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Is it your dream to have enough money and be financially independent? Is not it great to be able to buy almost anything, without thinking about the cost? Many people would like to have such a life but it is almost impossible to get it without effort. You need a good job at least. Luckily, it is not difficult to get the job you want if you have a professional assistant, in particular, if you are supported by highly-qualified experts in resume writing field. The best among them work for Resume-writer online agency and provide top-notch resume creation and correction services. If right now you are thinking about the financial aspect of our professional assistance, let us calm you down: our services cost cheap and are affordable to all. When making a professional resume, it is necessary to consider a lot of details and know the subtleties. That is why it is recommended to ask a professional writer to do your resume. A competently written resume will bring a good job, and a good job leads to financial independence. However, in order to be financially literate, it is necessary to know other things, about which we are going to tell you in this post.

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Managing money

Financial literacy is not something fantastic, it is just knowledge of some basic principles. They are not secret, and there are many books and other sources where you can find really great pieces of advice. However, this issue requires a serious approach that should bring the desired result.

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We have gathered the biggest share of such tips in this post and will discuss each of them separately. For the beginning, let’s speak about why many people do not manage to be financially literate. In particular, we shall speak about their excuses.

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Financial illiteracy excuses

This all is about the wealth accumulation. For instance, you may have many restricting beliefs about money that have been formed in your mind during your education or some traumatic events.

It is necessary to mention at once that the beliefs influence the way you look at money. They can be both positive and negative. For example:

  • Money is the root of evil.
  • I do not like the life of a wealthy person: there are too many problems, and I am free.
  • It is necessary to work hard for many years to become rich.
  • In order to get money, you need money.
  • You will have to deceive, lie, and steal to be rich.
  • I am not smart enough to be rich.

Such beliefs root deeply in mind and often interfere with the correct financial decision-making. Right now we suggest that you read a post that helps with mastering problem solving skills:

Physical excuses

These are the dependencies that we have created ourselves. For instance, watching TV, surfing the internet without any goal and sense, playing video games, making thoughtless purchase, etc. They distract from the thoughts that you can be a wealthy person, i.e. they serve as a kind of protective mechanisms.

Social excuses

This type of excuses is usually expressed in a phrase “I do not know useful people to become rich”. There is a share of truth because people you communicate with define your thinking. Nevertheless, this is still an excuse, especially in the information world, where you can meet with the greatest businessmen, or least very ambitious people, if you are persistent enough.

You need to stop excusing yourself. Make a firm decision that you are ready to change your thinking. That is the wisest thing that can be done. It may take even years, but it will bring you much benefit, anyway.

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How to master the skill of managing money

1) Learn to keep a budget

It is the basis. Budget is not only the accounting of income and costs, but also the plan of saving money and investing. Many financial experts believe that a budget should be kept according to the 60 / 30 / 10 principle:

  • 60% of the income should be spent on your needs;
  • 30% of the income should be spent on your desires;
  • 10% of the income should be saved.

Anyway, if you want to become financially independent, you should set stricter terms. For instance, a budget can look like 50 / 5 / 45, without considering your life conditions, income, and costs. Of course, it is necessary not only to keep a budget, but also control your finances. Let’s see how to do it.

2) Minimize your monthly costs

This should become your habit. Once a week reflect on what costs can be cut. At the same time, you need to have a good mood and do not think that you sacrifice something. Turn this process into a game.

Here are three key questions that can help follow this rule:

1. Do I really need it?

2. Can I do without it?

3. What options do I have?

3) Stop wasting

The bigger amount of money you have saved, the firmer your financial position is. In order to start thinking correctly, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want to start saving?
  • Why is it important for me?
  • What long-term consequences does this habit have?

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4) Spend only your money

Even if advertising is trying to convince you that another loan offer is very profitable, even if there is the necessity to use it, approach it very carefully. It is not difficult to borrow and spend other people's money. This habit can lead to wrong thinking and debt trap.

5) Create a financial pad

Saying “financial pad”, we mean some sum of money that could allow you to lead your regular life during 6 months if you lose your work or all your sources of income. This time is required not only to look for a new workplace, but also to look for yourself, develop your skills, education, and reading. Some people create a financial pad to give up their businesses for a while and engage in self-development, let’s say to write a book. This is a great solution, but bear in mind that it will not be easy to return.

It is pretty simple to calculate a financial pad, though some people use long and complex formulas for this purpose. It is necessary to know what sum of money is required to live a month comfortably. Just count your costs for the last 6 months, and then, calculate the average number. It will let you understand an approximate sum of money required per month.

Naturally, a financial pad does not take into consideration inflation, price rises, and unforeseen circumstances. That is why it would be right to add a reserve fund to the pad. It is up to you whether to create such a fund and what sum of money it should maintain. One thing we know for sure: it will bring you much benefit, as well as our online resume agency:

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6) Set financial goals

From the psychological point of view, it is difficult to avoid wasting money when there is no goal. You constantly ask yourself: “Why I suffer so much?”. Not having got the answer, you give up. That is why you need to set the financial goals. Here are the samples:

  • To get financial independence. It means to get such a passive income that can make you independent from work. You can quit your job and use money that constantly comes into your pocket. What money sum do you need per month to feel good? Write down this number. After that, start thinking about the ways that can ensure the required passive income.
  • To get financial protection. This is a simple goal. What money sum do you need to cover all your monthly needs and save some sum of money, at the same time? Let’s say you earn a thousand dollars and save 200 dollars every month. You spend the rest. If it is enough, it means that you are financially secured and can provide yourself with everything necessary at this life stage.
  • To get financial safety. This is a particular sum of money that will let you not depend on other people. It is necessary in the cases when you let’s say want to go to India for a year to study its culture and indulge in the spiritual practices. Find out what money sum you need to quit your job and not to ask other people to borrow you money.
  • Previously we mentioned a financial pad and a reserve fund. They are also the goals that you need to set.

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We have presented the secrets of financial independence and how it can be achieved. Naturally, you need to have a stable income, and what else can bring it to you but well-paid job. If you want to get a good job, you need to have a professionally written resume. You will not do without it. Experienced professionals of our online company will create your personal resume that will help get the desired position. A resume paper is a very important document, which requires a careful and expert approach. Our certified resume writers are the most reliable helpers. You can rely on us: we will not fail you!

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