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Pay for resume services: little money can bring much benefit

Have you always wanted to get a professional resume by its high cost stopped you? Forget about what was previously. Now online resume services are affordable to all. It does not matter whether you are looking for a job at the moment, or you are already successfully employed and feel completely happy at your workplace. A competently written and modern resume paper is a must-have for any self-respecting person. Everyone knows that a resume should be updated from time to time but only few people really do this. We know you are busy and have many other important businesses to do. That is why we suggest that you pay little money to our specialists and they will fix and format your resume according to the latest requirements.

There is nothing bad in asking for help. On the contrary, only really strong and wise people do not feel embarrassed to ask for it. So we will be very glad if we receive an email from you, or if you use our live chat that works day-and-night. Since we want to be more helpful, we have surfed the internet and found the answers to several curious questions. Keep on reading to find out what we have prepared.

Kill two birds with one stone: pay for a good resume and learn much useful information

Will the thoughts about fear help get rid of fear itself? Is it harmful to sleep much? Why are the slightest head traumas during doing sport dangerous? The answers to these questions you will find in the today’s post. The answers are based on the latest scientific studies.

Visualization helps get rid of fear

The threat visualization will help you overcome the fear of it. The study conducted by Mount Sinai School of Medicine proved this fact. Having conducted the experiment, the scientists discovered that people who actually worked and those who only imagined it demonstrated almost the same level of physiological compensatory reactions.

What is the benefit? You can fight your fears without leaving your home. Just use the visualization techniques and overcome your fear in your imagination. Also, there are other things that you can get without leaving home. For instance, get help making a resume within 24 hours on our site.

Even a little everyday stress influences mental health negatively

Even such trifles as traffic jams or lines in the supermarket can affect cognitive functions negatively. This is the data of a new study conducted at the University of Oregon. The negative effect gets bigger with age. Not stress itself has the strongest influence on brain but the way a person reacts to what has happened. This is what the scientists claim.

What is the benefit? What does not kill us makes us stronger. At least in this case, this statement is true. That is why pay attention to your everyday stress. Such a simple and accessible means as meditation, physical exercises, or walks in the open air will be much effective to keep mental health. Also, do not forget that we can accept your order for resumes online to rescue you from stress related to its creation:

Too long sleep influences cognitive functions negatively

Neuroscientists from the Western Ontario University have studied the sleep pattern of over 40,000 people. They have discovered that a long-term sleep (more than recommended 7-8 hours) also impacts the cognitive functions negatively as well as the lack of sleep. Such a regularity is noticed in any age.

What is the benefit? Do you want to keep your brain in a good sate? Sleep for 7-8 hours, no more and no less. So if you need to fix your resume but you feel like you want to sleep, email us “I need your help to fix my resume” and we will do it, while you sleep.

Even a single American football season causes structural changes in brain

The group of American scientists, using MRI, scanned the brain of 15-17 years old teenagers before and after the season of American football (within the college curriculum). They discovered significant changes in the structure of gray matter in the front and back areas of the brain, where the impact is most noticeable, as well as the changes in the deeper brain structures. All the participants wore the helmets and none of them got head hits serious enough to cause the concussion.

What is the benefit? Constant low-intensive brain traumas can affect its structure. So it is necessary to approach the choice of sport activity carefully. This is especially important for children and adolescents, whose nervous system is still being formed.

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If you like everything read previously, we recommend you to contact and hire resume professional writers who work for our online agency. They will share much more useful information, in addition. Now let’s continue: we have some more curious questions to answer. Does the intensity of stress impact on body depend on the time of day? Does the ability to pay using smartphone influence the amount of goods you buy? What is the relation between eating leafy greens, orange juice, and age-related memory impairment? These are the questions, which we want to answer right now.

People are more stressed in the evening

Recent Japanese research has shown that central nervous system reacts to stress worse in the evening. Thus, compared with the morning, it produces fewer hormones in response to acute psychological stress. Cortisol is the main hormone that helps human body fight the negative effects of stress. Even when the irritants and influence were the same, cortisol level was lower in the evening.

What is the benefit? Eat the ugliest frog in the morning. This well-known recommendation given by Brian Tracy is scientifically proved now. Spend the evening time relaxing.

Healthy food is connected with the reduced risk of memory impairment

Eating leafy greens, dark-orange and red vegetables, berries, as well as orange juice connected with the reduction of the memory impairment risk with age. This fact is mostly related to men. This is the data of an article published in the “Neurology” magazine. The scientists observed 27 thousand men for 20 years. Those who ate the biggest amount of veggies were 37% less likely to suffer from cognitive functions impairment.

What is the benefit? Just eat more greens, fruits, vegetables, and drink orange juice. This is not the only factor that influences mental health but at least 37% are guaranteed. It is not clear why only men participated in the study, but we dare to suggest that it works for women as well. We are not sure but it sounds a bit like the matter of sexism. By the way, we have a post that presents helpful tips to answer sexist interview question.

Making decision for a long time does not worsen its accuracy

Previously it was believed that brain collected the information necessary to make decision during a couple of seconds, and that is why the long thinking was not effective. However, the New York University latest study disproved this theory. Now it is known that brain almost without losses integrates new information into neural networks associated with the adoption of a decision.

What is the benefit? If the deadlines do not press on you, wait for a while and search for more information before making any decision.

Payment using a smartphone increases buying activity

On average, the total amount of transactions increased by 2.4% after switching to mobile payments, and the general frequency of transactions increased by more than 23%. This is the data of research conducted by Chinese scientists who have studied the structure of the payments in AliPay system. Low-cost retail products such as drinks or movie tickets demonstrated the biggest growth.

What is the benefit? Do you want to wait less? Use more conservative payment ways such as credit cards or cash. By the way, ordering our services, you can choose any payment system you prefer. It does not influence the constantly high quality of the services provided:

Artificial screen light can be the reason for sleep disturbances

Perceiving such a light, retinal cells produce melanopsin protein that plays one of the most important roles in the regulation of circadian rhythms. According to scientists from the Salk Institute, it activates even after a short-term lighting. This leads to the violation of the secretion of the hormone melatonin. As a result, daily rhythms of sleep and wakefulness are violated as well.

What is the benefit? Do not use gadgets before sleep. It is better to dedicate this time to another productive activity: meditation, summing up your day, and other evening rituals.

Pay someone to make my resume: only experts worth your trust

So we have not only answered several pretty curious questions, we have also told how you can benefit from the knowledge got. Let us also remind that the customers of our site always benefit greatly when ordering our professional services. The best resume and CV papers are created by our experts. Our online agency offers the lowest prices that make high-quality services affordable to all. It is a serious step to ask someone to create your resume and pay for it. We can assure you that you are in safety with us. Take your time and let us know when you are ready.

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