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Do you know what you need to become successful? Strong will and positive thinking powered by a professional CV can work wonders. The first two elements, i.e. the will and thinking, depend on you. Luckily, you do not need to care for CV writing because our experts will do it for you. It is so easy: place an order, pay it (at the cheapest price on the web), get your professional CV, and enjoy the benefits, which it will bring you. If you buy at, you get a discount up to 20%. It is clear now where to get your CV done professionally for cheap. Now let’s deal with the issue of positive thinking. We want to discuss why you need to have strong positive convictions and how to fix the negative ones.

Strong convictions that must be developed

Is it right to have convictions today? The answer is simple and ridiculously obvious: good convictions are right. However, what convictions are good? It is easier to figure it out than it seems. If your convictions cause others’ respect, help make friends with interesting and intelligent people, lead to the optimism and achievement of complex goals, most likely, such convictions are good. It works vice versa as well.

Strong positive convictions

Some people believe that life is a continuous struggle. They consider everyone as competitors and enemies. As a consequence, they make enemies and competitors. Perhaps, this is not the best conviction because it makes some people feel superior to others. If you learn to approach people correctly and effectively interact with them, it will demonstrate that your convictions are correct. Here is the list you need to think about.

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Conviction #1: my life is an incredible gift. Even in the most difficult situations, you should remember this simple thing: you are alive, you can interact with others and develop. Notice little things around you, be grateful for everything you have. This conviction helps achieve the effect of spiral: the better you think about your life the better it becomes.

Conviction #2: everyone I meet is my best friends potentially. This is just human psyche: if we treat a stranger well, he (or she) feels the same way usually. That is why treat new people as the best friends. This strategy helps get acquainted with new people and, who knows, maybe someday they will play a key role in your destiny.

If you treat everyone around as enemies, people will treat you hostilely as well. You will make enemies, get stress, and wait for attack from everybody anytime. So what conviction is better?

Conviction #3: the next 24 hours are the most important in my life. There is no “tomorrow”, there is only “now” and “today”. The habit to think that in several days we will start changing our life leads to laziness and procrastination, as well as to a complete inability to make decisions and act. The things that happen today influence our tomorrow. That is why if you treat the next 24 hours respectfully, looking for the opportunities and growing, it will give you power for the next several days. Give your all today: this is the only thing you can do.

Conviction #4: everything will be fine eventually. Admit that in most cases all the life troubles can be solved. Have you been fired? This is a new opportunity, another challenge to find some better occupation for your abilities or develop new ones. Our pro resume writers can create such a resume that presents your abilities in the best light: Are you expelled from the college? Well, this is not the end of the world as well. Find a job, become a pro, develop your skills. Life is an eternal school. You just need to be always ready to receive new things and learn.

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Conviction #5: life is a game to play, not a problem to solve. When we consider life as a game, we get many positive emotions. Otherwise, this is stress, worrying, apathy, and depression. Agree that a person that treats everything as a game can cope with any difficulties. This person just wonders why he (or she) has made a mistake or lost. This is a scientific, inventive curiosity. Such a life turns into an adventure, mystery, and secret.

Convictions #6: whatever happens, I will unleash my potential fully and succeed. This one is for the bravest. What potential do you have? Do not lie: you treat yourself well and believe that you deserve more.  So maybe it is time to stop screwing around, blaming the fate, and take the situation under control? Do not wait for a suitable moment. Find your true passion and follow it to the end, simultaneously absorbing new information, meeting new people, and achieving serious goals.

Conviction #7: no one is actually interested in what I really think. All people think about themselves only. They care for their problems. It is neither good nor bad: just take it for granted. They may think about you when you are in the middle of attention, but then, they will forget because everyone has hundreds of small and dozens of big problems. Stop worrying about what they will think about you. This is quite ridiculous, in fact.

Conviction #8: it is okay to ask questions, as well as to say “no”. If you do not understand something, ask. Do not be embarrassed to ask questions because people usually like answering. Also, bear in mind that you can say “no” when you are asked to do something. It does not mean to say “no” all the time. Just know that you can.

Conviction #9: change yourself, first. Someone wants to change the world and this is a commendable desire. However, the years go by and nothing happens. If you change yourself, first, the world will change automatically. Friends and people around you will be attracted to you, and you will become a role model. Others will start listening to you.

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The strategies to overcome the restricting convictions

People achieve incredible results in the creation of dozens or even hundreds of the restricting convictions and excuses. The unwillingness to leave one’s comfort zone or change at least something is the reason for their creation. For instance:

In terms of money: “You can never become rich because you would need to be born another person, for this purpose”.

In terms of success: “Very few people succeed, only the luckiest”.

In terms of relationships: “I am who I am, it is too late to change for someone”.

If you have problems in some sphere of your life, ask yourself what you say about it every day. What thoughts do you have? These thoughts prevent you from succeeding.

The reason that makes the restricting convictions so widespread is that they seem true to you. Besides, most likely, you will manage to find the proofs that support your restricting convictions. It is called confirmation bias. If there are some spheres in your life that do not bring you what you want, you need to define what convictions restrict you and replace them with the positive ones. Here are 4 strategies that can be used for this purpose.

1) Keeping a diary. You cannot overcome your restricting convictions if you do not know what they are. Thus, the first step is to find them out. You can do it by keeping a diary. Select a life sphere that causes much trouble. Ask yourself what their reason is. As an example, if you have a difficult situation with money, ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers:

  • Why do I believe I can never become rich?
  • What my behavior is when it goes about money?
  • Why do I act like this?
  • How do I treat money?
  • What is my attitude to my financial state?
  • How would I describe myself in terms of money? Generous, mean, thrifty, carefree.

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2) Power of observation. A great way to overcome the negative convictions is to observe the behavior of other people. It can have two goals. The first one: it can help you discover your own convictions that you are not aware of yet. Sometimes it is hard to replace a particular behavior pattern or reaction we have. However, when we see someone else doing the same, we can say: “Yes, I do the same”. The second one: when observing someone who is successful in the field, in which you are unsuccessful, you can start discovering the convictions that lead to success.

3) Be a mentor for you. Imagine that you sit in front of a future you. You are kind and wise, has already achieved everything wanted. Let your future you act as your mentor. Tell the mentor about the spheres of life, in which you are experiencing troubles at the moment. Ask to help you with all the mentioned problems:

  • To find out the restricting convictions that keep you in this situation (for instance, a future you can tell about how much you hate your job and it is necessary to change your profession. In case if you decide to do it, we can prepare a new selling CV for you:
  • To find out how you have created this conviction (for instance, you have decided that a job is the only thing that can bring you good money).
  • To find another interpretation of the situation (for instance, it is better to do what you like and turn it into your work).

Based on these interpretations, create new convictions.

4) Act “as if”. When you discover the positive convictions that you would want to accept, observing other people who are successful in the fields, in which you are not successful yet, you need to start acting “as if”. Answer the following questions:

  • If you would think you are smart enough to earn much money, what would you do?
  • If you would believe that the opportunities are in everything (even in the failures), what would you do differently?
  • If you would believe you have an incredible enthusiasm and gift for persuasion, what would you do?

Now act as if your new convictions are already true. Good luck!

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