or improve the one you have:

Mozart’s effect: its appearance

This term was created by French ENT specialist Alfred Tomatis. Being a doctor, he used Mozart’s music in his work a lot, trying to treat different psychobiological disorders of his patients.

The first experiment of the USA scientists

A bit later, Tomatis’ idea was adopted and developed by the team of the USA researchers under the leadership of Francis Rauscher. They conducted research, in the result of which they drew pompous conclusions that music of the great composer stimulated brain activity and, in such a way, improved cognitive functions, in particular, spatial thinking and memory.

In the experiment, a little number of university students was involved. They were divided into three groups before passing a space-time thinking test. By the way, if you have time issues, this post should help you solve them: Each group was offered special conditions for preparation: the first group was sitting in complete silence, the second group was listening to the instructions on relaxation in the form of an audiobook, and the third one, naturally, was immersed in the magic of Mozart’s sonatas.

After the “brain centers tuning,” the students performed work directed at the analysis of some paper geometric figures, searching for missing details, and general assessment of the configurations of the presented objects. When summing up, the experimenters discovered that the results of the last student group were better than in other groups an average of ten points.

The second experiment

In some time, in order to confirm the objectivity of the observations, there was conducted another experiment. However, this time, instead of Mozart and silence, the participants were offered Philip Glass’ works and British trance music. This time, there was not observed any increase in IQ of the students. The scientists were happy because for such a complex objective as mental abilities improvement, they found such an obvious and simple decision: listening to Mozart’s works. The researchers thought that music of this composer favorably influenced the excitation of neurons in the brain that were responsible for the solution of space-time objectives. While your brain neurons are responsible for the space-time objectives solution, our cheap online resume site takes responsibility for the high quality of your resume papers.

Refutation: temporary nature of the effect

Initially, the authors claimed that the effect lasted for ten minutes. That is why it is not fair to speak about the permanent improvement of thinking indicators. Unfortunately, in a wider context, this vital information, which an original study contained, was lost.

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Later experiments also revealed that positive results in thinking stimulation could be achieved by turning not only to the art of Mozart but to any other classical piano works. There is more, any melody that a listener likes can have a positive effect. After that, the scientists changed their mind and made a new assumption: Mozart’s effect is based on a short-term increase in central nervous system activity and a general mood of a person, and that is why it has a favorable impact on the solution of the set tasks.

Final conclusion

Today science admits that a passive contact with music in the long term does not imply an  improvement in the characteristics of the intellect, and temporary flashes in solving tasks are caused by a simple person’s mood boost. By the way, do you know what can make a person glad? The fact that high-quality services cost cheap. Do you know where you can observe such a phenomenon? Naturally, on our website. E-mail us “create a resume for me” or “help me build a resume at a low price,” and we will satisfy your request immediately.

Why play musical instruments?

Not everything, mentioned previously, concerns listening to music with a single goal to become smarter. What happens when a person learns to play a musical instrument? When a person plays, almost all brain areas are involved simultaneously, and this fact is not noticed while ordinary listening. Visual, motor, auditory functions of the cerebral cortex are also involved.

Thus, playing a musical instrument, as well as any other structured and disciplined activity, strengthens the intellectual powers and allows applying them in the related and fundamentally different activities, for instance, associated with creativity. By the way, if you are a creative person, we have the list of jobs involving creativity. We promise it will come in handy.

What instrument to choose?

In fact, it is not very difficult to decide what musical instrument to select. However, it is better to approach it rationally: you can rely on your personal preferences, your physical abilities, instrument mobility, its availability, and cost, also the climate that directly influences the future preservation of an instrument.

Let’s get acquainted with a couple of non-typical but curious representatives of the musical instruments world:

Ukulele: Hawaiian miniature four-string guitar. When a person who loves music plays it, it sounds as good as its classic relative guitar.

Harmonica: probably, all of you know about this instrument. It is widely used in jazz, blues, folk, country, and other music directions. It is very mobile, and it allows you to train your skills almost everywhere, even being in a traffic jam.

Hang is a percussion instrument that consists of two connected metal hemispheres. It has appeared relatively recently, in 2000, and made a real sensation in the musical field thanks to the fullness, richness, and originality of the sound. Hang is not produced massively, and that is why it is pretty expensive. Luckily there are affordable things in our life that allow saving money, such as our cheap resume writers online.

Lyre: an old plucked string instrument will become a great friend for the fans of the history of ancient Rome and ancient Greece.

Pan Flute: wood ethnic wind instrument that consists of hollow tubes of various lengths. The beauty of this flute is in the simplicity of mastering the technique of playing and endless possibilities for improvisation already at the very beginning.

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