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Right now we offer you to benefit more with our site. How? Just continue reading. We publish useful posts on our blog devoted to job search, employment, relationships in a team, personal development and other similar issues. Today’s post is about one of the most urgent issues of modern society, about which experts speak more and more and pay much attention to it. This is a real scourge of modern times. What is it? This is a mental state that psychologists call depression.

Methods to define a hidden depression

If we speak about depression in its commonly accepted meaning, it can be characterized as a special kind of mental disorder accompanied by the so-called depressive triad. It includes mood decline and the loss of ability to experience positive emotions, thinking dysfunction characterized by negative judgments, pessimistic outlook, sense of hopelessness, etc., and also, motor lethargy. In case if you need help on making a resume quickly, you can get it on our site round-the-clock. When a person experiences depression, he (she) demonstrates low self-esteem, loses interest in life and the things he (she) is usually occupied with.

With the development of psychological science and its fields, the new ways to determine depression appeared. However, in spite of the fact that, nowadays, the understanding of depression and related to it states has improved significantly, we still can be mistaken when we speak about the symptoms and manifestation of depression.

Due to the stereotypes and patterns rooted in our consciousness, sometimes we cannot notice that someone from people close to us (for instance, a friend, a colleague, or even worse, a family member or a beloved) suffers from this disease that has an extremely negative impact on human health and life. The reason for this is that many people do not get even slight support. You will find resume help online and support from experts anytime on our site.

Nevertheless, not everybody wants to demonstrate his (her) depressive state and invents new ways to hide it. Such people can look just like others. They can even comfort themselves with external normality, but it does not solve their problem at all. Based on this, from now on, we offer you to apply a bit different approach to recognizing depression, paying attention to its hidden symptoms. This skill can be useful for any person because no one knows when and where someone we care about can face such a problem.

Forget about the stereotype that depression must have some specific look and that all its features can be easily seen. Here are eight symptoms that mean that a person suffers from a hidden type of depression.

A person with depression can look not as a person with depression

According to general mind, when a person experiences depression, he (she) should look tired, untidy, behave detached, be closed, communicate little. However, it is not always like this. The symptoms of depression can be manifested in different ways. Even if a person seems cheerful, friendly, cheery, it does not mean that he (she) does not have problems. Of course, it also does not mean that you should start testing everyone for having depression. Nevertheless, the point is the same: it is necessary to know about the hidden depression symptoms.

Complaints of fatigue

We all feel tired from time to time. However, people with depression get tired more quickly and often. The point is that depression damages the nervous and immune systems, and also, sucks out human vitality. Not everybody shows it, but most people do. Besides, this is one of the depression symptoms that is the hardest to hide.

A person who suffers from depression, even if he (she) sleeps at night as much as required and rests enough, after sleep or rest, feels tired. He (she) does not want to do anything, blames him(her)self for being lazy, and all this makes him (her) feel more depressed and tired. If you feel like you lack energy, but you need to get your resume edited, you can use reliable and cheap resume writing services on the web.

Excessive irritability

In spite of the fact that psychologists often define irritability as one of the signs of melancholic mood and condition, the specialists in the field of hidden depression studying believe that irritability is one of its features. A person who has a constant inner struggle with depression and who tries to understand his (her) life possesses an extremely small source of powers to tolerate any external irritants. As a consequence, nervous breakdowns occur.

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Negative reaction to warm-hearted attitude and care

Despite a common opinion that depression is directly connected with sadness, this myth can be dispelled. A lot of people who had a hidden depression did not feel absolutely anything at the moments of peace, as if they could not do this (feel) at all. They described their feelings as emptiness inside them.

This is the reason for a negative reaction to care, warm-hearted attitude and desire to help. Being unable to perceive a positive approach from someone, people with a hidden depression interpret it as an unnecessary interference with their personal life. People who “initially feel nothing” can respond aggressively to a good attitude. Naturally, it can lead to a conflict. Luckily, our experts know how to handle it:

Neglect of interests and hobbies

If you cannot explain why a person has suddenly stopped to allocate time for something he (she) used to love, something that used to interest him (her), and something that used to bring pleasure, but externally nothing has changed, there is a high chance that this person suffers from a hidden depression.

We have already told that this disease can cause prostration and vital energy decline. That is why a person does not have powers to be occupied with the favorite things, they lose their attractiveness, it is hard to do them, and a person eventually loses any interest.

Changes in nutrition

A person who suffers from a hidden depression can suddenly change his (her) usual nutrition habits. On the one hand, this is the method to deal with the disease, and on the other hand, this is the other side of the coin of “dislike for oneself.” Special attention should be paid to the fact if a person begins to overeat. Taking into consideration that food is an available source of positive emotions, a person unconsciously tends to it, being not able to refuse oneself to eat something delicious and eat as much as possible. On the contrary, malnutrition occurs when a person tends to reduce the amount of positive that comes with food or tries to take at least something in his (her) life under control. In the meantime, we suggest that you hire a professional resume creator who will take your resume papers under control.

Excessive exactingness

During the periods of depression, a person who looks healthy externally loses the ability to think soberly, and it can become the reason for the excessive meticulousness and exactingness to others. However, there is no need to react to it too emotionally. Also, do not condemn a person or point at the fact that he (she) behaves differently. It will only worsen his (her) state. Change your negative reaction to a sudden exactingness of a person: meet halfway, trying to show patience, understanding, and attentiveness. Thus, you will help much.

Good and bad days

Depression is an unpredictable thing, and it means that a person who suffers from it can feel bad not every day. Even a joyful face and good mood are not the indicators that everything has got better. The change in the level of hormones influences the changes in mood. That is why a person can behave differently. Do not stop watching for a person because he (she) has had a good day. Maybe already tomorrow his (her) inner state will not allow beginning a day in the usual way and will manifest itself again. Keep in mind that a hidden depression has different forms.

Naturally, interacting with people and noticing the signs we keep telling about, you should not rush with the conclusions and start searching for any possible ways to help. Any personality is multifaceted, and all people may have unsuccessful periods and nervous breakdowns, and the desire to be alone, and the changes in mood, and so on. It is necessary to treat it seriously if you notice the hidden depression signs systematically and there should be present most of them. Do not judge based on a single symptom because depression (whatever it is) is accompanied by many signs, not just one of them. Also, do not neglect the generally accepted methods that allow recognizing depression.

If someone you care about starts demonstrating any obvious or hidden signs of the disease, try to talk to him (her) in the right time and place. Try to have a heart-to-heart talk, ask whether everything is okay, how he (she) is doing. Do it politely and unobtrusively. If your co-worker demonstrates the hidden depression symptoms, but you do not know how to approach him (her) correctly, here are a couple of tips that might help: A sincere attention to a person is the best way to help him (her) with depression because, first of all, he (she) will get the chance to speak out, unbosom him(her)self, second of all, will make sure that you really care, and third, your joint efforts can help solve the problem.

Be attentive to others and yourself!

Professional resume company: care and support

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