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In order to be better protected from similar misleading and errors, we suggest you read this post. Believe us, it is very interesting and highly informative. You will read it in one breath.

Consciousness traps or cognitive distortions

Human thinking cannot be subject to some laws that could be universal and applied anytime and anywhere. Probably due to this reason, from time to time there appear some errors or pattern distortions that occur in the particular situations, and the reason for which are the distorted beliefs. These errors and distortions are called cognitive distortions. They are extremely numerous and each one is different. We are not going to describe all possible cognitive distortions. We are just trying to convey the sense of the phenomenon. That is why the experts of our website have gathered data only about several cognitive distortions.

If you hear the notion “the traps of consciousness” (“cognitive distortions”) the first time or you want to brush up on your knowledge, we strongly recommend you to read this post first, and only after that proceed to additional information. So let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon.

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Top 10 traps

We shall begin with one of the most widespread cognitive distortions.

1. The illusion of control. As a rule, it is reflected in the human tendency to believe that he (or she) can influence the events that do not depend on him (her) objectively or can be influenced very insignificantly. Most frequently, such a phenomenon occurs in the situations, the good result of which is important for a person, when a person is involved in something, or when he (she) is already aware of the positive outcome. However, there can be an opposite effect: in a situation, when a person underestimates the level of his (her) influence on the result of the events.

It should be also mentioned that the illusion of control, along with the effect of super confidence and some other cognitive distortions, belong to the illusions of a positive nature. If it seems that you lack confidence, this post should help:

2. Professional deformation. Professional deformation is the change of personal qualities (such as the behavior and communication patterns, temper features, values, etc.) that occurs under the influence of the continuous performance of a particular professional activity. The result of a specific activity and consciousness unity is the formation of a professional type of personality.

People whose activity is directly connected with other people (for instance, psychologists, educators, HR managers, etc.) are subject to the professional deformation the most. The extreme form of professional deformation is expressed in the excessively formal communication with people.

3. The effect of contrast. It is reflected in the decrease or increase of the perceived parameters (compared to regular) of the objects, processes, phenomena, or people, in case if at the previous point of time a particular perceived parameter of an object, process, phenomenon, or person has had bigger or smaller importance. It sounds a bit complicated, but we shall explain. For instance, when you see a very beautiful or successful person, you start feeling less beautiful or successful.

By the way, it has been shown that the contrast effect contributes to the formation of excessively high standards that, in their turn, push people to belittle the merits of their potential partners, as well as to waste much money on cosmetics, plastic surgeries, diets, and so on.

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4. The curse of knowledge. Psychologist Robin Hogarth was the first who introduced the term “the curse of knowledge” to define the following cognitive distortion: for better informed people, it is harder to solve some task, from the perspective of less informed people.

There was even conducted an experiment that proved this phenomenon. A group of people tapped on the table the rhythm of a popular song, and another group should have guessed the song. According to the first group, at least 50% of the second group should have guessed it, meanwhile in fact, only 2,5% recognized what it was.

There is growing recognition among some psychologists that the curse of knowledge can make it significantly difficult to study something, i.e. the process of education becomes harder.

5. A player’s mistake. This cognitive distortion is also often called a Monte Carlo algorithm and it reflects the misinterpretation of the randomness of events. In general, at the level of intuition, a person is not aware of the fact that the probability of a wanted result does not depend on the results of the random events happened in the past.

For instance, when tossing a coin, you get heads 9 times, most people will think that the 10th time there will be tails, meanwhile it is considered unlikely to get heads again. Nevertheless, this is a false opinion because heads and tails have equal chances 50/50.

6. Systematic error of a survivor. This is one of the features of a systematic selection error, the essence of which is that there is more information about the first group (the group of survivors), and it is known the least about the second group (the group of lost). Thus, the researchers try to find common features that unite the “survivors”, and at the same time, they forget that there is something that unites the “lost”.

As an example, there is the following opinion: people can judge about the kindness and mind of dolphins based on the stories of people whom dolphins have rescued by pushing them towards the shore.  However, people do not have the possibility to get information from people whom dolphins have pushed in the opposite direction,

7. Faith in a just world. This is a socio-psychological phenomenon reflected in the fact that a person believes in a just system of the world and that everyone gets what he (or she) deserves, depending on personal qualities and deeds. In other words, good people will be rewarded and bad ones will be punished.

In this regard, many successful people blame everyone who is unsuccessful, i.e. poor people are poor due to their own fault. In the same way, outsiders think that it is a victim’s fault for everything happened to him (her). Returning to the wealth and poverty issue, this opinion is known to mankind from early centuries. If you want to be among successful and wealthy ones, we can give a few useful tips:

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8. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Basically, this is a prophecy that directly or indirectly influences the reality in such a way that it eventually becomes a fulfilled prophecy. There is another definition: a self-fulfilling prophecy is a false definition of the situation that causes new behavior, which turns an initially false mind into reality.

In other words, a seemingly true prophecy, which is false in fact, can significantly influence one’s behavior, for instance, creating the feeling of logical contradiction or fear, and as a consequence, all further actions of a person will become the reason for prophecy fulfillment.

9. Cryptomnesia. Such a curios term is used to define a special kind of memory disorder when a person is not able to distinguish whether some action has happened in reality or a dream. For instance, a person does not remember whether he (she) has seen a movie or just heard about it listening to someone’s conversation; whether he (she) has written a poem by him(her)self or recollected something learned previously.

In other words, a person with cryptomnesia does not remember where information has come from, meanwhile, the ideas and creativity that belong to other people, in some time, may be treated as one’s own.

10. First impression effect. The effect of the first impression is an opinion about someone that another person creates during the first minutes of the first meeting, and that affects the further assessment of the personal features and behavior of this person. Thanks to the first impression effect, it becomes possible to get fast and general impressions about a person you see the first time and use this data to build your further interaction.

However, the first impression effect, along with the effect of order, halo, and contrast, belongs to the category of frequent errors made by researchers who observe or monitor something.

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If you want you can look for additional information about cognitive distortions on the internet. It amazes that human perception can be so deceptive. When you possess such useful information, it is necessary to handle it wisely. So take your time to figure everything out well. Keep in mind that such knowledge might come in handy when applying for a job. Of course, do not forget to get a competently written CV paper. You can fix and edit your CV on our website, or ask our writers to create it from scratch. Also, you can appeal to our expert consultants to get advice on job search anytime. Our support team is 24/7 available. You are always welcome here.

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