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Right Way to Introduce Oneself

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Many people polish their resume and CV papers but almost ignore their cover letters. This is a very reckless step and even an unforgivable mistake. Read our today’s post and you will see how significant a cover letter can be. Before you continue reading, let us remind you that the best resumes, CVs, as well as cover letters, are produced by our resume writer service. People appeal to us and order our services because they know we are a top resume writing agency on the web. We provide high-quality services from certified and experienced writers. The best experts work for our agency. So if you appreciate professionalism, appeal to

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A cover letter is something significant. Everybody knows that. However, how much significant is it? We want to tell you a story, a real story based on personal experience about how dangerous it can be to underestimate the significance of a cover letter. We recommend you not to have doubts and order resume and cover letter services online now.

Expert paper writers share experience

There is a lady, let’s call her Nancy. Nancy sent the offer about cooperation to a truly professional specialist. He (the specialist) was the best in his kind, an acknowledged guru in his professional field. It would be amazing to work with him. It seemed like a dream. Nancy spent a week gathering and preparing her portfolio. She put her best works for the last five years in it. After that, she carefully and scrupulously started to create her cover letter. Later she understood it would have been better to order professional CV and cover letter writing service at once.

It seemed to her that she mentioned everything needed. She demonstrated an incredible motivation, mentioned that she was not just an average specialist but a real specialist, experienced, qualified, and extremely professional. Nancy also added some flattery: she let the receiver know that she read his books, followed his recommendations in real situations, and regularly read his blog. There was just a bit of flattery that could not harm her dignity.

She got the reply right in 10 minutes after her letter submission. Excited and a little afraid, she opened it and read the response. In a word, the answer was the following: “I do not need your services and will not need them, in the near future”.

However, fortunately for Nancy and us, there was something else in the response letter. There were 3 pieces of advice for the future. Advice was about what Nancy had done wrong. We shall share it because, for sure, it will come in handy for many people. Also, do not forget that you can always appeal to our company to get cover letters writing services.

  1. The letter was submitted from a not serious (unprofessional) email box. Nancy did it consciously and purposely. She thought that creative people had the right to act in such a way. Besides, she used this email for a long time and had never thought about its appropriateness for business correspondence and mailing. Here it is: the red card! Now Nancy sends business letters using only her business email address. If you do not have it, create it right now. It is more than just important. Only professional cover letter proofreading can be of greater importance:
  2. Nancy directly said she was pro. She wanted to stand out among the rest specialists, demonstrating that she had an impressive experience and many ideas. She was told it was not very correctly to act like this. Probably, it would have been better to write the names of the brands she used to work with (for instance, PepsiCo or Axe, such a trick could work out). In general, a prospective employer wants to see more specific facts instead of pompous statuses.
  3. The last recommendation sounds as following: if you are a really professional specialist, you should work independently, i.e. have your own business instead of looking for a job and working for another specialist. Well, this is a pretty controversial issue. Everyone decides on one’s own what is better. Nancy appealed not just to an expert; she appealed to the leader in her field. So this tip is pretty subjective, it does not work for everybody. Our experts give universal advice that helps everyone. Thus, our tips of searching for a job will definitely benefit you.

Having read the response, Nancy understood that her portfolio was not even opened. A cover letter decided her fate. This is the reason why she wanted to share this story. In terms of the surplus of specialists (including truly good ones), an employer did not want to waste time to get acquainted with the candidate closer (with Nancy, in our case). Who knows, maybe if the letter was written more competently, the portfolio would have been opened, and the chance of cooperation would have been possible. In Nancy’s case, it was the opportunity to proceed to the next professional level.

Nancy has drawn the conclusion that she wants to share with the readers. If an employer does not have the vacancies at the moment, or there are too many candidates who want to work with this very employer, he (or she) may never see your resume. If you scrupulously work on your resume paper but do not polish the text of your cover letter, the chances for cooperation get reduced greatly. We will not let you lose your chance. Rely on our assistance with cover letter anytime:

You should also admit another thing: the employer’s perception is subjective. There are no universal techniques that will definitely work in every single case. Someone will treat your text as extremely interesting, meanwhile, someone else will close your letter in 5 seconds. Whatever happens, you should never get upset. Nancy, for instance, has been thinking a lot about the second recommendation (that a professional specialist does not work for another pro), and now she is planning to create her own project. We also recommend you to bear in mind a very useful and curious saying: “If the fate brought you a lemon, make lemonade of it”.

Cover letter writer can work wonders

This story is more than just informative. This is the lesson of life. All you need is to draw the right conclusions. If you still hesitate, we know what can help you decide. We offer not only top end quality services. The services are provided by the certified specialists at the most affordable prices you can imagine. With us, you get professionally created papers, discounts, and bonuses: all in one! So the next step is to place your order and watch your job dreams come true.